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So, I’m talking today about my go-to eyeliner. It is the best eyeliner I have found for YEARS and what’s the best bit?

It only costs a pound!


shock gif


Now, sorry to everyone outside of the UK, you can’t purchase these gems as they come from a shop we have here called Poundland. Try and find someone who will ship one over for you to try though because they are GREAT.

I get a few weird looks from people when I tell them my favourite eyeliner comes from Poundland and I have had people laugh and call me cheap BUT why pay upwards of £5 for something I use on a daily basis and therefore replenish monthly?

I’m not made of money, folks!


I first discovered this eyeliner by chance when a friend was using it on a field trip and my eyeliner pen ran out. I drew on my usual wings and went about my day, just waiting for my eyelids to start to burn, which they occasionally do when I try a new formula, because I have super sensitive skin.

At the end of the day, it was still perfect and not irritating my skin at all so I asked her what brand it was and I had to laugh when she told me it was from Poundland.

I did not believe her.

Make Up Gallery Pro Liquid Eyeliner – Black

But right enough, I headed into my local Poundland after work one day and picked up 2 pots of this wonder ink in black and it became the staple of my makeup look. I wore it to work, for my exams and just around the house purely because I loved it so much. I was overjoyed to FINALLY find a cheap eyeliner that didn’t irritate my poor skin and actually looked and felt decent. As you can see from the photo in the header, I loved it enough I stocked up the apocalypse.

The world may end but at least my eyeliner will be on point.


In terms of quality, it easily rivals bigger brands such as MaxFactor, Maybelline & NYX and actually, I would pick it over my MaxFactor Color X-Pert eyeliner because that formula separated, leaving me with a watery substance that was completely unusable. The Poundland eyeliner is still going strong, even a year on, with no separation whatsoever.

I loved this eyeliner enough to go and buy a gold and silver liner from the same brand to give them a go. I mean, who doesn’t love glitter?!




And they are super pigmented! The gold is bright gold and the silver sparkles like tiny crystals. And the consistency of the formula is great. My last go-to eyeliner must have had a formula change because it suddenly started reacting with my skin and I was GUTTED because it was the easiest eyeliner to apply. In the world. Ever.



The Poundland eyeliner is easy to apply too. It’s a thin, brush applicator and the handle of the applicator is close to the brush for precision. And as someone with shaky hands when it comes to eyeliner, this is a bloody miracle! It manages thin lines as well as it does thicker strokes and one coat is plenty to give the desired, bold wing.


For size reference. Small & comfortable to hold


Honestly, get yourself down to Poundland and give this eyeliner a try. If you’re like me and apply eyeliner on the daily, this is a life and money saver. I still use other eyeliners such as No7 and NYX (My NYX ones are kohl, matte and gel anyway) but even for fancy occasions, I still go to old faithful Poundland. The rest of my face could be MaxFactor or even Dior but I would still use this eyeliner.

I admittedly did turn my nose up at the thought of buying Poundland make-up but I am so glad I ditched that mentality and gave their products a go because their nail varnish is amazing too! I’ve yet to try other products such as foundation, mascara etc but who knows… maybe one day soon I’ll try a full face with Poundland products!


– Melanie Jessica x

8 thoughts on “Eyeliner Review – Make Up Gallery Liquid Liners

  1. I have only tried the makeup gallery nail polish, I was a little worried to try any of their makeup. But I will look for their eye liners next time I am in there!

    1. I was so apprehensive but I say go for it! I bought a concealer today so depending on that, I may start buying more. But my nail polish collection from Makeup Gallery is growing rapidly!

        1. Hello! I tried the concealer and it’s not bad. It blends OK for a £1 concealer and isn’t too cakey. Only thing I really disliked is how orange it goes on my skin but that could just be because I’m so pale! I’ll review it soon but I thought I’d let you know how it went!

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