Get To Know Me!


Hello all!


So you’ve maybe read a few of my posts and wondered who tf I am.

Well, I am Melanie Jessica and I tend to be known online as SarcasticGoose.


I am 17 years old and from The United Kingdom and I am just starting out with blogging etc so please bear with me.

I am not cool yet.


I currently study Music Technology but I’m hoping for a DRAMASTIC (Dramatic + Drastic fyi) career change and go into Nursing instead.

So why am I trying to start a beauty blog + run social media profiles then?
Well, that is easily answered.

I struggle with depression, anxiety and PTSD and as a way of coping and giving my mind something to do, I am sharing my passion for make-up & clothes & other stuff with the world in the hope I can start to fill my life with some positive stuff.

I won’t be some inspirational beauty blogger y’all look up to and start quoting on Tumblr.

I can assure you. I am not that great.


I love music, make-up, clothes, reading, science, space, arty farty stuff… I like a bit of everything really. I am more creatively & scientifically minded and that will become more apparent as this blog progresses.


I really hope I can make you smile or laugh or even just interest you with the content I post.

You can find me on a wide range of social media as well as WordPress and they are…


Tumblr: thesarcasticgoose

Twitter: sarcasticgeese

Instagram: sarcasticgoose

YouTube: sarcasticgoose


I shall hopefully see some of you around but for now, goodbye!


-Melanie Jessica x

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