ABH Modern Renaissance vs Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection

Hey guys!


So everyone loves a good dupe, right?


Well, I recently bought both the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and the Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection palette and HOLD THE HECK UP they look so similar!




Now there are, of course, 2 major differences.


1 difference is that the Flawless 3 Resurrection palette has SO MANY MORE COLOURS than the Modern Renaissance palette.

And the second difference is the price tag. Modern Renaissance retails for around £41 for 14 colours while Flawless 3 retails for a modest £8 for a whopping 32 colours.


However as you can see from the photos, the colour schemes are very similar.


Shocking lighting but my camera was dying…


Both palettes focus on pinks and beige/brown tones but they all have a red undertone and are warmer colours, making them both perfect summer and autumn palettes. There’s shimmer colours on both palettes in champagne and gold hues, perfect for adding a pop to the inner corner of the eye.


Both palettes have a light pink packaging but the Modern Renaissance palette has a beautiful, soft velvet effect case while the Flawless 3 palette has a pink mirror case which is also beautiful but if you like your palettes clean like I do, it’s a greasy fingerprint magnet!


Both palettes come with a mirror. As expected of a larger palette, the Flawless 3 has a bigger mirror compared to the Modern Renaissance palette but the Anastasia palette does come with a dual ended brush (which isn’t a sponge applicator like most palette brushes… bonus!) while the Makeup Revolution palette does not. This is a shame as many other Makeup Revolution palettes do come with some form of applicator but I guess this palette wouldn’t be as thin and sleek as it is with a brush included.



In terms of pigment, both are super pigmented but Modern Renaissance does take the lead slightly as the colours are already super pigmented without the use of an eye-shadow primer while the Flawless 3 colours are enhanced greatly with the use of a primer. The formula of the ABH palette is super smooth with a little fallout but not too much but the Makeup Revolution palette is definitely more powdery and there is a lot of product wasted by tapping your brush before application but this is handy to avoid fallout on your face.


In terms of colour similarities, not every Modern Renaissance colour has a match on Flawless 3 but the vast majority do.

I’ll list the similarities with Modern Renaissance first, followed by Flawless 3.


Tempera – Revitalise

Golden Ochre – Renewal

Vermeer – Reawaken

Buon Fresco – The (Bottom left pan)

Antique Bronze – Recharge

Cyprus Umber – In (Bottom second from right pan)

Raw Sienna – Back

Burnt Orange – Triumph

Primavera – New Dawn

Red Ochre – Based

Venetian Red – On

Warm Taupe – Past

Realgar – Story


Now, what’s interesting is that the bottom row of pans make this sentence:


“The Makeup Story Based On Believing in The Renaissance”


This would certainly hold very close links with MODERN RENAISSANCE so one would begin to wonder if there is actually influence drawn from the Modern Renaissance palette.




However, can this be called a dupe?

In my opinion, no.


While the colour palette certainly does look mighty similar to Modern Renaissance, Flawless 3 has too many other colours to call it a straight up dupe of ABH’s palette. That being said though, for the sake of saving your money, this is a good palette if you are looking for the colours in Modern Renaissance. The quality is almost the same but it is definitely a good palette to tide you over until you have the dollar to buy Modern Renaissance!


Lots of love,


Melanie-Jessica x

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