Maybelline Baby Skin Primer Review

Hello all!


I know, I know – I’m late to this party.

Maybelline Baby Skin has been out for YEARS and I am only just reviewing it. I am, quite frankly, disappointed in myself.


But enough of the self detriment and onto the review because that’s why you’re here, right?


So as I mention in THIS YouTube video, Baby Skin has been something I’ve been longing to buy since I first tried it. I remember my friend bringing it round to my house and me trying it out and being in awe at how soft it left my skin.

At the time I had NO IDEA about Make-Up and what primers do as I was in my kohl eyeliner and nothing else phase. So to me, the softness of my skin was enough to make me fall in love.


But then I actually bought it and was blown away once again.


Baby Skin by Maybelline


I bought it not only because of my past and loving it then, but also because of the fact it is marketed as an “Instant Pore Eraser”. I have awful pores on my nose (I need a charcoal facemask URGENTLY) and this erased them almost completely. I was super surprised!


In terms of how it handles other makeup, it does seem to keep your makeup in place for the entire day. I applied makeup at 5am with Baby Skin as my primer and by 1am the next morning, my makeup was STILL FLAWLESS even with 25 degree heat. It does dry a bit sticky which is good because it means your foundation will stick and stay rather than sliding across the surface of your face.


You don’t need a lot of product either and when I’m spending £8 on something that is as essential as foundation, this is always good. A little product does go a long way so bear this in mind when squeezing the tube!


I know there are 2 more Baby Skin primers which I am yet to try and next time they are on offer, I definitely will be! This is definitely a product that you should be trying out for yourself. I would probably pick this over my NYX primer but both are marketed for different jobs so I do think it’s an unfair comparison- one is a lavender primer for brightening the skin and the other minimizes pores. But the fact it does erase my pores is the steal for me and I did try to get comparison photos but my camera wouldn’t get a decent enough close up of my nose and the photo would be awful when compressed like my other photos.


I may try and do a full face Maybelline makeup look for my YouTube channel because I am LOVING this brand. I’ve never actually owned much Maybelline makeup but this is slowly becoming a top brand of mine, of course behind NYX and Makeup Revolution…


Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x

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