Why You Shouldn't Bleach Your Hair 5 Times in 3 Months

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Second post today but it’s raining and I’m bored so why not?

I’m going to stray from makeup and talk about my hair today!

Now, I have a love/hate relationship with my hair and up until last summer, I had super healthy hair. I never had split ends, it was never dry… it was beautiful, luxurious hair. It was my pride and joy!

But then I started earning money and decided that since I had left high school and didn’t have to adhere to strict rules (once got told off for purple hair at high school but bright red was acceptable…), I was going to run riot with my hair.

I first started with a Superdrug ombre kit in September last year that I bought for £1.99 and did a cracking ombre over my dark brunette, almost black hair. For someone who was 10 days out of elbow surgery and had NEVER dyed her hair herself, let alone do a DIY ombre, I was impressed with the results. For £2, the bleach was actually OK but I ended up with an orange blonde buy hey, autumn vibes… I worked it.

I got so many compliments on my ombre but decided for a total change in late September when the college hair salon needed models for a full head of foils. I went completely blonde but my hair suffered at quite a cost.

Within 30 minutes of leaving the salon, my ends were breaking and there was blonde hair EVERYWHERE. I actually sat crying because my hair was that damaged and straw like.

I tried deep conditioning my hair with keratin shampoo and conditioner and this did help a little so I began to rock my blonde hair but noticed my dark roots reappearing about 2-3 weeks later.

I HATE my roots showing so went off to Boots to buy an Olia blonde dye that would lift up to 3 shades. I was desperate to be platinum blonde instead of a dirty blonde so ran this stuff through my hair, bleaching it for the 3rd time.

Now, Olia dyes have never damaged my hair and this one didn’t either so won over by this, I purchased the Olia Maximum Strength bleach and blitzed my hair one Saturday after work. It went YELLOW.

No joke.

It was the worst dye job I have ever done in my life and once again, I weeped for my poor hair. I luckily managed to work it and kept conditioning the crap out of it in the hope to repair my split ends.

But enough was enough. My hair was screaming out for some love so I booked an appointment for a college student to do a colour correction on my hair and once again, I returned to my natural colour. I was a brunette once again and I looked so good I knew I had to keep this colour and style. I got so many compliments and I just felt happier to have some part of my old identity back.

But of course it didn’t last.

February this year, I did yet another ombre. I launched another attack on my poor abused ends and it didn’t stop there. I bought a rose gold dye from Schwarzkopf that lifted a further 3 shades of colour from my hair and bam, I dyed my entire head of hair BRIGHT SHOCKING PINK.

Personally, I loved it.

But it was only a semi-permanent dye and with a family event coming up where I was wearing a red dress, I booked myself in for ANOTHER colour correction and this time, went slightly darker than the brunette so when it faded, my roots wouldn’t grow back darker.

And that’s where I am.

You can see the abuse I have inflicted on my hair and I so wish I had taken photos of my split ends because believe me, it would deter anyone from bleaching their hair.

The products that have saved my hair are by Aussie and Tresemme.

I have used Aussie hair products for 2 years now and their Colour Mate shampoo and conditioner is a staple of my hair washing routine. The miracle worker though is the aptly named 3 Minute Miracle. It has saved my hair better than anything else. It almost seemed to break off all my split ends and then condition what was left behind. And it only took one use.

I shit you not. I’m being absolutely serious here.

I now don’t wash my hair with anything other than Aussie products. A few years ago it was every YouTube ad and it was so damn hyped up that I had to buy some and I am so glad I did. I can’t imagine using anything else anymore.

The Tresemme Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner also worked wonders. Especially straight after bleaching sessions. It just restored some of the natural shine back to my hair and softened the ends a bit.

But if you do constantly bleach your hair, I strongly recommend these products over anything else I have tried. You WILL notice a difference in your hair and maybe thank me for it! It’s definitely worth paying a bit extra for these products. £3 for shampoo IS steep but with the Aussie ones especially, you do not need that much as a little product goes a long way. It lathers up a treat and doesn’t make your hair greasy so you can afford to leave your hair one or two days longer than normal without washing it. That’s coming from someone who HATES greasy roots and will wash her hair at the first sign of them!

You can buy the products from most stores but Boots and Superdrug are my go-to stores. At Boots, I use my Advantage Card and I have learnt, points rack up quickly and there’s always offers on for extra points so every so often, you can treat yourself to free stuff using your points. And the Superdrug Health & Beauty card is a treat too, especially if you have a student ID card. I save 20% on every purchase and the offers for Beauty card members are so worth signing up for!

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo – http://www.boots.com/tresemm%C3%A9-keratin-smooth-colour-shampoo-500ml-10225254

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner – http://www.boots.com/tresemm%C3%A9-keratin-smooth-colour-conditioner-500ml-10225265

Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo – http://www.boots.com/aussie-colour-mate-shampoo-500ml-10136008

Aussie Colour Mate Conditioner – http://www.boots.com/aussie-colour-mate-conditioner-400ml-10136013

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle – http://www.boots.com/aussie-3-minute-miracle-colour-deep-treatment-250ml-10050768

Lots of Love,

Melanie-Jessica x

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  1. A few of us are trialling the Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay range for oily roots. I quite like the mask, shampoo and conditioner. You can see/join our discussion in the sticky thread in the hair forum.

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