Pink Floyd – Their Mortal Remains Exhibition Review

Hello all!


So for those who don’t know, I am currently a Music Technology student, studying for a 90 Credit Diploma in Music Technology.

Fun Fact.

But being a music student at my college gave me the opportunity to attend an exhibition in London at the Victoria And Albert Museum. It was called Pink Floyd – Their Mortal Remains. 

I must admit, I’m not a big Pink Floyd fan and I had only heard Comfortably Numb & (Like everyone else) Another Brick In The Wall. The thought of traipsing round a museum, observing a band’s history that I wasn’t really interested in didn’t appeal to me. But who was I to turn down a FREE trip to London?


I was asked if I would go on the day after the Manchester Bombings and I said yes with little hesitation. But after the London Attacks just days before we went, I did consider pulling out and not going. Many from my college did pull out and decide it was better not to go but I went as an eff you to the people trying to install fear in our nation.


The day of the trip was June 13th and I got to college nice and early. We set off around 9 and arrived in London just after 11. I live and go to college about 2 hours from London but it’s not a city I visit often. I do love London and every time I go, I still get excited to see the scenes at the side of the motorway change from fields to high-rise buildings and huge advertising boards. London has a certain vibe to it and I love it.

The journey itself was good. I sat with some of the guys from my course (There’s only 4

Me and a friend

girls on my course including me. 2 didn’t go and 1 hates my guts lmao) and we laughed and chatted the entire way down. We sang, discussed politics and made fun of the kid who fell asleep. Not in a malicious way because my entire class (aside from a few) get on so well.

When we got to the outskirts of London, we were given the ‘Terrorist Talk’ and were briefed on the college policy for how to react in the instance of a terror attack. It’s the same as the country’s policy but still.

We arrived in Kensington and stepped off the bus into a wall of heat and sunshine. Everyone was enjoying it and I have to express my admiration for the people of London. They’ve been subjected to 2 terror attacks in the past 3 months but life still goes on.

But then again, you can’t really stop British people.

Our very motto is “Keep Calm & Carry On”!


We split off into two groups and one group went straight to the exhibition while the other (my group) wandered around the museum.


I was with Media students and Music Performance students and the Music tutor and our studio technician. We first went to the Renaissance section and our tutors were worse than the students for making rude comments about the statues.

You know the ones.

Me, another girl and our Music tutor headed off to the Jewellery display and then onto Theatre & Performance. I was stopped from taking photos in the Jewellery display but took loads in the Theatre section.

Me in a cape

We started trying on old costumes and suddenly, something caught my eye and I started FLAILING.

Full on giggling and dancing about.

Chris Martin’s (Coldplay) Viva La Vida Tour Jacket was on display just inches from me.

I have loved Coldplay for as long as I can remember so I started snapping pictures and sending them to my family who are also Coldplay fans.



We then headed to the Pink Floyd exhibition.

We were all handed our tickets and once scanned in, we were given a pair of Sennheiser headphones and a sound pack that we were instructed to wear. When we put them on, there was nothing. But as we began to walk, music began to play and when we entered the exhibit, we were greeted with a psychedelic room full of music and different screens to watch, the audio playing when we got close enough to a sensor.

There was artwork everywhere and each room displayed a different Pink Floyd album. It wasn’t interactive as such but it was so well put together and designed that it didn’t just feel like walking through a museum.

It felt like you were part of something.

There were relics and handwritten notes and musical scores and it was very much like the Muse VIP Enhanced Experience for their Drones Tour.

Only on acid.

Mixing desk (Very small and basic)

There was an opportunity to use a mixing desk to mix your own version of one of their songs (“Money”, I believe) and I stood watching a man who thought he was all this and that showing off his apparent skills.

As someone who has studied Music Production for 4 years, achieved a Distinction Star (the highest and most sought after grade) at GCSE and is headed that way for my Level 3 diploma, I can tell you with some element of professional knowledge that he couldn’t mix at all.

It was actually disturbing at how confident he was mixing this awful rendition and I wanted to seize the controls and do it myself and be like “hey, a tiny female just kicked your ass” but I controlled myself and my nit-picking ways.

The last room was where we were instructed to remove our headphones. It was just a large room with total surround sound and huge projections on all four walls. Lasers criss-crossed the ceiling and there was something magical about it. Nobody spoke at all. We just all stood and watched giant live videos of Comfortably Numb and other Pink Floyd hits.

I left after a while to find my group and ended up buying a few badges for my lanyard and wincing at the overpriced merchandise.

I’m sorry, £20 for a CD? I can get them cheaper than that!


Me, the girl I was first with, the Music tutor and technician all headed down into Kensington to get some lunch and spent an hour sat in the sun just watching the world go by.


All in all, it was a brilliant day.

Even as someone who is not a Pink Floyd fan, I enjoyed the exhibition. The headphones allowed you to enter a world of your own and the experience was unique to you. The only downside was that when you have headphones on, you couldn’t tell people to move and the entire exhibit was packed.

For the price of the tickets, it completely surpassed my expectations. I was just expecting a large room filled with stuff but this was a fully immersive experience and I would probably visit it again.

It is definitely an exhibit worth visiting if you can. Don’t be put off even if you aren’t a fan of Pink Floyd. It’s great just for the sound and visual experience.



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x


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