Life Update!

Hello all!


So it’s been weeks since I last posted here and I am so sorry!

It’s been such a hectic few weeks but I come bearing really great news!


First of all, I have finished college so I am no longer bound to the duties of coursework and assignments and I am so super happy about that! I am not a classroom learner and hate homework and long essays so I am glad my time in full time education is over!


But am I not supposed to be in full time education until I’m 18?


Yes, this is true BUT I got a job!


A little known fact about me. I’ve wanted to be a scientist since I was 3 or 4 years old. I’ve always gone between music and science and towards the end of high school, I wanted to go into neuroscience. But my biggest passion has always been virology (the study of viruses) and immunology (the study of immunity). Infectious diseases and pathogens creep most people out and scare people but they fascinate me. And they always have done.

But I was always told because I didn’t take A-Levels and only hold a double award in science (I didn’t study the sciences as separate disciplines) at GCSE, I am at a major disadvantage. No universities that study biomedical science or infectious diseases will take me.

So I settled for music as a career (rather reluctantly) and plodded along until I could not stand to listen to music anymore.

I applied for a few jobs within the NHS to try and get a foothold in the career I wanted. I applied for jobs as a Medical Laboratory Assistant at my local hospitals but a few were unsuccessful. I gave up hope but one yielded a result!

I was interviewed about 2, maybe 3, weeks ago now and I recently got a phone call telling me I’d been successful!! I cried for a long time, let me tell you!

I’m currently waiting for my Occupational Health clearance and then I’ll meet my new manager to discuss a start date and training!

When I’m actually in work, I will write a post on the full procedure of applying for the job and go into more detail!


In other news, I will be posting YET ANOTHER makeup haul here soon. I’m going to be treating myself because I got this job and finished college and overcame a lot of barriers in the process so if there’s anything you’d like me to buy and review or simply just get because you love it, comment on this post and I will have a gander!


I will also probably end up doing a clothes haul too as I will be kitting out my wardrobe with designated work clothes and I get free reign as I have no uniform so watch this space!


I also have a few more posts coming in the next few days. I’m going to try and get hold of some new products from a few different brands and maybe try a one brand face tutorial or a full face Primark tutorial as I’ve been living for some of their products and want to test the full range and see if it’s worth it.  I also will get a few more of their brushes because HELLO?! They easily rival my Real Techniques brushes and the full set will literally cost the same as just one pack of RT ones.

I’ve got some investing to do!


I may do a post/YouTube video on what it was like to work for Primark and my experience working for Primark. I didn’t have a great experience so will need to tread REALLY carefully so I don’t end up making trouble for myself. If you want to hear about this and are considering working for Primark or have just started, comment below and I will whip up a little story time.



That’s all that’s been going on really. I don’t lead much of an exciting life but I am hoping that’s about to change!


Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x



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