Primark Pore Cleansing Strips – Yay or Nay?

Hello all!


WARNING! Gross pore pictures coming up!


I have to say, when it comes to my skin and overall skin care, I don’t play around.

I suffer from terrible stress eczema on my face and it can literally flare up just because I’ve been doing homework at the last minute. This means that my skin is so sensitive to a whole host of different products so buying anything that goes on my face is a real gamble.


Due to this, I have never invested in activated charcoal masks or pore strips to clear out my frankly appalling nose pores.

Yes, I know it’s disgusting but I can live with slightly gross pores.

Burns on my face and irritation that will last days, if not weeks?

No thanks.

I do clean my pores the best I can. I usually go for warm water and a good old gentle face scrub. I have my products that I know and trust and live by to clean my skin and tend to not stray from them.


But I’ve gone through a pretty rough patch with my mental health and broke my face cleaning routine, meaning my pores are clogged to filth.



I was in Cardiff today and treated myself to a few new Makeup Revolution items (surprise surprise) as Superdrug has their 3 for 2 sale on makeup, and a 90p pack of pore cleansing strips from Primark.

I literally just threw them in my sister’s basket and didn’t waste too much time looking at them.

I got home only to find they’re for men.

This doesn’t bother me at all. In this day and age, they’re probably marginally better if they’re for men! But what annoyed me was that not only were they specifically for men and not gender neutral (hey, women get clogged pores too!), there was no for women ones to be seen.

But hey, I had some and I ripped open the packet unable to stand looking at my pores for much longer.


The pack contains 3 strips all individually packaged and I liked this because it means they’ll stay fresh and not react to moisture etc in the air. The 3 strips mean that they are probably worth about 25p each when you take into account packaging etc.

Yes I know I shouldn’t judge the quality just because it’s cheap but hello?! My skin is more sensitive than me at a certain time of the month!

The revealed strip on the plastic backing

I pushed my reservations aside and read the instructions.


I first washed my nose area with WARM WATER. The packet didn’t specify temperature but warm water opens your pores so I went with that. I held a warm flannel over my face for about 2 minutes and then dried the skin.

Gross before photo

Then, I peeled off the strip from the plastic sheet and applied it too my nose. My first observation was that it was a bit too big for my nose. I have a slim nose so it was slightly gaping no matter how much I smoothed it down.

Tiny nose!

The pack says to leave it for 15-20 minutes but I left it almost 40 minutes just because of how bad my pores were.

At first, it was just really itchy and weird having something pressed to my nose but after about 10 minutes, it actually felt as though it was clinging onto the dirt in my pores. I started to get a bit excited, dreaming of a perfect, poreless nose.

I couldn’t wait!


40 minutes passed and I began to peel off the strip.

It was slightly painful as it was well stuck on but certainly not unbearable, even to someone with a tiny pain threshold.

To my surprise, there was gunk on the strip! I was expecting absolutely no result if I’m honest because 25p doesn’t scream top quality. I went to analyse my nose and it was fairly anti-climatic.

Yes, it was visibly better and the pores were slightly clearer and a little bit more tolerable but it still wasn’t perfect.

Not a great improvement but I saw from the strip it worked!

Now I know they work, I’ll likely use another one on Monday and head to my local Primark to pick up some more before they disappear and I have to find a replacement.


FINAL VERDICT: Yes, I would recommend them! They’re not miracle workers but they do work! You may need the full 3 strips to clean your pores out completely but when you consider 90p vs £9.99 for an activated charcoal mask, this is definitely decent quality!


I hope you too find some use from these!


Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x

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