Mini Makeup Revolution Haul / Review

Hello all!


So yesterday I was in Cardiff, Wales and my jaw almost dropped and shattered on the floor when I saw the size of their Superdrug Beauty Shop.

My parents and sister went across to the Lego Store (boring) and I wandered into Superdrug in an absolute daze.


Of course, I headed straight to the Makeup Revolution counter because Hello? Favorite brand alert?!

It was disappointingly small though compared to the other brands and most of the stuff was sold out. I know for a fact the Makeup Revolution counter in Merry Hill (Birmingham) is a lot bigger and is frequently restocked and I was slightly disappointed at the fact there was so many spaces for such a big store in the capital city of Wales.


But I digress.


I was conscious of the fact that I am completely broke and in the next few days, my Spotify AND Netflix subscriptions will be taken out my account so I needed to be very careful with my money.


I picked up 3 items and knew I’d get 10% off the existing 3 for 2 offer. I picked up the Ultra Contour Kit in F02 Lightening Contour, the Focus & Fix Eye Primer and Redemption Palette Iconic 3. 3 Items I have never seen in my local Superdrug, first because my local Superdrugs’ are tiny and second because Iconic 3 is ALWAYS sold out.


The grand total was around £7 and I felt proud that I’d reigned myself in.

It takes A LOT of self restraint not to buy a tonne of products let me tell you.


I tried out the Focus & Fix primer and Ultra Contour Kit in THIS YouTube tutorial today but haven’t tried the Iconic 3 Palette yet. However, I will post the swatches and first impressions because I already own 6 other Redemption Palettes so they are likely to be similar.


Focus & Fix Eye Primer

I have been desperately hunting for an eye primer for months because my Ride Or Die one is on it’s very final legs and it’s from a discontinued range.

I am totally gutted and genuinely could cry over this.

But I picked up this primer and at £2.50, I can’t really turn my nose up. Even if it’s crap, £2.50 is barely anything.

The packaging is actually a really pretty gold and does seem to have a lot more product than my usual primer.

At first glance, the consistency seems really creamy and smooth and it’s a really nice peachy vanilla colour.

When applied to the skin, it’s a lot easier to pat onto the eyelid using a fingertip rather than a brush. It dries slightly tacky which is a bonus because it means the makeup will stick to the primer rather than slide all around the eyelid.

When I started putting eye shadow over the top, I noticed that it added a really nice base to the colours and made a lot of the ones I was using stand out and pop. This is always a bonus because some of the Makeup Revolution eye shadows I use aren’t very pigmented unless they are on a primer so I can finally achieve the colour payload I want/need!


My only negative comment is that when you apply slightly too much, it feels really greasy and oily. Yes, I guess putting on eyeshadow would dry this up but it made my one lid feel really heavy and gross so that’s my only warning when using this product.


FINAL VERDICT: Does this match my Ride Or Die? Ehhh… It’s gonna need a few more tests. It does look promising- really promising. It’s a slightly better match to my skin and foundation tone rather than being almost chalky white like my old primer so let me test this one a bit more and get back to you!



Ultra Contour Kit in F02 Lightening Contour

I picked this up mainly because my concealer isn’t quite as light as I would like so the white powder drew me in. Also, being fair skinned, the lighter and warmer contour colour was a big yes and the cream, almost white highlight screamed my name.

My hype was not exactly justified.

The white powder is probably the best of the three. It does lighten up my under eye area and actually sets it really well. It’s super pigmented and probably would be an OK highlighter but it is slightly patchy.

The contour shade… You need to remove a few layers because the pigment is really poor to begin with. I did an initial swatch last night and was like, where is my product?? I wanted to cry because this palette had looked so promising for such a pasty gal like myself. But now, it is slightly better only after really rubbing it for a swatch. To top it off, it’s slightly orange and probably will never get used.



The cream highlight… I have to say that I’m not overly enamored by it. It literally sits on top of the skin rather than blend into it and it just looked awful on my browbone. It looked as though someone had put glittery wax on my skin.

Not cool.


FINAL VERDICT: I probably won’t waste my £3.50 on the other one. This is the first Makeup Revolution product that has made me seriously disappointed and I hate that because I love the brand so much! I want to love this palette and I will keep trying but at the moment, I don’t particularly recommend it.



Redemption Palette Iconic 3

This has been sold out in my local Superdrug every time I’ve been in for the past YEAR.

I kid you not.

I read about it being a dupe for the Naked 3 palette and being the cheap ass bish that I am, I knew I needed me this palette.

So I bought it yesterday and fell in love at the sight of it! The colour scheme is full of beautiful pinks and browns and rose golds and it’s not like any other palette I own and I own many palettes!

The colours are the same creamy, if slightly talc-y, consistency that all Redemption palettes seem to be.

The pigments are hit and miss. Some of the lighter shades have barely any pigment and would probably work well as an inner-corner highlighter but the darker shades are really quite pigmented even with one swipe.

The colours aren’t patchy at all and from experience, they blend really well with each other and other eye shadows.


FINAL VERDICT: Yes! Because at £4 it is a total steal! All the redemption palettes are gorgeous but I see this one becoming a firm favorite. I totally recommend this palette as a good colour dupe for the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. Not owning Naked 3, I can’t comment on quality comparison but colour wise, they look strikingly similar.


Have you tried any of these products? If so, let me know what you thought of them in the comments!


You can buy all the above products from and from your local Superdrug!


Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x

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