Primark Cotton Candy Makeup Review

Hey guys!


First of all, Happy September!


Today’s post is going to be a review of a few items I bought from Primark’s Cotton Candy Makeup Range. My local Primark only had a few of the products in so I will try a different store very soon and try to pick up some more items to try out and review.


I was skeptical buying these items. I’m not a sickly, cotton candy pink (or rather, Millennial Pink) fan and the colour of the packaging is revolting, I won’t lie on that one. The sickly pink looked very childish and very much for little girls rather than appealing to a wider or older audience. That said, the use of font and minimal decoration on the packaging did work really well in my opinion. But the colour choice was terrible!


The packaging and name of the campaign does suggest really light, pastel and pink tones and very much a more girly theme.

Again, not my thing.

But I saw the Eye Candy palette colour theme and knew I had to try them out. So I bought that and 2 Super Matte Lipsticks in the shades Chocolate Sauce and Cherry Pie.


I’ve not tried Primark’s eye shadows or lipsticks (only liquid lipsticks) so this is very much a first impressions post as a review of the products.


Having worked for Primark (the less said about that the better!), I know that their beauty range is actually pretty good. A few years ago, Primark’s makeup was the very basic products like eyeliner and mascara in basic black packaging but since then, they’ve expanded and improved packaging to make their PS… beauty range look more like a professional line rather than a basics range.

Kinda like how Sainsburys’ has their basic items in orange and white packaging and normal stuff in coloured packaging.

If you know what I mean.


PS… Eye Candy Eye Shadow Palette – £4.50

This is the reason why I gave these products a go. The colour story looks so much like something Kylie Cosmetics or MAC would come out with. There’s 9 x 1.5g pans, 3 of which are shimmer/metallic and 6 that are matte colours. The main colour theme is pinks and nudes and one lone green. The arrangement of the colours is a little weird. I would have expected the shimmers to be grouped in one line with the mattes either side but instead, 2 are together and the third is away on it’s own.



The packaging itself could easily be mistaken for something of higher end status. The pink is garish, yes, but the quality is super for such a cheap palette. It’s not at all plasticky like some cheap palettes- it’s almost like a matte cardboard. The only thing that would really make this seem like a truly expensive palette (at first glance) would be colour names. All Primark’s shades of lip colour or lip liners etc have cute or fun names and this palette really could have been made complete with a cute name for each colour.


Upon opening mine, it was clear to see that there was chunks of shadow from another palette all over the plastic covering. None of my pans were ruined so it could only be from debris or another palette. This instantly made me remember that this is just a Primark palette. The whole thing should really be clean. When I took off this plastic, the glue wouldn’t budge and ended up ripping the cardboard underneath and ruining the look of the palette.

So far, not so impressed anymore. Call me picky but I like my palettes to look nice!



The thing I’ve been itching to do.


After swatching the palette, 3 things were very clear.

  1. The formula is very creamy and not that powdery, despite including Talc in the ingredients
  2. These are some very pigmented colours for a cheap palette and are consistent
  3. The green is not at all green. We have another #24knudesgreen




Top Line: These are your candyfloss colours. Your pink and purple and nude. Very light colours that don’t require much product for high colour payoff.


Middle Line: A matte, a shimmer and a metallic. The matte is a beautiful transition shade and the 2 shimmery colours are pink tones with good glitter in but I think they may end out blending to nothing


Bottom Line: Probably the line I’m least impressed with. The shimmer colour is very pigmented, yes. But it’s not as shimmery as the other 2. The green is also not green like the pan but a warm brown.


This palette is a mixed bunch. Until I use it on my eyes I have no idea how it will perform, but from my first swatches, I do have high hopes. I plan to make a video or tutorial in the next few weeks with this palette so look out for that!


Swatches with and without flash



PS… Super Matte Lipsticks – £2.00 each

Uh, these were a bonus buy.

I bought a pink and a brown tone shade just to fill out my purchase and try more of this range and I do regret it thus far.

For record, I’ve only actually smelt them.




Let’s start with the packaging.

It feels cheap and plastic. It’s just the horrible pink with no indication of the shades once you peel the label off that seals them. That label doesn’t stick back on so you’re left with 2 baby pink shapes.


The amount of product you get is pretty standard and the sticks of colour look very matte and very high pigment.


But the SMELL.

Excuse my language but fuck, they smell.


The first thing you get is a huge waft of perfume hit you. And it’s not pleasant! It’s a sickly sweet smell and that amount of perfume in makeup shouldn’t be allowed. It is a smell that I am assuming is supposed to represent what the flavours are. The shade Cherry Pie doesn’t smell like cherry but is just too overpowering and Chocolate Sauce smells faintly of chocolate but isn’t so overwhelming.


I don’t want to put them on my lips at all when they smell that strong.


So, swatches.

Here’s where it gets really sad.




If the products came in a better tube and didn’t smell like a tart’s boudoir, I’d take my hat off because Primark has 2 very beautiful, highly pigmented lipsticks.

They feel sticky, yes. But they don’t feel drying at all and Primark’s liquid lipsticks leave my lips begging for moisture. They just glide over the skin and leave a thick, almost opaque colour with one swipe. I felt like crying in frustration because I know that these two colours will quickly become my favourite but I don’t want to keep smelling them.



Final Verdict: Uh, Primark you tried so hard and you nearly made a bunch of beautifully perfect products, but you need to work a few things out. Yes, you have the pigment and creamy formula for both products but your packaging for this campaign needs work.


Rating: 3 out of 5



-Good pigment

-Really nice formula

-Little, travel sized packaging




-Stench of the lipstick

-Garish pink packaging

-Cheap lipstick packaging

-Dirty tubes and plastic covers


Overall, it has inspired me to go and buy some more Primark eye shadow palettes. I do look forward to trying to create a look with this palette and also look forward to sharing it with you guys!


Have you got any of this range and if so, what do you think?


Lots of Love,

Melanie-Jessica x


9 thoughts on “Primark Cotton Candy Makeup Review

  1. I’ve never tried the Primark makeup range just because I’m sceptical about the quality especially at that low a price! Shame about the lipsticks because the colours are beautiful 🙁 but the eyeshadow looks amazing for that price! The packaging does look high-end too, going to have to check that out next time I go into town!
    Also… I was thinking about applying to Primark for a job (I’m in Year 12)… would you recommend it..?
    Hebah xx

    1. Oh boy, uh… simple answer is no. One day I will indulge the internet with my horror story but I was in your position last year and it’s my biggest regret. I literally took the first job that came. There are stores out there that treat their employees a lot better. I’d personally be looking at stores like Boots or New Look for jobs and give Primark a wide berth. I’ve ended up hating going into Primark because my experience was so bad and I know that I’m not the only one! xx

      1. Is it bad that I’d be interested in reading about it…?🤣 Let me know if you ever do decide to upload it! I’ve genuinely be considering applying but I’m so so glad that I asked someone who’s worked there otherwise I’d have got myself into a right mess. I’ve heard bad things about Sports Direct too… urgh. Thank you so much for the advice, I’ll look at jobs at those stores instead! Xxx

        1. I am definitely considering uploading it. I just worry about the outcomes of writing my experience down. It’s the reason I couldn’t get a job anywhere else for months and knocked my confidence so much that I no longer want to work in retail. Working for a more reputable brand or company is certainly the way forward because they look after their staff. I work for the NHS now and it’s so much better. I think Boots pay well and pay more for unsociable hours (weekends etc). House of Fraser or Debenhams are good as well. Cheaper shops don’t really care about their staff as much but more high end stores have a reputation to uphold so generally treat staff better. But good luck job hunting! I know how awful it can be and also don’t let failed interviews set you back! xx

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