Is It Worth The Hype? Jeffree Star x Jouer Cosmetics 'Sweet Tooth' Lip Topper Review

Hey guys!


When Jeffree Star announced that he’d be doing a collaboration with Jouer Cosmetics, I think the world was shocked to the core.

This is THE Jeffree Star that has never done a collab and don’t use affiliate codes (bar Jouer).

But low and behold, there was now a #jouerxjeffree hashtag and I was LIVING.


I was kinda put off by the original photos. Bright pink + glitter is a recipe for disaster where my lips are concerned but the more and more swatches and photos I saw, the more I wanted it.

Now, I’m not one to buy limited edition items or really hyped up collabs but this… this was different. Having earned my first paycheck, I decided I needed a treat for myself and doing a full months work which, for me, was a big step.


Onto BeautyBay it was.


I sat on my break and added the Lip Topper to my basket along with 3 other Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks. I checked out, happy that I’d qualified for free next day delivery, and awaited my order.


The next morning, I came back from town to a small box from BeautyBay and almost died in excitement.

No joke, I’ve never been so excited to receive makeup.


I literally ripped open the box and pulled out my buys. My first reaction was shock at how small the Jouer box was! I’d paid £13.50 for a tiny lipstick?! No way.

The box is a beautiful metallic purple with Jeffree Star’s signature on it in silver lettering. The rest of the lettering is also in silver.

Having never owned a Jouer product, I had nothing to compare this lip topper to. I took it out of the box (being really careful not to rip it or ruin it) and took a moment to realise that this is the most expensive lipstick I own because I buy all my JS lipsticks when they’re on offer…




The first thing you see is the Jeffree Star Cosmetics logo printed in pink on top of the rose gold mirror lid. Great, a finger print magnet.

The bottle itself is an odd shape. It has a weird bit on the side that I think can only be a holder for the actual lipstick wand.

But let’s not forget the first look you get at the actual product.

You know how some places photograph a product and you get it home and it’s NOTHING like the colour on your screen? Well, this is as bright pink as anywhere makes it out to be. The glitter seems to be a mix of pink, purple, sliver and gold flecks and don’t look chunky at all.


Doe foot applicator


When you take the wand out, it’s just your usual doe foot applicator brush and then the smell hits you.

Oh boy, the smell.

Much like it’s name ‘Sweet Tooth’, this lip topper smells sweet. But not overly sweet. It smells absolutely AMAZING! It smells just like marshmallows and its no joke when I say I’d sit and smell it for hours.


Onto swatches!


With & Without flash


As this isn’t a matte lipstick or even just a normal lipstick, it is quite sheer. It’s mainly used for putting over the top of lipsticks but Jouer does say it can be used on it’s own. As you can imagine, being a glossy formula it does have a little bit of stickiness to it but not as much as cheaper or more opaque glosses.

It does just glide on the skin. There’s very little resistance which you do sometimes get from slightly sticky products and the colour does show true even with one small swipe. Yes, the product doesn’t go a long way with only one swipe but the colour isn’t streaky and doesn’t patch/blot up in certain places. It is a very even coverage.

The smell isn’t as strong when you apply it, probably just because less product is in the space to smell.


The glitter is very reflective in even dull daylight and with a flash on, you can see how reflective it truly is.

It does prove rather tricky to get off the skin. While you can remove most of the product, a lot of glitter is left behind. I have to say though, where I applied the product for a swatch does feel really soft and smooth and this is probably because the lip topper contains coconut oil! If this isn’t a bonus, I don’t know what is!


In terms of wear (no photos because my skin and lips are a mess right now! Stress isn’t good for your skin y’all), it isn’t quite as impressive on the lips. I don’t know if it’s because I applied it over Masochist by Jeffree Star, which is a bright pink like the topper, or because it’s really sheer. However, it does feel really nice on the lips and doesn’t make my lips feel so dry with the Velour Liquid Lipstick on.

It does actually really suit me which is a huge relief because I was scared bright pink wouldn’t look right but despite being pasty as, it looks beautiful and I can see it being the same for all skin tones.


Is it worth the hype?


While it may be £13.50 for a lipstick that you may only use for a few occasions or photographs (because who wears glitter lips every day?), it’s a beautiful item to have in your collection. I personally would only pay £10 for this item HOWEVER the profits do go to the Los Angeles LGBT Center so paying a bit more? Yeah why not.

I can’t see how it would work just on it’s own on my lips but it does add a little something to a lipstick and makes a dry matte lipstick a little more bearable!

Is it something I would purchase again though?

No. Purely because I can’t see myself wearing it often enough to use it all and needing to restock. If I knew that I would be wearing it a lot, I would buy more before it’s no longer available but I can’t see myself using it that often.


So, what do you guys think? Will you be buying the Jouer x Jeffree Star Sweet Tooth Lip Topper?


Lots of Love,

Melanie-Jessica x

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