September Anti-Haul

Hey guys!


So I’ve seen a few people do these anti-hauls and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon so here we go!


Basically, this is a list of products I don’t want to buy and I’ll give my reasons etc but as a slight disclaimer, I don’t have anything against these brands, I just don’t think the items are worth it or will appeal to me. I’ll do 5 products this month and hopefully carry this on at the beginning of every month.



TooFaced Just Peachy Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

I don’t know, something about peach smelling eyeshadow puts me right off. I LOVE peaches but as mentioned in my Jeffree Star lip topper review and Primark Cotton Candy Makeup Review, I don’t like strong smelling items or smelly items whatsoever when it comes to makeup.

The colour selection just looks like every other damn palette coming out at the moment. In this palette, I see the Naked Heat Palette, Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals palette, Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance and so many more. There’s nothing so unique about it except the fact that it smells.

Sorry TooFaced, it’s a no from me.




Makeup Revolution Unicorn Elixr

I never jumped on the Unicorn trend so this doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever. I think the rainbow/unicorn trend has seen it’s time and needs to fade because it’s getting boring now. The whole rainbow sparkly thing seems a tad childish but hey, that’s me.

I also don’t have faith in the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighters at all. In my Haul post, I think I mentioned that the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter that I have ended up flaking off my face and didn’t blend at all so for me, I don’t think I’ll be wasting my £6 on this when I much prefer a powder highlighter.




Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Eyeshadow Palette

It looks so damn pretty but having heard some appalling reviews for this palette, I’m giving it a wide berth. The colours are ones that I don’t really own but I couldn’t handle the fallout and kickback from the shadows. It would drive me absolutely crazy.

I may consider buying it later on when there’s been a few more batches and issues have been ironed out but for now, this is a definite no. £41 is a lot of money to pay for substandard product so I think I’ll skip that.





KKW Beauty Contour Palette

I may be being unfair here but I don’t think this is worth $52 PLUS shipping and customs to the UK. The swatches didn’t seem all the great and for that amount of money, I’d be expecting to be blown away by it. I can buy contour kits for £5 and have no issue.

You are very much paying for the name and while I do think Kim is very sweet and a lovely lady, I still don’t think that justifies me forking out nearly £100 for ONE palette.




Kylie Cosmetics June Bug

I’m all up for weird colours but this… this just doesn’t float my boat. The purple is neon purple and while I do own purple lipsticks, they are nowhere near this bright.

Also, its the same issue as with the KKW Beauty Contour palette. The price to buy and then ship over to the UK is too much for one lipstick so for that reason, it has to be a no from me.



What’s in your anti-haul list? Do you agree with me or think I’m being too harsh?

Let me know!


Lots of Love,

Melanie-Jessica x

3 thoughts on “September Anti-Haul

  1. Geez, my anti-haul list is huge. As I only buy cruelty free makeup, a ton of big brands like Mac (😭) or Benefit are already on my anti-haul list. On top of that I won‘t buy Jeffree Star products because I don‘t like his personality at all and I‘m appalled by how he names some of his product (e.g. he called a dark blue shadow “Abused” which as a victim of abuse (not physical abuse but still) I find disgusting). I also probably wouldn‘t buy products that are only available in the US since customs & shipping are just too expensive for me when I can order perfectly good products in Europe too

    1. You make some fair points. I will only buy if it’s available on Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty or Debenhams (Too Faced, KVD etc) so for me the Jaclyn Hill palette was a no until Beauty Bay said they would stock it. As for Jeffree Star, I can’t say I support him as a person but from using his products I can honestly say he has the best liquid lip formula that I personally have come across. I too also have suffered forms of abuse and yes some names of his are controversial to say the least but I would rather buy an independent person’s stuff to a huge brand that charges £50 for something tiny. Idk I think my views when it comes to these sorts of things anger people so I try to give everything a try because at the end of the day if someone’s trying to make a living and they make good products… It’s the products I’m buying not the person

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