5 Ways To Cheer Up / Chill Out

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So after a poll on Twitter, it seemed people wanted me to talk about 10 things that can cheer you up or just things that cheer me up. I’ve decided to go with things that cheer me up in the hope that they help you too! I’ve done 5 because I was struggling to think of 10 without repeating myself or running out of ideas.

There may be some boring sciencey spiel here so bear with me but hey, if science says it works?


I suffer with depression so sometimes I have low days and some of these things are things that I do when I feel a bit low. If you’re in the same position I really hope they work for you too!



1. Go for a walk

While this may be the last thing you want to do when you feel rubbish, walking or exercising has been proven to help people who suffer from depression or low mood. Walking is the only real exercise that I do (shocking, I know) but being out in the fresh air and being active really helps to lift my mood.

When exercising, the body produces endorphins which are the happy chemicals in your brain. Producing these chemicals lifts your mood and actually can have the same positive effect on your body that Morphine does.

Many celebrities have spoken about how walking helped them cope with depression and more studies are being carried out to help people who struggle with low mood.



2. Switch off social media

This one may be hard but having a day or two without social media is honestly one of the best ways to pick up your mood. You’re not seeing and being influenced by other people. You can take time to focus on yourself rather than what’s going on around you.

Social media engages the brain and being able to switch off and relax is important to beating low mood. You also don’t see the drama other people are tangled up in. It also allows you to spend time with family and friends close to you.



3. Take a bath

It may not be something that cheers you up as such but it is such a good way to switch off and relax.

Try buying some bath bombs from Lush or another favourite store and/or put some oils in the water to make it smell nice. Light some candles and just put an hour aside to soak and feel pampered. If music is your thing, put some music on and just lie there in the warmth.

This works to relax tense muscles and when you get out, not only are you squeaky clean and smelling good, you feel less tense. This is best to do at the end of the day so you can just get into bed and relax.



4. Watch a film

Sometimes it’s nice to lose yourself in a world that’s not your own and films and TV series can be a great way to divert your attention from the negatives and focus on something else to stimulate it.

Cuddling up with a duvet in you PJs (no matter what time of day) and even binge watching YouTube can help too and bonus points if you can get a friend to come and cuddle with you.

Get lots of snacks because once you’re comfortable, you don’t want to keep getting up for food or drinks. Turn your phone off so it’s just you and the film and get ready to relax!



5. Read books

Finally, the thing that helped me get through a really tough part of this year. I read books like there was no tomorrow! Series after series I read and lost myself into fantasy worlds and through this, I became inspired to be creative and go out and eventually I stopped spending all day in bed and went out a lot more.

Like with films, the key here is to stimulate your mind and keep it work and active. If you don’t have books you want to re-read or have no new books, go to a charity shop and pick up one or two books for a couple of pounds or go to a library and pick up and entire series or just a few different books to try.



That’s just a couple of ways you can cheer yourself up or relax but I’d love to hear how you pick up from a low mood or how you help others.



Lots of Love,

Melanie-Jessica x

13 thoughts on “5 Ways To Cheer Up / Chill Out

  1. I’m honestly so glad I found this post! Been so on edge recently with school work and a really rough breakup. Gonna go for a walk then unwind in the bath with a good book. Thank you- needed this so much!

  2. Ah I needed this. Like Emily Louise I just went through a breakup and started school again so things have been tough. Thanks for writing this! 🙂

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