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So recently, I purchased 2 beautiful handmade makeup bags from Gracie Saunderson Bags and wanted to share them with you!

I actually completely forgot I had ordered these and when I received the parcel with the handwritten label, I was super confused because none of my eBay orders would have been wrapped like this and handwritten… When I opened it though, it all came flooding back to me!!


Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 14.30.53.png


I bought one blue daisy print bag for myself and a Christmas one for either a gift or a giveaway.


The bags are of superb quality and I’ve bought bags from Superdrug where the stitching isn’t quite up to scratch or there’s a flaw in it but both of these bags are perfect. They’re lined with a wipeable lining and this is an absolute must have for me because I find my makeup bags always get grubby even when the products seem clean!


I bought two medium sized makeup bags and they aren’t small at all. For reference, I can fit one normal sized eye shadow palette, some brushes, a foundation and a few other bits and pieces – enough space for a full face. This is ideal for me when travelling to work or college and need to do my face on the go.


Each bag comes wrapped in clear patterned cellophane and wrapped with a ribbon. This is a cute touch that you don’t get with some retailers and I do like it because it shows that the seller really cares about their items and that they’re made with love.


Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 14.55.27.png


The bags are so professional in both how they’re made and how they look. Each bag has a small tag that reads ‘Gracie S’ and they just cry out to be sold somewhere like Superdrug or even Boots! As I mentioned, some of the makeup bags I own look nowhere near as professional as these and they’re bags I’ve paid nearly £10 for!


Some styles have different prices but £9.99 seems an average for the makeup bags. The smaller mini bags are mostly £5.99 each and the large bags are mainly £12.99. I did purchase these bags with a discount code given to me but having seen the bags and the quality of them, I am definitely considering them as gifts for friends with fill with goodies for Christmas and Birthdays.


I ordered my bags on 26th September and they got to me on 29th September. I was expecting 3-5 days and that’s why I was shocked when I opened them. You do pay for shipping, however but when you receive the items that quick, they would make great last minute gifts.




Overall, I really do recommend that you give Gracie Saunderson Bags a check out and if you can, support her by buying a makeup bag. They are so cute and practical and everything you could ever need from a makeup bag.


You can find her in the following places:

Website: www.graciesaunderson.com

Instagram: @graciesaundersonbags 


Do you already own a bag from Gracie Saunderson or are you interested in buying one? Let me know!!



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x


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