YesTo Tomatoes DIY Clear Skin Mask Review

Hey guys!


So after the success of my 7 Day Skin Rehab, I decided to contact YesTo to thank them for ultimately saving my skin from total obliteration.

To my utter surprise, they emailed me back asking if I would like to try their DIY Charcoal mask and review it here on my blog! Naturally I could not say no so first off, I’d like to thank YesTo for very kindly sending me this mask to review.

That being said, if you do not like reviews of products where the reviewer was sent the item by the company themselves, then this is article is not for you.

This is my totally honest opinion because I don’t believe that lying about a product just so people buy it is right. If I do genuinely like a product, I will tell you but if I don’t, I will also tell you it’s a waste of money. I’m not being paid to write this and I gain absolutely nothing from you buying these items.

Just so y’all are clear on that!


For those who haven’t read my 7 Day Skin Rehab post, I suffer from terrible dry skin and forehead acne after having a fringe put in last Christmas. A recent breakout lead me to buying a bunch of all natural, non-perfumed skincare products to try and bring my skin back under control. The brand I primarily used was YesTo and used their Tomato wipes, Charcoal wipes and Charcoal soap.


I was sent the YesTo Clear Skin DIY Charcoal Mask and I did honestly find the mask itself great and yes, it did work to draw impurities and toxins out of my skin. There’s a few things that I did not like about the packaging and design but I will get into those later.


I’m going to start with the step-by-step on how to apply this mask. Or at least how I applied it on THIS Instagram video.


  1. Clean the skin with soap and warm water or have a shower beforehand. I had a shower and wiped my skin with a YesTo Charcoal wipe
  2. Using the pot (the lid) provided, put the charcoal powder in and fill to the line marked 1
  3. Add water to the line marked 2
  4. Mix until the consistency is a paste
  5. Spread on the skin (a foundation brush worked really well for this) and leave for 10-20 minutes depending on how deep of a cleanse you want
  6. Wash the mask off with warm water and moisturise


This is actually the first mask I have ever used (shocker!) because I am so cautious as to what I put on my skin in case I irritate it. Having used the charcoal wipes before, I was happy to try this because I knew the key active ingredients did not irritate my dry patches, which have again been an issue of late. So if you have sensitive skin, feel reassured that this is very unlikely to irritate your skin.


However, be prepared for breakouts! Because this mask contains activated charcoal to draw out impurities, you may break out and I certainly have! However, to combat this I wipe my face with the YesTo Tomatoes wipes and also use Lush’s Grease Lightning spot treatment. This is a sign the mask has worked so don’t be put off by the spots- they do disappear!


One thing I did not like about the mask was that I think the water mark line is far too much. I had a really watery mask at first and had to keep adding the mask powder to create a better consistency. My suggestion is to add water gradually until you get the desired thickness of mask. My mixture wasn’t thick as such but it didn’t drip off the face so in my eyes, if you have something like that then you’re doing OK. Just be warned that a wetter mask takes a bit longer to dry and as you can see in the featured image, my mask wasn’t completely dry after 20 minutes.


I also feel that because you add so much water, a lot of product is wasted after you apply it. This is a real shame and having known I need so little to cover my face, next time I’ll use less powder and water so my product lasts longer.


The packaging itself is really handy and would be great for travelling. It’s an all in one contained unit with the pot on top, a spatula and the body of the tub holds a ziplock bag of the charcoal powder. The ziplock bag is a huge bonus because there’s no fiddly pulling to open it and it’s easy to reseal to avoid spills and wasted powder. In theory, you could use the spatula to apply the mask so if you were on the go, you could easily just take this tub and so long as you have water, you can do the mask almost anywhere. It’s not a big tub either and it even fits in my makeup bag. If you travel a lot and need a mask that fits in carry on luggage and doesn’t spill, this is your guy!


The RRP of this mask is £11.99 and is available at Superdrug and Amazon. For the amount of product you get, this is a good price because if you nail the exact amount of product you need so you don’t waste any, you could potentially get 10 or more masks out of this tub and £1 ish per mask is not bad at all. For a product I can see work almost instantly, £12 is not bad at all.


The YesTo brand is a cruelty free brand and most of their products are vegan friendly except for the exception of items that contain beeswax and honey. This mask is 99% natural and does contain some perfume but not enough to affect my skin which is currently red and irritated.


Having been fighting the effects of the flu vaccine recently, the mask was a joy to use because I felt pampered and it was cooling on my skin, which has been warm with a slight fever. It does get really tight as it dries but not uncomfortably so. I could still talk and move my face when it was almost fully dry.


This already seems like a product I may use once or twice a week and I will repurchase when I run out. My skin felt so much cleaner and softer after use and the fact I could see spots straight away was a positive- at least the mask works! I do recommend that you go out and buy this if you are looking for a mask that draws toxins and impurities from your skin and doesn’t irritate the skin in the process.


My love for this brand is only growing stronger. The worst thing is finding a brand where some products work miracles but other irritate or even damage your skin and I have struggled for years to find products that are gentle on my skin but actually work. YesTo has products for so many skin types and even hair types I am certainly interested in trying their haircare products after the success of their skincare range… watch this space!



What do you think? Have you tried YesTo products? If you haven’t, will you? Let me know!



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x


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