A Cheese Toastie Subscription Box??? Part 1 of 5 – Initial Discovery

Hey guys!


As a child growing up with a father who is a postman, we always called him the ‘Cheese Toastie’ and I still refer to postal workers as ‘Cheese Toasties’.

Don’t ask me why, but this is a thing.


I love cheese toasties. They are just pure and utter bliss and I love putting tomatoes in them, ham, sauce, bacon… I’ve tried A LOT of combinations.

You see, where I went to college last year, there was a small toastie shop by the docks that served up the most amazing combinations of cheese toasties you could imagine! I had pulled pork, pepperoni pizza, Swedish meatballs and even Creme Egg flavoured! This shop genuinely had it all but since leaving that college, my life has been empty without my gourmet cheese toastie once a month.


For anyone who does not know what a cheese toastie is, it’s basically a cheese sandwich that’s grilled or toasted and it melts the cheese and you can add other ingredients and get adventurous and basically it’s unadulterated bliss.


After watching THIS clip on Taskmaster where Noel Fielding describes a cheese toastie subscription box, I honestly thought my life could not get any better at the thought of having a surprise cheese toastie every week or fortnight but I never actually followed my research up.

But I was scrolling down Instagram and one of my sponsored posts was for a site called Cheese Posties, the site Noel Fielding spoke about.




Now being the responsible adult that I am, I of course ordered a course of 8 weeks of cheese toasties- one every other Thursday. Words cannot describe my excitement to receive this box. My only other subscription is Spotify and that is nowhere near as exciting as 4 mystery cheese toasties.


Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 18.06.03


To actually order my toasties, I just stated how many I wanted and how frequently, whether I wanted Sweet or Savory or a mix of both, whether I have a nut allergy and whether I eat meat. I picked my options (A mix of sweet and savoury, no nut allergy and yes to meat) and filled in my login details, address and sent a payment through PayPal. You do get £2 off your first order so my total for 4 cheese toasties was £19, about what I’d pay if I went into the shop by my old college and bought a gourmet toastie there. But the novelty of making it yourself and getting a surprise is worth it!


Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 18.06.14


There is a loyalty scheme where you get your 11th toastie for free and postage is Royal Mail 24 and absolutely free! When you work out that each toastie (on my plan anyway) costs around £5.21 each, that’s not too bad considering how much 24h delivery usually costs and the whole novelty of the item. Compare that to a beauty subscription of £10 a month for a few mini products… I think I know what I’d rather have every month!


I’m buzzing.

I would have never thought a box containing bread, cheese and a few other items would make me so excited but next Thursday cannot come quick enough.


I shall check in with a review of each toastie when I get it so the next time I update this mini series will be when my first toastie comes! I am also making this a YouTube series so keep an eye out for that too! If you’re not already subscribed, you can find me HERE and I hope you do subscribe! I don’t post regularly but the support would be nice for when filming more is feasible!



So, would you consider ordering a cheese toastie subscription box? If so, let me know below!



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x


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