My Makeup Collection – Week Two : Concealers/Colour Correctors

Week One : Foundations


Hey Guys!


I apologise for the long gap between posts but life’s been a bit hectic and posting has been hard!


This is part two of my makeup collection series and today I’m listing all my concealers and colour correcting products. This is one of my bigger collections (but wait until we get to lipsticks!) so bear with me on the slightly longer post!


If you haven’t already seen, I have a Makeup Master Post where I add every single brush or product that I buy for both my own purposes and your ~enjoyment~ so if you ever feel nosy and want to see if I’ve done a full review, they all get linked there.



First I’ll start with my colour correcting products.

This one is the Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette and I really like it. It has all the colours I need so I can take it travelling or use it for college. The colours are really blendable and aren’t too heavy on the skin. The fact it has a mirror is another huge bonus for me.




I bought this Freedom Pro Camouflage and Correct pot in Green because I hit pan on the above palette. It’s exactly the same formula and colour and blends just as well and the fact it comes in a bigger pot is great. Green is the colour I use most for colour correcting so having a slightly bigger pot is great.




Lastly on the Colour Correcting front I have 2 Primark PS… Colour Correctors in Yellow and Green. They were the first two colour correcting products I ever bought and they’re not too bad. They can be a bit cakey but overall they do blend ok. The green works better than the yellow and actually does some job at concealing. When these run out, I may repurchase the green but probably not the yellow.




This Miss Sporty concealer is so old that all the writing has rubbed off but it can be ok for very minor concealer jobs when I’m more tan. I bought this way back about 5 years ago for covering spots in high school and it did the job for all of about 1 year before I realised it was far to orange for me. I’ve mainly kept it because it was the first ever makeup product I bought with my own money so it has a bit of sentimental value I guess?




Now, I love this MaxFactor Master Touch Concealer but it is so expensive for how much product you get! I love the formula and how well it matches my skin but the No7 Match Made concealer has unfortunately stolen my love. If you can stretch to a bit more of an expensive concealer then definitely give this one a try!




I got this Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix concealer free with an order from but I do not like it at all. There is no coverage whatsoever and it’s a greasy formula. I use it mainly for my college special effects makeup course but I can’t find a use for it anywhere else. This is probably the Makeup Revolution product I dislike the most.




This is my all time favourite concealer and I am yet to find something to beat it. The No7 Match Made concealer in Calico has been mentioned in quite a few of my posts and I continue to use the heck out of it. I now mainly use it when I’m going somewhere nice because it is a bit more expensive but a lot of the time, Boots give a £3 coupon for No7 makeup with purchases anyway so you can get this for about £4.




I haven’t really used this No7 Instant Radiance Concealer yet because I don’t like the brush tip. It’s meant to be an under eye concealer but on top of the Calico foundation, it’s way too dark despite being the lightest shade! I do have this problem a lot. I can’t really comment on how well this works because I actually can’t remember the last time I used it!




Everyone raves about the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Concealer but I personally can’t rave about it myself. It’s an average concealer. Yes it has a nice, blendable formula but again, the lightest shade is too dark to go under my eyes. I would like to try the brightener though and if that was any lighter, we may be onto a winner.




After loving the Fit Me! foundation, I wanted to love this concealer but I couldn’t. Again it’s too dark and yellow toned to suit my skin but the formula is good for a cheap concealer. The shade range for the Fit Me! Foundation is great but the shade range for the concealer is too limited so if there was a few lighter shades, we may be OK.




I bought this LA Girl Pro-Conceal concealer in the lightest shade purely to get free delivery on Beauty Bay but again, this is far too dark to go under my eyes! I see so many people use the LA Girl concealers and I will try and give it a fair chance but on the first swatch, it was way too dark. It also has that brush tip that I detest so this could be a one time purchase only.




This Freedom Pro Camouflage Paste in the lightest shade is solely used to create cut creases. It doesn’t perfectly match my skin tone but it does enough to act as a really great concealer to make a good cut crease. It is also a decent base for eyeshadow so I do end up using this as an eyeshadow primer too.





I bought this Freedom Pro HD Conceal Kit in Light/Medium mainly for college. It has a lot of different shades which is perfect for working on other people. My main gripe is that they are fairly greasy but for £5, I am not turning my nose up at all. I also like that it has a couple of colour correcting shades too.




And finally, these Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealers are amazing! The lightest shade is light enough for me and they are such long wearing concealers. They are lightweight and don’t crease when set and I highly recommend them along with the Healthy Mix foundation! I am so glad I bought these for college because the lightest shade has become a stable of my makeup routine!




So that is my concealer collection! Have you got any of these and if so, what do you think? Also, what’s you favourite concealer? Let me know!!



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x

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