A Cheese Toastie Subscription Box??? Part 2 of 5 – The Canadian

Hey guys!


So it’s Thursday 19th October FINALLY so you know what that means…


My first Cheese Posties cheese toastie subscription box arrived!


If you’re wondering what on earth I’m on about, head over to Part 1 to see the post where I ordered a subscription box from a site called Cheese Posties.


My cheese toastie came via Royal Mail 24 Hour delivery purely because it’s labelled as being perishable items. It came in just a brown box with tape wrapped around it like a present that had the classic air mail pattern on it, along with such phrases as “Break Band in Queso Emergency” and “First Class Toast”. The box and contents are filled with cheese and toast jokes and this is great. This isn’t just a company out to make money from a gap in the market, this is a company trying to make people smile and enjoy their order.




Inside, there is a Toast Trumps card with your received toastie information on, a letter, instructions, a re-usuable toasting pocket and your ingredients. With a dad working for Royal Mail, I did notice that the fonts used in letters and other small text is eerily similar to the font Royal Mail uses for promotional material and material sent to staff through the post. This links back to my first comment on my first post where I mentioned that I grew up calling my dad, my uncle, my regular postie and every other postie across the country “cheese toasties”. This is a surprisingly common thing for us British people to do so I am very glad someone has finally played on this!




Looking at the ingredients, nothing was mouldy and everything was tightly sealed in tubs and bags and this was a main concern of mine- that the food would come looking worse for wear. However, despite being in transit over night, the food didn’t look bashed or broken. It looked fresh and later turned out to be just that.


One thing I did notice, that I hadn’t done when ordering, is a mention of the company Mary’s Meals. A card in the box told me that for every postie received, a school meal is bought for a hungry child. I think this a great idea.


So actually onto the toastie itself.


I received The Canadian which is cheddar, maple syrup and bacon.

Oh yes.

All this on toast.


This is the toastie I most wanted and I may have sent an email asking that I get this one at some point…




Included in the box I got white bread, 2 slabs of butter, 3 slices of cheddar cheese bacon bits and a tub of maple syrup. I took all this and the toasting bag and instructions downstairs and made my toastie!

Here’s how I did it.



1.I first took the bread out of it’s bag and laid it on my chopping board. It felt quite stale to the touch but this could be how it was preserved for transit, I don’t know. But it didn’t affect the quality of the finished toastie so ultimately? I don’t care.




2. Then, I put the butter on the bread, one packet for each slice of bread. The butter still felt slightly cold and had a good shape to it but was still spreadable and this is good because usually with those packs of butter, they’re solid and rip your bread apart until you wait a few years for it to warm up. The buttered sides of bread go ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE TOASTIE so I turned the bread over so the butter was face down on the chopping board.




3. I then put the 3 slices of cheese onto one slice of bread and I had just enough to fit the bread perfectly with some overlap. After that, I poured on the maple syrup and bacon onto the other slice of bread. The maple syrup tub was really hard to get the lid off without spilling it everywhere so I ended up having to slice the plastic top with a knife and pour it on.




4. It took some effort to slide the toastie into the toaster bag because the butter leaves your hands really greasy but once in there, I put it into the toaster and toasted it on a low heat.




5. I kept the toaster going until I peeked in the bag and saw the cheese had melted and the toast was golden. Then, using tongs, I grabbed the top of the bag and put it on the chopping board until it had cooled a bit. The bag itself seems to get hotter than the toastie so be careful!




6. I removed the toastie from the bag with the same tongs and cut in half. Finally, I let it cool for a few minutes and enjoyed it!





I was half expecting for gravity to do it’s thing and pull all the filling to the bottom of the toastie but surprisingly, everything stayed put and there was a good, even distribution of filling.


Hark at me, the toastie expert!


I did not expect this flavour combination to work at all. I expected the bacon to be completely lost by the cheese and syrup and for the syrup to just over power everything. But actually, when I took a bite I could taste all the components and they worked together really well! The toastie is definitely a sweet one and while you can taste everything, the main taste it sweet. On thing to watch out for is that the syrup soaks through the bread and it can lead to burning when toasting (happened on mine unfortunately) but to combat this, I would probably put the syrup on the cheese and guard the other slice of bread with the bacon.


I did find it quite greasy with the butter on the outside but this isn’t an issue as such. It’s more of an observation.


Overall, I loved this toastie. It was a really good toastie. The flavours worked, it toasted well and it was actually fairly easy to assemble. I do look forward to the next toastie I receive which will be in two weeks time!


I can’t wait!



Would you try The Canadian toastie? Let me know!



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x




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