Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette First Impressions

Hey guys!



Never in my life did I ever think I would end up writing a post to justify spending £37 on a single eyeshadow palette.

This just doesn’t happen.

But here we are. I decided to buy that god damn Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette that everyone loves and raves about.

£37 for one item.



(However, in my defence I was not thinking straight after an ~emotional tragedy~ so maybe I am not to blame for this)


Anyone who has been following my blog for a while (And if you’re not following, you should be!) will know that as a rule of thumb, I don’t spend over £15 on one item of makeup. For me, I cannot justify spending that much on one singular material item on my current income. Honestly, look through my Makeup Collection post and you’ll be hard pushed to find products (excluding brushes) that cost over £15 RRP or cost over £15 when I bought them.

To my knowledge, its only my MAC Fix+, Jeffree Star Lipsticks and this palette.


But I do have a large collection so I am probably forgetting something.


So anyway, back to this palette.

When this first launched in the US, I was gutted that it wasn’t available across the pond because it does look gorgeous and I was seeing so many people film with it and rave about it and the looks created with it were stunning.

But for me, those reasons alone were not enough for me to pay the $38 for the palette, plus $25+ shipping AND customs when it finally got to the UK. And for that price, there was no way I was taking the risk of it being damaged in transit.

So I managed to keep my hands in my lap and my bank balance up, not straying to the temptation of forking out the money every time it restocked on Morphe’s website.


Cut to a few weeks ago when Beauty Bay announced that they WOULD be stocking the Jaclyn Hill palette and guys? I may have cried.

Launch day came and the £37 price tag shocked me a bit because I thought it may have cost less with exchange rates etc.

Oh no.


Pay Day wasn’t until the next day so I lost my chance on the first launch.

I brooded for a long time over this and yesterday I was sat in bed, fairly unwell and in dire need of a pick-me-up so the time finally came.

That palette was ordered.

I was shaking when I got the box this morning. That may have something to do with how weak I was on the journey from sofa to front door but nevertheless, my crappy week became a little less crappy.

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I managed to find enough strength to open this box. Fumbling hands dug out the palette from under the new pack of facial wipes I also ordered (More YesTo Tomatoes wipes and you can see my thoughts on those HERE).


Despite the box being bubble wrapped and therefore protected in transit, the outer box for the palette was damaged where one would open it with their thumb. This worried me and I did fear that maybe my palette wouldn’t be in great condition because maybe it had been out of it’s box but thankfully the palette itself was unscathed and all the pans in perfect condition.



As mentioned, the palette comes in a box and it’s a white-ish pearlescent card. The palette is in a bubble wrapped bag inside the box and this level of extra packaging was comforting. Normally I’d make comments on excessive packaging but I’ll say it again, I paid £37 for this palette so I expect the bells and whistles to ensure it is worth it!

Call me snobbish but man, I don’t want a half bashed palette.


The palette is the same white pearlescent card and is fairly light weight. The lid is magnetised like most palettes of this build but for me, it is missing a mirror. For the price point and size of the palette, a mirror would have gone a long way and I know this isn’t Morphe style but having a mirror in the same place as your eyeshadows goes a long way for ease of use!


There’s 35 pans in this palette making each shadow around £1.05 each. Fairly pricey but still less expensive than buying individual pans to recreate this in a Z-Palette (I considered it).

This is very much a warm tone palette but if you’ve ever watched a Jaclyn Hill tutorial, you’ll get why. The few pops of colour in the bottom left corner are absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait for my skin to clear up and spend some time playing around with this palette!


The swatches were really hard for me.

Not one bit of me wanted to touch that palette and tarnish it’s beauty


But I finally did it and never have I ever purchased an eyeshadow palette where I have swatched every single shade and been impressed with the pigment of each and every one. Even the light colours showed up on my pasty white arm!

The black is the only shadow that left me feeling a bit meh but I’d rather not have a totally overpowering black in case I screw up.



First Row



The first two white pans will be good for inner corner highlights and I’m pretty sure you could pull them off as proper face highlights as well. The two warm tone shades are good transition and crease shades and being matte, thats a bonus on that front. The bottom three pink colours are the first few pans that literally made my heart race. The feeling of how creamy and soft they are was honestly a damn joy. I really look forward to creating some cute baby pink cut creases with these!



Second Row



For me, this will be my transition and crease shade row. These tones seem to work best in my crease and hello! There’s a mustard colour up there! The bottom two shades are, again, by far my favourite of this row. The metallic red and the gold are going to create perfect Christmas looks and do me well for the autumn too.



Third Row



As far as loving an entire row of colours goes, this is my favourite by far! I’ve been dying to play around with more warm tones and reds and there’s going to be ample opportunity for that here! The light pink metallic is going to be great for inner corner action and pretty cut creases.



Fourth Row



Now, this row holds the two colours that sold the palette for me. The Royal Blue and Royal Purple are absolutely bloody stunning and I am dying to use them. I did find one of the metallics quite chunky on this row and that is the third swatch from the bottom. The formula felt wrong for me but it’s a colour I can’t see myself using routinely so I’m not too caught up about that.



Fifth Row



First off, THAT TURQUOISE METALLIC! I cannot get over that top swatch and how pretty it is! The other greens are beautiful, deep earthy tones that will again, be good for Christmas looks. Whether it was my swatching technique or the actual palette, the 2nd from bottom shade was patchy and the bottom black wasn’t as pigmented as the rest of the palette. I’m not too fussed about this but it was slightly disappointing.



So what is my final first impression?


Well, I am certainly impressed.

Can I for sure justify spending this much money on makeup… Probably not until I’ve used it on my eyes.


It’s a beautiful palette. That cannot be denied. The colours are beautiful, the formulas are creamy and smooth and the entire presentation of the palette is gorgeous. The white packaging does make me really nervous because I hate grubby finger marks on my makeup but people are saying that it’s easy to wipe clean.


If you’re thinking of buying it, I would say that if you have the money spare then get it. I can’t say I regret my purchase. But if buying something of this price point is a big thing and a huge investment, you don’t need it. Don’t put yourself out of pocket for one eyeshadow palette. Yes it’s beautiful and everyone loves it but that doesn’t make it a necessity!



What do you think of this palette? Do you own it? If not, are you considering buying it?



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x


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