5 Things Bloggers Want Brands To Know

Hey guys!


This post comes after having worked with a couple of brands and seeing some really common complaints within the blogging community.


First off, us bloggers are extremely grateful for all the Blogger Mail and PR we get sent. It’s a nice perk of blogging and to some of us, it’s a nice reward for the hard work we do because damn, blogging is hard work!


I know for definite that when I get an email from someone interested to work with me, my heart leaps because it is exciting! Especially for someone who has only been blogging for about 6 months.


But there are some total turn offs for bloggers when we are contacted by brands and when we actually work with them. We want to help you and work with you as much as you want to work with us and sometimes, we feel more strongly than you do!


A blogger and brand working together is a two way relationship so brands, this post is for you! This is the 5 things us bloggers want you to know when working with us so our relationship with you can be as easy and kink-free as possible!



1. We don’t want to buy followers or likes!

If I had a penny for every time someone has reached out to me to ask if I wanted to buy followers or likes or even subscribers, I would be a very rich girl!


We’re quite happy building up our audience the legitimate way but thank you very much for your offer.


You’re wasting both your time and our time asking us and writing out long elaborate emails offering us 1000 Instagram followers for £40. We want proper engagement and interactions with real people so we know what posts are doing well and what we need to tweak in the future.


Another thing that really bugs us? When you dress this up as an actual business opportunity and get us all excited and wanting to know more only to ask us if we want to buy followers.




We do, however, apologise for any short and blunt emails we send back as a reply.


For the vast majority of us, this is not about being famous or having millions of followers. We’re doing this for fun and because we enjoy it. And for some of us, this is how we make some extra money. We understand that this may be your livelihood too but we’re very unlikely to be your customers.



2. Please don’t reach out to us and then not reply when we express interest!

We want to work with you and help you out and discover new products or services and when you reach out to us, we do get excited!


But there is nothing worse than asking us if we want to work with you and then not replying to us. We do see it as unprofessional and it leaves a sour taste in our mouths for when you come back… If you come back!




If you have a reason for a delayed reply then tell us! We understand and we’ll be totally cool with that! But leave us hanging for a while with no reply and then just jump back into business like nothing happened?

Not so cool.


We all have lives outside our blogs and for some of us this is our job! This lack of further communication or really delayed communication with no apology is, quite frankly, a waste of our time!



3. Certain things we won’t do for free!

When we review items that we’ve bought ourselves, it’s out the kindness of our hearts. Nobody asks us to buy it and review it. We do it because we want to or because we stumble upon an amazing item/awful item and want to share this with the world.


We do love reviewing items and for most of us, that’s what our blog is all about! But we do see it a little bit cheeky when we’re asked to buy an item at full price or maybe slightly discount it and then review it for free. For free meaning that we don’t get paid for our services.


We understand that you’re a business and you need to make money but for those of us who are using our blog as a means of earning money or are students with not a lot of money, we can’t go splashing our cash around constantly!



4. Please don’t work with us and then cut us off!

One thing that has annoyed me while working with a brand is completing everything we agreed and then hearing nothing else from them. Especially when they detailed things I could do to earn money or further help them out.


Leading onto my next point, we do want to help you further and if we’ve enjoyed working with you, this is very likely to be the case!


We also do appreciate a thank you every now and again…



5. Please don’t ask us to do things and not help us out!

When we take the time to try a product, write a review, take some photos for Instagram, it can take us a good few hours of work. For this to go unnoticed does hurt a little bit.


If we’ve written you a nice blog post, why not have it somewhere on your website under your testimonials or put a link on Facebook or Twitter? This helps us both out by putting our blog or profiles in front of a new audience and your audience gets to see what other people thought of your product or service. If we post a photo to Instagram, why not repost it?




There’s no harm to you to do this and for us, we do see it as a thank you for our hard work. Most of us don’t do things half heartedly. We put in the time to full test a product/service, photograph our experience, write up posts and then share them. We’re trying to help you out!



We do all try to have good experience with brands and we do thank every brand that sends us products, sponsors posts and work well with us but some brands just don’t work for us and it is frustrating!



Bloggers! What really frustrates you when brands reach out to you or frustrates you when working with a brand? Let me know!



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x



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