A Cheese Toastie Subscription Box??? Part 3 of 5 – The Pepperoni Pizza

Hey guys!


If you haven’t already read my first post describing what this is, I suggest you do so by going HERE. This is not going to make any sense at all if you read this with no context.


Read it?

OK. Good.


So it’s week 4 of my toastie subscription box and this is toastie number two. My usual postman was the one that delivered my box today and he did look rather perplexed and almost amused at my parcel.

But hey, postal workers don’t exactly have it easy right now so anything to brighten their day, right?


Today’s toastie was the Pepperoni Pizza toastie and I may have got way too excited when I saw what my delivery was. This, along with The Canadian, was one that I really wanted to try and it came! I didn’t even request it- I was just lucky.




In my parcel was the usual Toast Trump and a letter telling me about the toastie and how to make it even better. No toastie bag this time so I had to re-use my previous one but I was already prepared for this.

My ingredients were white bread, pizza sauce, mozzarella, butter and pepperoni slices. Again, all were sealed nice and fresh and the bread did feel a lot softer this week.


I made up my toastie (Instructions in previous post) and once again, the one side of the toastie burnt completely. I do now think this is a flaw with my toaster rather than the more liquid ingredient soaking into the bread.

Yes, this did unfortunately ruin the taste of my toastie.


Because of this burning, I had to stop cooking my toastie before the cheese was fully melted and this was slightly disappointing. This isn’t a flaw with the toastie though because don’t get me wrong, it was a damn good toastie. But I don’t feel like I had a fair chance to enjoy it due to the fact it wasn’t completely cooked.


The pizza sauce was probably the best bit but the ratio of sauce to cheese was all wrong. There was far too much cheese for the amount of sauce I got. The sauce was proper pizza sauce with herbs and onion and tomatoes in rather than just being puree or tomato sauce. This definitely would have made the toastie absolute perfection, had the cheese not over powered it.


Overall, I did enjoy this toastie for the most part. I think next time, I shall use my toastie maker to make the goods because it’s a more even toast. To fully enjoy a toastie, the cheese needs to be stringy and warm and all gooey.


The outside wasn’t so greasy this time which is weird because I used the same amount of butter as last time but nevertheless, that’s not a complaint at all!



I look forward to my next toastie which will be here in two weeks time! I wonder what I’ll get!



Would you try The Pepperoni Pizza toastie? Let me know!



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x




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