My Makeup Collection – Week Three : Powders

Week One : Foundations

Week Two : Concealers/Colour Correctors 


Hey guys!


Once again I have to apologise for the lack of continuity BUT the good news is that I’m sorting my life out (ha, as if!) and planning to make this a weekly thing as I first intended.


This week I’m going to be listing my powders and that includes banana powders, pressed powders and setting powders. This list is nowhere near as long as some of it’s counterparts so hang tight, I won’t keep you long!



If you haven’t already seen, I have a Makeup Master Post where I add every single brush or product that I buy for both my own purposes and your ~enjoyment~ so if you ever feel nosy and want to see if I’ve done a full review, they all get linked there.



The first product is one I actually haven’t used yet but bought because I hear so many good things about it from my friends and beauty influencers. It’s the RCMA Translucent Powder and I keep it in my college makeup kit ready for either conventional makeup or SFX purposes.





The Makeup Gallery (Poundland) Smoothly Does It powder was bought solely for my Full Face Of Poundland Makeup video. For me, this worked OK. I can’t rave about it because when used with other foundations it does cake slightly but if you need a quick, cheap fix then this will do.






This was the first ever pressed powder I bought and I still use it today! I have repurchased the Collection Pressed Powder in Ivory twice now and use it pretty much every time I apply foundation. I use it to set my foundation but not my under eye area. I just use it to take the shine off my foundation and it’s worked for me for 3 years now… pretty good going!






This Makeup Revolution Pressed Translucent Powder can be a bit hit or miss for me. Sometimes I love it and other times I just look a dusty mess no matter what I do. It is super powdery and powder gets EVERYWHERE when I use it so for me, it’s one that’s pushed to the back of my powder drawer and used only rarely.






The Makeup Revolution Banana Powder was originally bought to use as a setting powder but I found it way too dark for my skin. However, it works wonders for my SFX makeup kit! When using latex, it turns white so a yellow toned powder helps to make it darker and look more natural and takes away the shine of the latex. Definitely will repurchase plus it’s cheaper than Ben Nye’s banana powder so bonus!






The final product here is the Maybelline Master Fix Translucent Setting Powder. This was my first proper setting powder and it’s done me well for now. It’s not amazing but for how much I paid, I’m happy with it. I’m hoping that maybe the RCMA powder is slightly better for flash photography and sets my smile lines a bit better than this does.





So that’s my powder collection!

I don’t own many purely because when I find one I like and works for me, I stick to it. Foundations and concealers are different because they all do different jobs when my skin is in different phases but powder only really does one job.


Carrying on with my base products, I’m hoping that next week will be either blush, bronzer or contour products. I may also consider my primer collection given that it’s fairly small and easy to post but this is definitely a series that will continue long into next year. I have to say, doing this is making me realise how much makeup I have and just how much I’ve spent on makeup and boy do I feel bad.

Do I regret it?

Of course not!



Do you have any of these powders? If so, which one/s and how do you get on with them? Let me know!



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x


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