Top 10 Netflix Films & Shows To Watch This Winter

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So this post is a list of 10 top Netflix TV Series and Films, some originals, some not.


I am writing this post in collaboration with the lovely Shona from She is a great blogger who talks all things TV and Film so who better to help me compile a list of 10 great Netflix TV Shows and Films that you can watch this winter while all cosied up in the warm?!

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So grab your cosy socks, your duvet and some snacks because you may just be in for a few days of complete binge watching!



Big Mouth


Big Mouth is a new one to me but hilarious nonetheless especially when you are around friends. It follows the story of cartoon kids going through puberty and the puberty monster that helps guide them through their teenage years. Very relatable and hilariously over the top it is definitely a watch!





Orphan Black


I discovered Orphan Black by accident and fell in love after the first couple of episodes. It did take a while for me to get into it but one I did that was it. I was hooked.

The basic story is that one girl named Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks identical to her and being a slightly shady character (to begin with) Sarah decides to take on the persona of this character but realises she’s waded eyes deep into way more than she bargained for.

I loved Orphan Black because it very much was all about girl power. It was empowering to watch such diverse characters working together and living in harmony but being like normal sisters and bickering etc. The contrast between each character and how they all seemed to belong together really sold the show for me.

The storyline itself was good and really easy to get stuck into. It is very much a gripping drama series that keeps you on the edge of your seat through each and every episode.

In terms of the cinematography, it is beyond compare. Without giving too much away, Maslany had multiple characters that were required to be in the same scene and the very clever editing of the program made each character interact with the other as though there was 3 or 4 different actresses and not just Maslany.

This is definitely a show to watch if you want a series that isn’t too long and time consuming but will keep you hooked.





Rick and Morty


You have three seasons of time travelling madness to catch up on and you will love it. Rick and his grandson Morty travel through time and space on crazy adventures with a very adult theme. It’s grown quite a cult following and you should be part of it!





To The Bone


This is a film rather than a TV series and is a hard hitting story about a 20 year old girl suffering from an eating disorder. She comes out of hospital to go to a group home and comes across a doctor with a more unorthodox way of treating eating disorders.

I liked this film because it wasn’t all doom and gloom but at the same time, it wasn’t all happy and flowery and romanticising eating disorders- it was hard hitting and emotional to watch, even as someone who hasn’t been affected by an eating disorder.

It’s a good mix between emotional and charming, with the odd bit of comedy thrown in. It does have a touch of The Fault In Our Stars with the way the characters interact- and the whole disease/disorder thing.

It’s refreshing to see a film that tackles the issues of eating disorders head on rather than do a half arsed job and end up romanticising it and making it all sunshines and rainbows. It shows you the reality of the situation and while it’s not the most amazing cinematography and not the most exciting film to sit down and watch, it is certainly one that hits hard and is one for those looking for something a little more raw and thought provoking.







A killer is haunting the town of Riverdale and Archie and his friends are hoping to get to the bottom of it. If you like crime dramas as well as coming of age shows you need to watch this. It also stars Cole Sprouse (yep the one from Disney channel) and he has got dreamy…. go on; give it a go because of that fact!





Before I Fall


I had no idea that they had made a film out of this and I was suitable excited when it came up on my Netflix recommended. I remember reading the book around 5 or 6 years ago in high school and absolutely loving it. It’s a more teen friendly version of Before I Go To sleep… almost. It is completely different but there are echoes of the same principle.


That’s exactly what it’s like.

The basic story is that a girl and her friends go about their day but end up in a car crash and, presumably, die. But the lead character Sam, wakes up the next day (Or rather, the day before) recalling what had happened but yet the same day plays out. As this continues to loop over and over, she starts to try and change the outcome to no avail. Without spoiling the ending, she does manage to stop the loop eventually through her actions.

This is a film that very much teaches us that our actions have consequences and plays on the chaos theory that one small action could cause a larger event further on down the line. It takes some inferring to realise this but once you do, it is a sobering thought that certainly made me question some of my past actions and how they may have affected myself or others.

Like To The Bone, it’s not the most exciting movie and boy does it get repetitive but it is a good story with some good morals and if you can sit through it, you’ll definitely enjoy it. It’s an underrated film but it’s not for everyone.







A man working with law enforcement who is also a serial killer? Sign me up. Dexter is incredibly twisted, fun and just a fantastic watch. There are so many layers to this show you will want to delve deeper into the mind of Dexter and understand why he does what he does. A series like no other.





The Santa Clarita Diet


I am not one for zombies and gore (except when I’m doing the gore myself) but this series definitely was a big yes for me.

It shows a typical suburban family that goes about their normal life but has to adjust to the mum (Played by Drew Barrymore) becoming an undead cannibal. They have to keep acting normal so not to arouse suspicion but of course, get Barrymore’s fix of human flesh.

It’s a funny show with lots of one liners that do take some close listening so you don’t miss them. If you can look past the blood and vomit (yes, vomit) it’s a very enjoyable series that wasn’t gripping as such but the jokes and story itself was what kept me watching the entire series.

This is definitely more of a comedy series- that’s the genre that over-rides everything else. If you’re looking for a giggle and something to occupy your time, then I would recommend trying this one for size.





Making a Murderer


Because sometimes real life can be just as crazy as fiction. Follow the real life trial and sentencing of Steven Avery a man who has been accused of murdering a young woman. Go inside the courtroom and watch as the jury decides this man’s fate. But did they make the right decision? A must watch for any crime enthusiasts out there.





Stranger Things


Please, if you honestly thought this wouldn’t be on a Top 10 Shows To Watch On Netflix list then there’s something seriously wrong.

To give a brief overview to those who don’t know, Season 1 starts with 4 kids playing Dungeons & Dragons and as three of the four head home, one kid (Will- Noah Schnapp) goes missing and the series follows the hunt for will. Along the way we lose another girl named Barb, find out weird things are happening in the Hawkins Science Facility and, of course, meet Eleven (Millie Bobby-Brown).

Season 2 sees the 4 boys together again but Will keeps experiencing strange things. We also learn some more about Eleven’s history and see the main characters pull together to fix the disturbances and restore peace to the world.

Seriously, it’s hard to write an overview for Stranger Things without ruining the plot for those who haven’t watched it.

Personally, I found Season 2 easier to enjoy and really get into than Season 1. It was a more gripping series and I think the small bits of comedy worked really well hand in hand with the drama. I did watch it all the way through and messed up my sleeping schedule for days but my god, it was worth every single hour.

I do recommend Stranger Things if you haven’t already watched it. It is a genius show and I personally cannot think of a show that quite rivals it. It’s on a par of it’s own and everything from the script to the characters to the cinematography is outstanding and it’s a story that does keep you wanting more and more.





So that’s our list of the Top 10 Things we recommend you go and watch on Netflix this winter!


What are your top Netflix shows and films? Which ones do you recommend that we watch? Let us know!



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