My Makeup Collection – Week Five : Blushes

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Hey guys!


So as mentioned last week, this post contains all the blush that I own! I own a lot of blush despite not actually using it that often. I find that blush on my pale skin just makes me look like a Russian doll!


I don’t buy blush as a habit or because one looks nice- I’ve either bought it for a video, happened upon it from a mystery bag or advent calendar, thought one looked nice or found a blush that I don’t mind using.


I am definitely a matte blush girl and most of my blushes seem to be shimmer so when I do use them, it’s very sparingly.


If you haven’t already seen, I have a Makeup Master Post where I add every single brush or product that I buy for both my own purposes and your ~enjoyment~ so if you ever feel nosy and want to see if I’ve done a full review, they all get linked there.


So, onto my blushes!


My Makeup Gallery Blush, like most of my other Makeup Gallery items, was bought with the sole purpose of being used for my Full Face Of Poundland Makeup video on YouTube. I actually really like it because it is a true matte blush and with a light hand, it doesn’t matter that it’s bright pink! I can see me using this a little more often.




These two Makeup Revolution blushes came with the 2016 advent calendar and immediately, I saw 2 dupes of the MaxFactor Creme Puff blushes (see below). They aren’t exact dupes but they are pretty much the same quality even though the colours are different. The MaxFactor blushes are a softer formula but if you made me swatch them blindfolded? I probably couldn’t tell the difference.



Mentioned above, the MaxFactor Creme Puff blushes have a soft formula and have good pigment for a blush. They are slightly shimmery but when it comes to this blush, I don’t mind at all. Some of the more brown tone shades blend really well with my contour and these are the ones I use most often. I am looking to expand my collection of Creme Puff blushes and you bet your ass I will.




The One Blush Stick by Makeup Revolution is probably one of my least favourite makeup items that I own. It’s hard to get colour payoff unless you really drag it over your skin which moves the makeup underneath. I wanted this to work for me because it’s such a pretty pink blush but I can’t make it work. Plus mine has broken completely so I can’t use it now.




This single Makeup Revolution blush is a go to at the moment. I bought this from TamBeauty’s website because it was 50p and I wanted to try one of Makeup Revolution’s matte blushes. I do really like the formula and the colour and for 50p it was a total steal. I do plan to buy more on my next TamBeauty order.




The final blush I have is the Golden Sugar Blush palette by Makeup Revolution. This is a palette I keep in my college makeup kit because I don’t really use it that often. I bought it purely because it looked nice but a lot of the colours don’t work with my skin tone. I am trying to use it more though and that’s why it’s being taken to college for my makeup sessions.




And that’s my blush collection! Next week will be my highlighters and then over the Christmas period, there won’t be many makeup collection posts so I can do Blogmas and have fresh content. My makeup collection posts will resume in January.



What’s your favourite blush? Let me know with a comment!



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x

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