My Makeup Collection – Week Six : Highlighters

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Hey guys!


As mentioned in my last makeup collection post, this is my last post of this kind until January.


This is because I want to keep Blogmas clear of existing content and have 25 days of fresh content- aside from one or two posts.


This post is a longer one because it is my highlighter collection! My highlighter collection is nowhere near as big as I would like it to be but for now, this is what I have.


For some reason, I have a thing for highlighting and buy so many shades but I only ever use champagne shades on my skin so really, most of these are unnecessary but eh, who cares?


If you haven’t already seen, I have a Makeup Master Post where I add every single brush or product that I buy for both my own purposes and your ~enjoyment~ so if you ever feel nosy and want to see if I’ve done a full review, they all get linked there.


Now let’s stop rambling and get into this glow!


(Apologies for the slightly appalling flatlays, I was too scared to put anything else down in case it set on fire…)



This MaxFactor CC Highlighter was the first higlighter that I owned. It’s a crayon highlighter but I find it far too glittery for me. Despite the glitter, it’s a good formula in the sense that it doesn’t drag your makeup across your face when you apply it. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend it purely because it’s far too glittery.



Talking of products I don’t like, this Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter is probably the worst makeup product I own… I feel terrible saying this because Revolution is one of my favourite brands but this product didn’t work for me at all! I got it in the 2016 advent calendar and it makes the makeup underneath it cake up and flake. I’m glad I didn’t buy it myself because I did not like it at all.



The Makeup Revolution Strobe Balm is something I got in the 2016 advent calendar but haven’t used yet. It’s something I want to try out one day but I worry it will be greasy and look oily rather than a nice glow.



The Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter in Gold Addict was something that I was so excited to try but mine broke when I got it home and I never got round to replacing it! Unfortunately I think it will be too dark for my skin anyway but I do want to try their other strobe highlighters. The product feels so soft though and that’s why I think mine broke.



I bought the I Heart Makeup Unicorn Heart highlighter to jump on the Unicorn makeup bandwagon and while yes, the highlighter is really pretty and bright, the multicolour look isn’t for me. I also found the highlighter a little chalky for my liking but overall it was an OK highlight.



I love the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked highlighter in Golden Lights. I absolutely adore it and I keep going back to it. Every damn time. It’s such a beautiful glow and completes most of the looks I create daily. It’s a subtle golden glow and perfect for lighter skin tones. I find it hard to find a highlighter that doesn’t look like a smudge of colour on my face but this… this is perfect.



Now, the Revolution Baked Highlighter from the 2016 advent calendar is, what I think, a smaller version of the Vivid Baked Golden Lights highlighter. Because of that, I’m not going to repeat all that I just said except that they are both beautiful highlighters.



I bought the ELF Illuminating Palette just to try out some ELF products and out of the ones that I bought, this has to be my favourite. I do love it but I only use one or two of the colours so for me it was a little bit of a waste of money. However the pink and light gold tones look gorgeous on my pale skin so I’m not sure… buy at your own discretion.



The sophdoesnails x Makeup Revolution highlighting palette is one of my favourites. Some of the highlight shades are too dark for my skin but many of them look stunning and I do like that this palette caters for many skin tones. The lilac highlighter is growing on me and that’s weird because I do prefer more simple tones as my highlighters… who knows, maybe I’ll start wearing more obscure colours of highlight in the new year?



Finally, the Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow palette is the first highlighter palette I bought and I loved it! I don’t use it so much anymore so it gets put in my college makeup kit for when I need to use it. It’s not that I don’t like it but but I have so many of the shades already and I need a palette for college so that’s why it ended up there.




So that’s my highlighter collection! What’s your favourite highlighter? Let me know with a comment!



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x

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