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Hey guys!


I stumbled across this product in an email from the guys at Cheese Posties who were running a competition for subscribers, in partnership with BakesBox. The competition was to win one of 6 Freakshakes and just the look of these… monstrosities  got me clicking the company’s URL and checking these bad boys out.



I am a sucker for a good milkshake. Personal favourite is the Frijj Chocolate Fudge Brownie milkshake but my three main favourite flavours are vanilla, banana and chocolate. I find a cold milk drink so much more refreshing than water and yes lecture me about the sugar content and all that jazz but you’re talking at deaf ears!

I just really love milkshakes!


Anyway, these Freakshakes have been taking Instagram by storm this year and for those who don’t know, Freakshakes are basically normal milkshakes on steroids. Think of a milkshake, add ice cream, whipped cream, sauce, toppings and more and you’ve got the basic idea. You’ve probably seen one in passing and written it off as an ice cream sundae but they two – while similar – are completely different.


BakesBox offers a few flavours and themes such as S’mores, Cookies and Cream, Unicorn and Rainbow. For you alcohol lovers, you can even get boozy ones. The set is a DIY set and comes with a mason jar mug, straw and all the dry ingredients you need to make the Freakshake.


I opted for Cookies and Cream just because I love me some oreos and darker chocolate. I’m not a huge white chocolate girl otherwise I may have tried the Rainbow one just to be different.


So I ordered my Freakshake and it came around 3 working days after I ordered it. The packaging was just a white box with no branding and the mason jar was just in the box with no bubble wrap despite it being glass. I would have liked to have seen bubble wrap to add extra protection so it didn’t risk getting broken but luckily, mine was intact.


One flaw I saw immediately is that the straw was not going to be long enough. However, to fit in the mason jar it needs to be this small so I understand the logic there. You can make the straw work but if you do happen to have a longer, more thick straw lying around you could use that instead.



My Freakshake came with the milkshake powder, 2 oreos, crushed oreos, dark chocolate buttons and white chocolate buttons. I needed to buy squirty cream and ice cream so I bought some cream from Morrisons for £1.10 and 2 small tubs of locally made chocolate ice cream from my village shop for £1.30 each. Due to the fact I needed to buy these items, the entire Freakshake turned out to be worth nearly £15, not including postage, which is really quite steep for a milkshake. I mean, you may already have squirty cream and ice cream at home so therefore not have to buy it but for me, this was a pricey venture.


I feel now is a good time to say that these DIY Freakshakes retail for £9.99 each. I will point out that I did get offered a 20% discount for my order so my postage was essentially free (Postage is around £3). This doesn’t affect my review however I feel that to be totally honest with you all, I needed to add this as a disclaimer.


Preparation is really easy and took me around 10 minutes to make the finished Freakshake. You are provided with an instruction card on how to properly make it but feel free to change things up where you want to in order to make this Freakshake truly… freaky.


First off I melted the chocolate buttons in the microwave and drizzled the chocolate around the neck of the jar so it dripped down the inside. It says to add the crushed biscuits at this point but this wasn’t working for me so I ended up using the biscuits as toppings.


I then measured out the glass of milk, milkshake powder and added the chocolate ice cream. In hindsight, I wish I’d added more chocolate ice cream because for me, the milkshake wasn’t chocolatey enough. So when making a chocolate based milkshake, I would recommend chocolate ice cream to get the full chocolate flavour. I mixed these in a blender and then poured it into the mason jar.


Then came the toppings! I went totally crazy with the squirty cream and then drizzled more of the melted chocolate over it, stuck the two oreos in the top, sprinkled on the crushed biscuits and topped that with the last of the melted chocolate. I stuck in the straw and proceeded to drape it in fairy lights for some blog worthy photos.


… And yes, I Instagrammed it.


On to my actual verdict of this Freakshake.


It was certainly weird and crazy but I would call it a dessert more than a drink. You’re not going to want this all the time and if you’re not a fan of really sickly things, I would not recommend this at all. It is really chocolately and a total heaven for chocolate lovers.


I’m not that big of a chocolate person except when I’m on my period. Then I eat my body weight in dark chocolate. As I said to my mum, if I was on my period, this would be the most amazing thing on the planet and satisfy my cravings for chocolate. If you need period food, girls this is a winner.


It is enjoyable, don’t get me wrong, but for someone with a small stomach it was really tough going. If you have a really sweet tooth then you will love these a lot.


Are they worth the price? That’s difficult to answer. You get all the ingredients for one shake and a mason jar that can be reused. However, if you were to go and buy a mason jar and the ingredients to make multiple Freakshakes then it roughly equates to the same price.


If you’re looking for a good Christmas or Birthday gift then this is perfect. The presentation and concept makes for a great gift for anyone really. I will be getting some more as gifts and I know some people who will love them!



So what do you think of the idea of this? Do you think it’s worth it? Let me know!



Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x

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  1. Oh my god, I love freakshakes so much?! I’ve had a few as desserts but I have such a sweet tooth, so I adore them.. 😍 I definitely think they’re a little steep in price, so would love a little go at making it myself! 🙊

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