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Hey guys!


You may remember that a few months back, I reviewed a handmade makeup bag by Gracie Saunderson Bags. Well, recently she bought out some brush sets and just from looking at them, I was DYING to own a set of the rainbow/cosmic brushes!


I was due to make an order anyway for some Christmas presents and Gracie actually offered me a discount around the same time so I could purchase some items and review them!


So with that being said, I have to say that I was given a discount to buy these brushes and review them for you but that will in no way sway my opinion of the products. I would have bought them anyway when I bought the other items I ordered for presents so discount or not, you guys still would have gotten this post!


As always, my order came really quickly and probably would have been sooner had it not been for the weekend. Instantly I knew it was my order because the postman was holding this big pink mailing bag!


Inside the bag, the 3 items I ordered were wrapped in pink tissue paper and each came with little business card type things which I am saving up to give to friends and family when they come and ask me where’s a good place to buy makeup bags!

At the moment, I am a little picky on what brushes I am buying for my makeup. As I mentioned on my Twitter, I am currently in the process of “retiring” my older and less expensive brushes to my SFX kit so that I have a clear set of brushes for my SFX and a set or few for my normal makeup. Last thing I want to do is buy brushes that sit in a middle ground that aren’t amazing but look too pretty to ruin.


You catch my drift?


So I decided to use these brushes to do my makeup for a job interview because at the moment, I’m not really wearing makeup so this is the only occasion where I have worn makeup for about a week?



My Thoughts

There’s 7 brushes in this set and I decided I would do my full face of makeup using only these brushes if I could. Aside from my usual foundation brush and brow brush, I managed to do that and I was really impressed with the look!


The brush bristles are a cross between soft and fluffy and slightly rougher and personally, this is how I like my makeup brushes. I find that my really fluffy brushes aren’t as good as my stiffer bristled brushes but my more coarse brushes are too harsh on my sensitive skin.


The handles are absolutely gorgeous and I have been very careful not to get them dirty! I’m personally only used to the smooth handles but I actually find the shape and texture of the handles make these brushes easier for me to hold. They feel sturdy and well made which is always a plus because I have a habit of ruining brushes…

My favourite brush is the medium sized flat topped brush that I think is listed as the foundation brush but I found this PERFECT for carving out my contour and while I was singing the praises, I also realised that an NHS job interview was not the time and place to be as snatched as Kim Kardashian-West!


The smaller of the two big fluff brushes worked perfectly for both my contour and blush. The bigger fluffy brush, I used to set my entire face with powder and try (and fail) to tone down the contour.


There’s a more triangular shaped brush that looks like the Sigma 3D Kabuki brush and honestly? It’s great for setting the under eye area because the tapered point allows you to get tight to the waterline. This and the flat contour brush are going to be used CONSTANTLY.


The eye shadow brush I used was the larger one as I was only doing one solid colour on my eyelids. It picked up pigment really well and transferred it to my eyelids well too.


Overall, they are a great set of brushes for beginners and pros alike. The 7 piece set is £14.99 plus £1.50 first class shipping and this is a true bargain! If you’re into your colourful brushes and want some decent ones that don’t cost £2 and break in a day, then these are your best bet! As long as Gracie keeps the quality the same, she may be seeing a few more brush orders from me!!




What do you think of these brushes?




Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x

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