My 3 Favourite Snacks

Hey guys!


So Blogmas is upon us and before I kick off this post properly, I’m going to explain how my blog schedule for December is going to work so you know when I’m posting and when I won’t be!


I’ll be doing 1 (or more!) posts a day from December 1st to December 25th which will be my version of Blogmas. Then from December 26th to December 30th, I won’t be posting at all so I can spend time with family and take a break over the Christmas period. Now, most of my posts have been scheduled since mid-October (Yes, even I’m shocked that I’m this organised), I still wanted that quiet period during the real festivities. I will post a final post during December 31st reminiscing on the year and tying up the year.


This is only the schedule for December and January will be completely different but that will be explained in the new year… let’s not get ahead of ourselves!


But my Blogmas will feature some Christmas and Non-Christmas posts just so it doesn’t get too boring. There’s some beauty, some food, some blogging tips… it’s gonna be good folks!


Enough of the admin-y stuff though and onto THE FOOD.


I decided to share my top 3 snacks because everyone has those things that they love to nibble at and get cravings for every so often. My three are a mix of sweet and savoury and let me tell you, leave me alone with a bag of any of these things and they’ll be gone in a short while!


My top 3 snacks are Dried Apricots, Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps and Reese’s Pieces. I want to talk about each separately so I can gush over them properly.



Dried Apricots

Now I’m the type of girl who would choose a bowl of fruit salad over a box of chocolate. I much prefer the sweetness of fruit over actual candy.

I prefer dried apricots to fresh apricots though because going through a whole punnet of apricots in one sitting… I’d be really unwell for weeks! A bag of dried apricots? No problems.

I love that they’re not overly sweet and I prefer the drier texture over a really juicy apricot. The slightly firmer apricots? My favourite.

I must say though, I never thought I’d be writing an in depth review of dried apricots on the internet… good god.



Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps

I’ve loved these for years and if you don’t stop me, I’ll eat a full bag in one sitting with no problem and certainly no sharing!

I love that they’re not too spicy but give a good little kick along with a tangy flavour. They do remind me of the Blue Dragon Sweet chilli sauce that my gran used to eat with EVERYTHING (I also ate it with everything but she was the first in the family to introduce me to it).

They’re great dipped in the chip-shop yogurt and mint sauce and if you don’t own this sauce, you need to. It’s a proper chip-shop style sauce and perfect with everything. Especially these crisps.

I actually have a bag besides me as I’m writing this that I’m dipping into every so often.



Reese’s Pieces

And finally, Reese’s Pieces.

I got into these when a girl in my Year 11 Music Tech class bought a bag in and shared them around. I don’t like peanut butter or Reese’s cups but these? These were heavenly.

I can’t eat too many of them in one go but a good two handfuls at once is good for me. They are like peanut smarties but a million times better.

I really like putting Reese’s Pieces on ice cream or letting them melt into hot chocolate. Try that one out for size!




I’d love to know what your favourite snacks are so let me know with a comment!




Happy Christmas!


Melanie-Jessica x

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  1. Very interesting i’ve never really had those snacks before so i’m intrigued. My favourite snacks are salt and vinegar crisps, m&ms and anything else with chocolate on it. Happy December 1st!!

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