We Need To Talk About… John Kuckian

Hey guys!


Now I am not usually one to write this sort of negativity on my blog but as a beauty blogger (primarily) and someone who is sick of seeing the actions of this man, I think it’s time we talk about John Kuckian.


My Twitter is definitely the place to go if you want shade and hot tea- this blog is just for reviews, tutorials and rambling but recently, things have been happening that are downright wrong and it’s not just recently- it’s been happening for months.


For those of you blissfully unaware, John Kuckian (real name John Cowan) is a British YouTuber who is primarily a drama channel. He dishes the dirt and ‘spills the tea’ on many influencers but most of the time, what he does is borderline hatred rather than opinion.


I used to watch John Kuckian and found his channel interesting when it came to spilling the tea on beauty influencers but as I began to watch more and more and then read about him, I grew to strongly dislike his channel and his actions. You can understand why people like him though- he’s charismatic and charming but underneath that persona, there’s a huge amount of hatred and bitterness and lies.


This is going to be a long post and it’s not going to be the most coherent post in the world. I am not attuned to writing this kind of post and collating information because it’s not what I want to focus my attention on but as I will keep saying, it’s gotten to the point where myself and others believe there’s some genuinely fraudulent activity happening.


I’m going to cover everything that I can and my sources will be mostly stuff that I have pulled from the internet and things that I have collated from mainly Margo Indigo who is a very lovely lady and if you haven’t already come across her YouTube, you should give her a subscribe!


This is a post where you need to make up your own mind and decide whether what I’m saying is bullshit or actually valid. I am by no means attempting to defame or be malicious towards John Kuckian and everything I write will be done so in a manner that informs rather than accuses.


Some of the things I will write in this post will be relaying what someone else says and putting my opinion in as well but all my sources will be linked at the end of this article so you can see the full stories for yourself.


I think the logical place to start is at the beginning so let’s do this!



For a while, he was genuinely just a drama channel who exposed scandals within the beauty community and had genuine receipts for everything he said and always made it clear that it was the viewer’s decision on what they made of the story. And he still does make these videos with ‘receipts’ (notice the inverted commas) but his actions outside of these stories is what myself and many others have an issue with.



Point 1 – The Amrezy Ringtones

Probably the biggest scandal involving John Kuckian before his cosmetics shebang, is the incident where he took clips from Amrezy’s Snapchat rant where she is clearly in some state of distress, and sold them on iTunes for a profit.


But that’s not all.


He claimed all the money was going to charity and while yes, he did provide a certificate to show he donated to Water Aid or whatever charity it was, Amrezy (Who has 204k followers) never uttered a word.


Now, if this was a properly set up and arranged agreement, don’t you think that she would have said something to her pretty large following as they would go and buy these to help charity? But when anyone asked her about it (and to be fair, a lot of people asked), she ignored them.


John tries to claim he asked permission but there is NO PROOF that she ever agreed to this.


So strike one, John Kuckian took someone’s breakdown, for lack of a better word, and uploaded sound bites to iTunes for the highest price just to line his pockets.


Really classy.


Totally not disgusting and degrading at all.



Point 2 – Creepy Snapchats

I personally don’t have John on Snapchat and nor do I intend to and my god, I will NOT be posting some of the screenshots on this post because it made my toes curl but if you want to find these snaps, I’m sure a search could probably bring them up.


Now, John Kuckian probably has a primarily female and fairly young audience and yet he thinks it’s OK to post Snapchat videos of him in the shower when young girls ARE MORE THAN LIKELY WATCHING?! I’m 18 and I still wanted to vomit when I saw them.


Yes, it is more socially acceptable for men to be topless but when full nakedness is implied as he’s in the shower? No. That’s just perverted and wrong. Please, for any parents reading this whose child watches John Kuckian, please make sure they don’t have him on Snapchat.




He is also constantly on about ‘titties’ in front of this young audience and honestly? It’s cringey as hell and makes my skin crawl.



Point 3 – Contacting The Employers of People Who Speak Against Him

So straight off the bat I am going to say that if this does eventually get to the person in question, I will know straight away if my employer gets contacted because I’ve said something negative about John Kuckian.


If you’re reading this, Mr Kuckian, don’t bother. I’ll be suing faster than you can say ‘titties’ and working for a fairly high profile employer, I somehow think they may have something to say too so don’t bother wasting your time.


Now, there’s a YouTuber called HelloJon who made a video about his employer being contacted by, we assume from the information he provides, John Kuckian in a feeble attempt to get him fired.


This YouTuber never discloses who he is affiliated with on his channel so whoever contacted these employers did a lot of digging and obviously had the intent to cause harm and do this maliciously.


This YouTuber states that he got told by one of the companies he is affiliated with, that a person has made a complaint about a few of the videos HelloJon made. Now, as Jon says, this person had a right to be offended by anything that was said but had no right to go and make things personal against him.

John Kuckian even tweeted that he now has ‘the eyes of their employer watching’ and if this isn’t a total confession that he does this, then god knows what is.



Point 4 – Attacks On Jeffree Star

John Kuckian claims to have no interest in Jeffree Star but yet 11 videos on his channel are DEDICATED to him so does this scream no interest?


Uh… no.


Alongside this unhealthy obsession with Jeffree, he also calls him Joffree, I’m assuming after that guy from Game Of Thrones (I don’t watch it and yes I’ve tried, hated it). Mr Kuckian likes to play on the fact that bullying is against YouTube guidelines and he’s very anti bullying but seriously? Name calling? Have you Googled that of late?


It’s verbal abuse and bullying.


I mean, not to mention the copying of Jeffree with his own cosmetics line but more on that in a while.



Point 5 – Attacks on Morphe Influencers

For some unknown reason, John has this very apparent hatred towards Morphe Influencers. Play spot the Morphe influencer on his channel…

See what I mean?


Some speculate it’s because he didn’t get onto the Morphe PR list or something along that lines but until we have hard proof of that, I can’t comment.


But he always seems to attack the usual suspects. Jaclyn Hill, MannyMUA, Laura Lee, James Charles… girl, there’s a tonne more drama in the beauty community aside from these big influencers.


He seems to pick apart every little thing these people do and calls them offensive names and deliberately mispronounces their names (Nikita Dragun is Nikiti and MannyMUA is Manny Mooah) and it’s getting tiring. It’s no longer investigative journalism and more pure spite and hatred for money and views because he’s not stupid, he KNOWS that running stories about these people will make him money.


But it’s one thing to report something fairly and completely different to call them names.



Point 6 – Phoney Brushes

Ever seen John’s video where he complains and drags Morphe for private labelling?


Well, he created a brush line called Phoney Brushes that retailed for $30+ that did exactly that.

Mr Kuckian seems to have got a cheap set of brushes from AliExpress or eBay that literally cost $3 from the manufacturer, and stuck his name on them and them ramped up the price so his precious KuckiFam would buy them to probably fund his cosmetics line… but how many happy customers actually got their Phoney Brushes… I didn’t see any.


Along with this, the Phoney logo was EXACTLY THE SAME FORMAT AS THE MORPHE LOGO! I don’t know if John hoped to overtake Morphe’s sales or something but if this isn’t a deliberate attempt to undermine Morphe then what is?


Yes, I understand that this was the result of him reporting about Morphe brushes shedding and influencers still pushing them and yes, my Morphe brushes shed but so do my £20 Real Techniques brushes! IT IS NOT JUST MORPHE.



Point 7 – Kitchen Cosmetics

As we will later discuss, John Kuckian has been working on a makeup line for a while but not in the most sanitary conditions…


Now, let me explain one thing. Mr Kuckian claims that he studied biomedical science and therefore that helps him with cosmetic science (???) and means he works really hygienically. I work within biomedical science labs and none of his home cooked cosmetics follow even the lowest safety and hygiene standards and as for using biomedical science for cosmetic science? Yeah, no. They don’t go hand in hand.


According to the internet, biomedical science is as followed:

Biomedical sciences are a set of applied sciences applying portions of natural science or formal science, or both, to knowledge, interventions, or technology that are of use in healthcare or public health


And cosmetic science?

Nothing to do with that.


Yes admittedly a cosmetic science degree would do some degree of chemistry and skin research but not even remotely related to what biochemists, microbiologists and any other biomedical scientist does.


Photos of the cosmetic making process shows John making cosmetics in his kitchen in the oven and in pots and pans and on litter strewn sides. These were prototypes for a highlighter that he demonstrated on his face and then complained about his skin flaring up…


Your ‘highlighter’ made in your kitchen is probably the answer there.

Notice how these highlighters NEVER made it to production



Point 8 – Death and Rape Threats to Those Who Spoke Against Him & Accounts Being Hacked

John is open about how his brother is computer savvy and around the time John disappeared off social media due to the backlash he was getting for his actions, people who dared say anything bad about John found themselves being attacked and harassed by the ‘Kuckian Army’ and accounts were even hacked and taken down completely.

As you can see from these screenshots from Margo Indigo’s “The Fall Of John Kuckian” video, they were made by accounts that look very similar to the spam accounts that you see on YouTuber’s comment feed.


They were made to anyone who left a negative comment, or made a video but as soon as John returned, it stopped. Almost as though he told them to start, disappeared and then told them to stop when he came back…



Point 9 – The Launch Party That Never Happened and People Paid For

For the launch of Kuckian Cosmetics, there was supposed to be a launch party at PRYZM in Birmingham but this never went ahead yet people had still purchased tickets.

Margo Indigo did some serious digging and discovered a few things. First, that the venue was already booked for another event and secondly that the event was never confirmed and no contracts were agreed and further, no invoices were paid.


After reaching out to PRYZM, Margo got a very subtle threat from John Kuckian saying that the venue had raised concern with him that Margo was harassing them. Nowhere in that conversation between Margo & PRYZM was any mention of her harassing them and they were more than happy to answer her questions.


Now, if this venue was working with John, why would they first of all say that nothing was agreed and then go and speak to him about someone harassing them?

They wouldn’t.

In a video, John produced a voicemail but we never saw proof it was a voicemail… Why not hold up the phone to show it’s in your inbox rather than a voice recording? Now, this could have genuinely have been the venue but instead of working with him, were warning him that further action would be taken if he kept claiming that he was working with the venue. They did say to Margo that they had left John a message raising their concerns so this is perhaps more the case.


John tries to make out in a message to Margo that the venue are considering taking her complaints to their head office because of her allegedly harassing them but in reality, it’s very clear that the head office complaint would be about John Kuckian falsely advertising an event with them.


He claims he rescheduled the event but as yet… no proof of that.

But, the tickets are non-refundable which again, is probably another money grabbing exercise to fund those cosmetics.



Point 10 – More Morphe Copying? 

After the fact he copied the Morphe logo on his Phoney Brushes, I hardly think that this next point is coincidence


Remember the Morphe 35O2 launch campaign with the smoke and models?


Well, all the imagery on his site does seem to very closely resemble this marketing from Morphe and to the point that when I first opened the website and the countdown to launch page, I immediately said “Morphe”.

As I said, this could be coincidence but with his evident distaste for Morphe and the fact he copied their logo in the past, I don’t particularly think this is just coincidence.


We’re allowed to draw influence from places, yes. But I think this goes slightly too far.



Point 11 – Website Quality and Build & The Server Overload

A quick search of Companies House.gov.uk shows us that Kuckian was made a private limited brand by John Kuckian on February 27th 2017 so this has clearly been in the working since then. The intellectual property office lists that Kuckian as a brand filed for a registered trademark for class 3 items, makeup and cosmetic products, in June this year. From this information you’d think that there’d have been time to make the website look really sophisticated, high quality and check for those all important spelling mistakes.


Now I am not the grammar police but if he can make 2 whole videos dragging Laura Lee for spelling mistakes and LAUGHING over incorrect spelling and grammatical errors, we all can too.


Karma is a dish best served cold.


John Kuckian built a rod for his own back by dragging Laura Lee for her spelling and website errors because he’d be in the same position a few months later launching his own makeup line. If you’re going to drag someone that hard, you have to be a bit more accurate with your spelling on your website.

As @josephine_kk pointed out on twitter, interest was spellt wrong on the affiliates page and on the Kuckian Publications page, ‘the words first’ probably should have been ‘the worlds first’.


He had it coming. He should have known there’d be a lot of people proofreading and nit picking his site as soon as it went live.


And talking of it going live, it didn’t immediately, did it?

There was a “server overload”.

But there wasn’t a server overload was there?


As Petty Paige and her partner debunked, there was no server overload. That was written into the source code of the page and the site’s pingback showed it was working across the globe. During this ‘overload’ period, Paige and her Fiance managed to find the contact page and affiliates page and view them WHILE his site was supposedly down.

You wouldn’t be able to reach any page on the server so hit us with the ‘we made the page to inform people’ bullshit all you like but it’s all lies. Yes, she wasn’t able to load pages on her Snapchat but I get the same error when I reach his site a week on.

And I somehow don’t think the server is overloaded still.

Your brother isn’t the only computer whiz in the world, John.


But funnily enough, I think he mentioned once that Kylie Cosmetics did the same thing by announcing things were out of stock when they weren’t to generate hype and he dragged her for this so how is faking a server overload so different?



Point 12 – Dirty Money, Dirty Doings

Let’s talk about the blatant copy of Jeffree Star’s lipstick shade Dirty Money.

John’s shade Dirty Money is a more green version on Jeffree Star’s shade Dirty Money. But because he seems to like taking credit for Jeffree’s naming systems like No Tea No Shade and Deceased, I’d say it’s probably not long before he claims he had the idea of Dirty Money first and Jeffree copied him.


In a video recently published, John Kuckian claims he had no idea that this shade was made by Jeffree Star but in one of his video’s dragging Laura Lee, HE SCROLLS PAST THIS SHADE SO HE MUST KNOW IT EXISTS!

Also, he claims that nobody in the UK has heard of JSC but it’s probably one of BeautyBay’s best selling brands and people must have heard because he spends half his videos dragging Jeffree Star!


I really hope Jeffree takes a lawsuit here because with all the slander and now this, I’d be taking legal action.


And yes, Jeffree hasn’t mentioned anything but with such a large following, why would he give that kind of promotion to John Kuckian?



Point 13 – The Ingredients

On Kuckian’s website, there is no ingredient list and as many people pointed out, ingredients HAVE to be listed or you are liable for any allergic reactions people may have to your cosmetics.

He did post the ingredients somewhere but as someone pointed out, pretty much no other cosmetic company uses the phrase ‘discontinue use if a rash occurs’.


This wouldn’t be all the rashes John got from using his kitchen cosmetics now would they?



Point 14 – More Abuse To People Who Call Him Out

When Peter Monn posted a video about Kuckian Cosmetics, he received a wave of nasty comments from John HIMSELF that were quickly deleted.

How disgusting as another content creator first of all, but how unprofessional as the CEO of a company?! At the moment, he’s the face of his brand and this is what he’s saying to people?


Wasn’t John open for criticism of his products and even had “dedicated servers” for opinions and criticism?


He also made very feeble attempts to drag  Petty Paige in his video just because he called him out on his ‘server overload’ and tried to say she was lying.



I’m sure there’s more points to make but my word count is currently at 3,200 so I’m going to rein it in!


Because of how things are looking and the actions John is making, this has gone past YouTube drama and should some of the things the likes of Margo, Peter, Paige and more are saying be true, this could be actual crime that would have consequences.


A lot of people are past the gossip side and are actually calling him out for actions that are past petty and more malicious than anything and it needs to stop NOW. This isn’t a topic I see people blog about- it’s mainly kept in the YouTube community, but I want to spread my words and the words of others to this platform to hopefully show people what’s going on.


It’s up to you to decide if you want to believe this or not but I am in no way trying to push my opinions onto people. I can’t keep quiet any longer and I may release my YouTube video on this matter but I honestly don’t know if I should due to the hatred other people are getting for speaking out.




But what do you think? Let me know what you think on this matter below!




Lots of Love,


Melanie-Jessica x




Petty Paige – Kuckian Cosmetics Website Crash – We Doing This Now?

More Margo – John Threatens To Sue Me

HelloJon – CRAZY YouTuber tries to shut me down by coming for me in real life!

Margo Indigo – The Kuckian Saga

Margo Indigo Twitter – HERE

16 thoughts on “We Need To Talk About… John Kuckian

  1. I think I saw the comment about the ’employers watching me’ bit, and wondered what that was about because it seemed creepy. Now I know why. Thanks for the details… I’ll be staying clear of this guy.

  2. I’m not surd the comme ts to Peter monn that he deleted were actually john.
    If a creator in boxes another on YouTube would there not be a tick beside his name?

  3. I’m not sure the comments to Peter monn that he deleted were actually john.
    If a creator in boxes another on YouTube would there not be a tick beside his name?

    1. Hey, sorry for the late reply! The comments were found via the creators app where you see what other creators have posted and I believe comments show on that app, even when deleted, by content creators with over 5000 subscribers. I’m pretty sure that’s how he knows it’s John 🙂

  4. Hi I’m a small blogger and I’ve written a post about him but I haven’t posted it because I fear for the retribution. I’ve had a few chats in DM’s with him on twitter and Snapchat and had both the happy, super friendly version and the flippant, cold version. Glad someone decided to speak up!

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading! I’ve had no negative comments or backlash (that I know of) from this post and I’m a small blogger myself. I think so many people are writing things that suing them all would be pointless!

  5. To be honest as someone who is totally impartial as I didn’t even know who this john guy was before reading this a lot of these complaints seem petty and not really valid. For instance copying another artist….all makeup companies copy each other. Jeffree Star’s Metallic Dream House is an identical copy of Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Metallic Dream House, so to see Star’s fans getting angry and accusing this guy of copying Star’s color and name is kind of hypocritical. I don’t know and honestly again not knowing this guy but knowing of Jeffree Star and knowing that he isn’t free of drama and other shady practices it’s not really a fair argument to drag this guy.

  6. I am so happy someone else feels this way! He has been bashing Laura Lees new palette and it is so childish. He said she should sell her 14 color palette for $20, when he sells three pigments for $17. Not to mention his lipstick is $25!!! He still doesn’t have the ingredients listed, but is still going on about a mistake Laura Lee made in the past. He is very hypocritical and I don’t know how people can get past that. I do’t see any negative comments usually so he must delete most of them. Or people know better not to watch him now…

  7. I don’t even like him and I think the second one is bull. ‘He has shirtless snaps in the shower and it’s improper!’ It’s not the 1700s. If he wants to post full on fucking nudes, I don’t care. ‘He has kids following him!’ That’s not his problem, it’s not his fucking job to raise other people’s kids for them, you control what your kid sees or follows online instead of trying to police other people and their bodies. Kim K posts nudes on Twitter. People walk around half naked. There’s nothing wrong with the human body and we don’t live in some puritanical society anymore, if you want to seem credible and be taken seriously, criticize him for the numerous shitty and rude things he’s done instead of just ‘He used his body or personal life in a way I don’t personally approve of!’ Because quite honestly it makes me take you less seriously, not him.

    1. Apologies, my dear. But the rest of the post IS criticising him for the numerous shitty things that he’s done? Did you read that?

  8. All you hating ass bitches need to get a life and leave John alone. John is always saying its up to you to decide your opinions on these so called makeup infulencers that are just in it or the money. This is also because you do probably not like gay people you homophobic piece of shit. He can do what he wants, everybody does. He is a amazing guy and you girls need to chill because NONe of your comments are valid AT ALL. Go fuck fuck yourselves and keep your negative opinion to yourself. He is one of the real youtubers on youtube. He is no bully. You guys are the hating bitches. I would drag you if i saw you. How does someone with 300 thousand subscribers bully somebody with 5 million lol you guys are dumb. Kuckifam for life.

    1. Here’s a little advice for you, Katherine. I’m assuming you’re probably quite young based on John’s demographic and your immature comment. Nasty comments like this get you nowhere and you look really immature and silly when you post something like this. You’ve made some assumptions about my sexuality that I am not happy about. You’ve also threatened me with violence if you ever saw me which is an offence here in the UK. Your language is appalling so I really hope you’re happy that your life is consumed with such hatred. Please have a nice day and try to smile a bit more. Stop leaving hateful messages just because you do not agree with someones content.

  9. Hi, many of the points you made showed him in his true light, such as his awful comments to Peter Monn and pretending his website was overloaded. The points with coherent arguments clearly demonstrated his character. However, I think you should be careful with some of the points you make as some of them appear as though you are clutching at straws which then undermines the rest of your argument and could potentially be interpreted as just a dislike for him. I in no way think that this post was made from a place of hatred however I think it could be misconstrued in that way. For example, the point about his snapchats being inappropriate due to ‘implied nudity’. Also, implying he copied morphe because of the smoke when that’s been included in an enormous amount of campaigns, advertisements, music videos, etc. I could name a few other points e.g. implying he has a problem with morphe influencers even though all of the people he’s posted about have had their fair share of scandals and internet backlash. I hope you don’t feel as though I’m trying to defend him as I in no way condone his behaviour. I hope you see this comment as a constructive criticism as I do understand and appreciate the overall tone of your post.

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