My Skincare Secret Weapons

Hey guys!


I’ve been itching to do this post for a while but decided to leave it until closer to winter to help anyone else who suffers with winter dryness and chapped skin during the colder seasons.


For those who don’t know, I suffer with eczema and this gets particularly bad in the cold and when I’m stressed but I have found some products that work wonders for my skin and I want to share them with you guys!


Now, everyone has different skin so these tips may work for you, they may not. These all work for me and some of the products have many different uses so you may find one product works well for one ailment but not another. I have definitely found it’s trial and error with my skin.


A few of these products I’ve already spoken about, some are new to this blog and others are everyday items that you probably already own anyway. With my skin I have a rule that if it works for what I want it to do, it’s a keeper. So what it isn’t marketed for that particular function!


All these products ARE safe for your skin and are all skincare products anyway. Some of the uses are a bit alternate but hey, like I said if it works it works!


So actually onto my list! Feel free to take notes along the way!



Dermalex – Eczema

Buy from Amazon HERE

Going straight in with the priciest item on my list but Dermalex is a product that me and my mum found online from reading reviews during a particularly bad eczema break out. We’re talking huge, angry, red blotches on my face that weeped and flaked so bad I was at the point of despair.

At £20 for 100ml it is a definitely a more luxury item and mum was skeptical to fork out that much money for it to not work but we took the gamble, just needing anything to try.

Within 3 days of using it 2 times a day, the angry, red patches were GONE without a trace and left my skin smooth and moisturised! Both me and my mum were completely gobsmacked!

The best thing is that a little goes a long way so despite using it often, we still have a good amount left in the tube.

If you’re struggling with really bad eczema, give this a try. Me and mum have always laughed at these marketed eczema products because our skin is usually only ever cured by strong steroid creams but this shocked us both. I mean yeah, for £20 we did expect a bloody miracle but I don’t think we actually expected it to work.

Dermalex also have treatments for other skin conditions however, I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of those products. After the success of this eczema cream though, I would be inclined to say go for it!




On the topic of eczema treatments, cetraben is probably the best medicated moisturiser I have ever laid my hands on.

Personally I prefer the ointment which looks to only be available via prescription but the cream is available at chemists. If my outbreak of eczema has spread to my body, I find a small bit of ointment in a warm bath works a treat but only when just washing my body- it is an oil and will make your hair gross.

You can’t use too much of this product as it is an emollient so I apply it in thin layers hourly to keep my skin moisturised. It does get very oily and greasy but I know it’s doing my skin some good and after a harsh course of steroid creams or sudocrem (more on that in a bit), it helps minimise the damage from the drying products.

If you do suffer from eczema and haven’t already tried Cetraben, it is worth the investment for the cream or go and ask your GP for the ointment. The ointment has many applications as a pose to just using it as a cream.



Hydrocortisone 1%

Again, this is a prescription only cream for eczema because it is a steroid cream. It is one of the milder steroid creams but nevertheless, it still shouldn’t be used for more than about 7 days consecutively because it thins the skin.

I use hydrocortisone over Eumovate purely because Eumovate is a stronger steroid and I’d prefer to use something less abrasive on my skin. I tend to find 3 days on hydrocortisone twice a day clears the eczema up to a manageable state for me to continue treatment with either Dermalex or Cetraben/other moisturising agents.

I also use hydrocortisone on spots and acne. It improves the inflammation of the spots and decreases the redness while drying them out. It’s not a long term solution but a quick fix in desperation? Definitely saved me a couple of times!

Again, consider asking your GP or pharmacist for this if you are struggling with eczema flare ups. I would recommend this to start with rather than hitting it with the big guns like Eumovate and Betnovate.




Primarily used for chapped lips but did you know it can double up as a makeup remover?

Bet you didn’t!

A couple months ago, I reviewed a sample of the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm (HERE) and while I loved it, £23 was far too steep. Instead, I realised that if it’s an oil based product that’s basically a lubricant, surely Vaseline would do just as good job?

I put this theory to the test and boom! I was right!

It melts ever the most waterproof makeup and this makes it so much easier to remove everything completely with a makeup wipe.

I find that most makeup wipes are too harsh for my skin especially when it’s sensitive so the Vaseline puts some moisture back into my skin instead of irritating it with chemicals. As long as you wash it off completely, it does’t clog your pores or cling to your skin.

I also discovered that it’s very effective at removing face and body paint for my SFX makeup so instead of scrubbing at my face with harsh wipes, I now use a bit of Vaseline, smudge the paint all over my face and wipe it off with a flannel and water.

This is probably my favourite skincare weapon to pass on!




This stuff lasts a damn lifetime! No kidding, we have ONLY JUST got to the bottom of our tub of Sudocrem that is probably as old as me?? I mean, how does that stuff last so long?

I mainly use Sudocrem to take the redness completely out of my eczema and while yes, it dries it out significantly, within half an hour a totally angry red patch can be almost gone. I also like to mix some Sudocrem with the Dermalex so it’s treating the eczema AND also not drying my skin as much.

I’ve also used Sudocrem for spots and acne in the past and it takes the redness out of them overnight.

I always see posts making offhand jokes about Sudocrem being used to treat everything but I can usually find a way to use Sudocrem on almost any ailment… eczema, acne, sunburn… you name it I’ve probably blitzed it with Sudocrem.



YesTo Tomatoes Wipes

In my 7 Day Skin Rehab post, I raved about these wipes and I still do! Even to the extent I bought more!

These wipes have been huge helpers in bringing my forehead acne under control whether I just give my face a quick wipe over or actually find a way to press and hold the wipe to my face.

The wipes dry out the spots and overnight they shrink in appearance and look a lot less red.

I love using these in conjunction with the charcoal products so I can detox my skin and combat any outbreaks I get from that at the same time.

They are on the luxury side of makeup wipes but most places sell them for around £4 for 30 wipes.



Those are just some of my skincare weapons and honestly, I do have more but these are the ones that are the most effective for me all of the time.  I do swap products in and out of my routine but I don’t have a particular routine as such. I give my skin what it needs when it needs it.

I do think this is the best way to have a skin care routine because you skin doesn’t always need oil control or lots of moisturiser- in different climates and conditions it needs different things. Your skin is an organ like your heart and lungs- if your lungs needed more oxygen than usual, you give them more oxygen but you don’t do that constantly.




What are your ‘skincare secret weapons’? What products do you swear by? Let me know!




Happy Holidays!


Melanie-Jessica x

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  1. Great tips! I love using sudocrem on my blemishes. Sometimes I even slather some on as a face mask before washing it off in the shower if I’m going out on the evening and need a quick fix for the redness x

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