My Top 5 Matte Lipsticks

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Today I want to tell you about my 5 favourite matte or demi-matte lipsticks. Some of these are stick lipsticks and others are liquid lipsticks and the prices range from £1 to £16 so there’s something to suit every budget.


Now, I am a total matte girl. I hate lipgloss and anything sticky on my lips so the matte finish is perfect for me. However, I’ve recently started to wear more lipgloss and less matte lipsticks to try and stop my lips drying out so much and my semi-matte lipsticks are the bomb dot com.


My most recent purchase- the Morphe Paint The Town Nude lip set- has so far completely topped my list of favourite lipsticks but at the time of writing this I did not own them and therefore because I’ve not used them for all that long, I didn’t think it right to change my list for a product I’ve owned all of 5 minutes!


The lipsticks I’ve included are from MUA, NYX, Jeffree Star and even one from the PoundShop! Most of these will be available worldwide so fear not non-UK people!



Make Up Gallery Pout Matters Matte Lipstick

I bought this lipstick for my Full Face Poundland Makeup video and I honestly expected it to be a complete write off but I actually really liked it and have worn it a couple of times to work and just when out and about.


The reason I like this lipstick is because although it dries down matte, it doesn’t dry my lips out at all and for £1 it’s incredibly pigmented. It also has a beautiful smell to it and I guess I expected it to either smell of nothing or smell of chemicals… ever the optimist!


I only own a brown nude shade and for the life of me, I cannot remember what it’s called and I can’t find the name online! I am considering buying other colours but the Pound Shops where I live are terrible!



MUA Matte Lipsticks

This is my OG matte lipstick- the first I ever owned and it only cost me a pound! I own the shades Totally Nude, Scarlet Siren and Fawn Fancy and have actually got duplicates of all 3!!


Although they don’t wear well with food, these lipsticks are great through the day and are easy to reapply as necessary. I wear them constantly and they’re just so comfortable and hydrating on the lips.


They aren’t fully matte but aren’t sheer or glossy like other lipsticks. These are the only stick matte lipsticks that I own though and I am considering buying more from other brand purely because they are so comfortable to wear and easily complete a look.



MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers

At £3 each, these are another affordable option for people on a budget and for £3, they are amazing!! I would say they’re a slightly drier version of the Morphe Paint The Town Nude but still amazing dupes.


I own the colours Halcyon, Zest, Tranquility & Firecracker with Poise and Euphoria currently on their way on a Superdrug order. My favourite is definitely Firecracker because it’s my favourite plummy red colour that just seems to work for me.


Although they are slightly drying, if you apply a small coat of lip balm before hand, this takes some of the dryness away. All the colours I own are highly pigmented but do work best with a lip liner as the colour can sometimes bleed and look messy. I find the MUA no colour liner works a treat for shades I don’t have a matching liner for.



NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks

These are probably the least matte lipsticks on this list but they do dry down demi-matte and that’s why they have made the list! I love NYX cosmetics with a furious passion and these liquid suede lipsticks were some of the first NYX products I owned.


I own the shades Oh, Put It On, Kitten Heels and Soft Spoken and these three cater for a huge variety of events! Kitten Heels is my go-to red lippy, Soft Spoken is great for work and interviews and Oh, Put It On is great for when I want a more vampy look.


Oh, Put It On is the hardest to reapply because of how dark it is and I think it’s a little more sticky than my other two lipsticks but overall, they are pleasant to wear and wear as well as any other liquid lipstick when it comes to food and other mouth-y activities.

To sum up my love for these lipsticks, I’ve asked for the entire vault for Christmas!



Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks

If you’ve read my review on these lipsticks, you’ll know that I am in total love with them! I own Androgyny, Chrysanthemum, Nude Beach, Masochist and Designer Blood and Androgyny is my favourite for an everyday nude and Designer Blood is great for when I’m feeling a bit more bold and daring.


For £16 each, they are a little bit pricey and I do always say that as a rule of thumb, I never spend over £15 on a single makeup item but these are totally worth it! The only ones I have a slight issue with are the lighter shades that seem a little more patchy and runny than other lipsticks I own but with two coats the colour looks fine.


I would definitely recommend Jeffree Star’s lipsticks to anyone who who loves lipsticks or simply wants one nice lipstick for special occasions. There are plenty of shades for everyone of all skin tones and preference.




So what are your favourite lipsticks? Let me know!




Happy Holidays!


Melanie-Jessica x

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