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Hey guys!


I feel like these kind of posts are becoming almost like a series that would probably get the title ‘How To Grow Your Blog’. I seem to be writing a lot of posts offering help to new (and existing) bloggers on how to grow their blog and social profiles like I’m some sort of expert.


Disclaimer, once again, I am no expert.



But I see a lot of people make posts telling others what their favourite apps for blogging are and I do think this is very much down to personal taste but a few apps crop up again and again, almost like cult favourites.


I personally think you do need at least one or two apps aside from your Blogger or WordPress app in order to help your blog. Yes you can run your blog on it’s own but to help grow and connect, you’ll need social media which counts as an app and if you edit your photos to enhance lighting etc, you also need apps.


You see where I’m going with this?


I use a few different kinds of apps to help me run my blog ranging from photo editing to social media to post scheduling and photo hosting. All the apps I have serve a purpose and I use more often than not. I’m only including a few to keep this post fairly short but these are my most used apps!




Even though I don’t post using the WordPress app, I like having it handy to reply to comments, see my daily stats and read other’s posts instead of having to fire up my laptop or iMac every time.

It is a fairly user friendly app but because I have a small screened phone, typing long blog posts isn’t very easy and that’s why I stick to using my laptop. Also, because I don’t upload my photos to WordPress, I need to be able to quickly and easily copy and paste the HTML code for my image over to my blog.

I’m always on my phone so it’s nice to be able to just quickly check how my blog is performing at different times in the day. For WordPress users, this is a must-have app.




I swear, without Twitter my blog would be nothing! I would say Twitter is my platform for promoting my blog and really pushing my content out into the world. It’s a great place to post content related to posts such as behind the scenes of a photo shoot and bloopers to a YouTube video.

It’s also the best platform for connecting with other bloggers and even brands. I have had so much support and love from my Twitter that I would never have had otherwise. My blog only gets half it’s following without Twitter so it really has been a saving grace for me.

I definitely think Twitter is a better tool for promoting content than Instagram is but as I’m about to explain why I also rely on Instagram and like using Instagram for my blog.




I like Instagram because I like the ability to tag a lot of people and hashtags in one post to help promote a photo.

While it is harder to gain followers on Instagram and a lot of traffic to my blog doesn’t come from Instagram, I can connect with different people on Instagram and there are less limits to what I can write character wise and I can upload 10 photos to one post.

I do feel any argument as to why I like Instagram is weak but I do enjoy posting on there to help supplement my blog and YouTube channel.




I don’t use Buffer as much as I used to but it is still a really handy tool that I use occasionally, especially when I want tweets to run alongside blog posts that are scheduled.

Buffer is an app that allows you to schedule tweets and Facebook posts and I think you can even set it so that it reminds you to post to Instagram at certain times of the day. I personally only used the Twitter schedule function but it does take a long time to write posts each day to schedule because you can’t have two identical tweets close together. So I can’t just have one post for promoting my YouTube channel; I have to write something different each time.

If you don’t mind taking the time to schedule your posts, this is definitely a great app.




Instagram may have some great filters but sometimes not the exact one I want so I turn to VSCO where I can customise my photos a bit like I would on Photoshop.

It is mainly an app that focuses on filters and adjusting light levels so don’t be expecting full features to take away spots etc. You’ll need Photoshop for that. I’ve enjoyed using VSCO for my more autumnal photos and some of my selfies for Instagram.




Simple and basic one but I use this app for making photo collages… duh.

I’ve used it on my blog, my Instagram and even this post so it’s definitely a handy one to have I’d say.




And finally, Imgur.

Most people will ask why this has made the list as it’s just a photo sharing site but when you have limited space on WordPress and your DSLR photos are around 10mb each, that storage allocation goes down fast!

To combat this and keep the quality of my photos the same, I upload the photo to Imgur and then paste the HTML code in the HTML editor on my post. Simple. And none of my WordPress space is taken!

If you are on a limited space allocation and love your photos, definitely give this a go! I have definitely utilised it A LOT since discovering I could do that.



So those are my favourite blogging apps. What are yours?




Happy Holidays!


Melanie-Jessica x

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