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A couple of weeks ago I wrote my review on the Aussie shampoo & conditioner range and I wanted to follow that up with my tips for keeping your hair healthy. I did briefly cover it when I spoke about bleaching my hair many moons ago but I wanted to do a whole post dedicated to healthy hair!


Everyone’s hair is different but I have medium length brunette hair that has been dyed before. My ends get dry and my roots get greasy so I struggle to find products that maintain that balance in my hair. A lot of these tips will work for many types of hair but one tip I will say straight away for everyone is only give your hair what it needs when it needs it. If your hair needs moisture, only give it that when it needs it. I find this is the easiest way of keeping my hair looking nice all year round.



Tip 1 – Stock Up On Shampoo

As a rule of thumb, at any one time I have a shampoo for moisture, one for colour protection and one for volume. If you don’t dye your hair, you can swap the colour one for something else but I always have these three shampoos (by Aussie) and then if one day my hair is particularly dry, I can use a moisture boosting shampoo and restore some life to it.


Conditioner wise, I just use which ever Aussie one I have to hand but usually the one that goes with the shampoo. This sounds like a really expensive and bulky way of managing your hair but believe me, if you one use a small amount and lather it well, you’ve got enough shampoo and conditioner to last you about 6 months!


The best time to stock up is when shops have offers on or if you get points for shopping at the store. Always shop around for the best deals and don’t just go to wherever is cheapest!



Tip 2 – Use Baking Soda Once A Week

Yes you read correctly, baking soda. I wet my hair and scrub in some baking soda to my roots to clear out any products. I tend to do this on a Sunday before the week starts.


Removing excess build up of product isn’t always just done with a shampoo so the baking soda completely eradicates it all. I then just shampoo and condition as usual and my hair does always look better after a soda rinse.


Removing this excess leaves your hair less greasy but don’t use this as a permanent solution to greasy hair! This process can be extremely drying and end up damaging your hair so I only recommend doing it weekly or fortnightly if you can get away with it.



Tip 3 – Only Condition The Ends of Your Hair

If you struggle with greasy hair and condition your roots, stop! I only condition the ends of my hair from the top of my ears down and man, it’s made a difference!


When I used to condition my roots, my hair would look so greasy and feel greasy but I have to condition my hair or it’s completely untamable! Since stopping with conditioning my root, my hair still looks glossy but not shiny from grease. This is definitely one to try if you do find you get greasy hair quickly.



Tip 4 – Don’t Use Products To Mask Split Ends… Cut Them Off!

The say there’s no cure to split ends and while you can make them appear to no longer be split, they will remain split. The only sure fire way to get rid of split and broken ends to to have a few inches cut off your hair.


Yes if you hate parting with your hair, this is hard. But I had a years worth of bleach damage and my hair looked like straw. The hairdresser took around 4 inches (!!!) off my hair and my hair instantly looked sleek and healthy and I almost cried in joy because I hated having damaged hair.


I used to use a 3 minute deep conditioning treatment thinking it would heal my hair but it doesn’t. Just suck up the losses for a few months and cut them off! Your hair grows back and if your anything like me, it will only take a few weeks for it to look normal again!



And those are my top 3 tips on how to keep your hair healthy! I’ve always been blessed with healthy hair and only after bleaching did I have an issue with how my hair looked and felt.


I know for sure that when my hair looks unhealthy, I feel slightly self conscious so when my hair is healthy I am so much happier! I like how my hair sits and moves when it’s in good condition and I also get so many more comments on how nice my hair looks!




Have you got any tips for looking after your hair?




Happy Holidays!


Melanie-Jessica x



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