My 'Ideal World' Christmas List

Hey guys!


Christmas is almost upon us and since I was a child, I’ve always created a Christmas Wish List for Santa and I still do even though I’m 18… Is that weird? I mean I now address it to my parents not Santa but still!


This is called my ‘Ideal world’ Christmas list because it’s full of items that I want but would never expect my family to buy all of because it probably would come to a pretty hefty price. Therefore, when writing this list, it will go along the line of “In an ideal world I would like…”.


None of these items I have asked for this year. My actual Christmas wish list only contains a phone, a lipstick vault and some SugarPill Pro Refills. That is the only 3 items I have asked for this year and I can swear down on that.


I’ll try and give a reason for why each item is on the list. All the photos are from Google Images (because I can hardly photograph them myself can I?) so I do not own the photos, I am only using them for illustration purposes.


So, lets stop the chit chat and get on with the Christmas List!



Dear Santa,

In an ideal world, I would like the following items for Christmas this year:



Morphe Picasso 12P Palette

I’ve been drooling over this palette for a while now but I’m struggling to find it over here in the UK. I have a horrible suspicion that it may be discontinued so that’s another reason why it’s on my ‘Ideal World’ Christmas list.

Having used my Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette, I know that I do really like the Morphe eyeshadow formula and I think a little palette of 12 would be great for travelling or taking to college for more creative looks.



Morphe Brushes Gilded Collection

Now, this is the main goal for 2018. I mean, if it turned up under my Christmas tree on December 25th I wouldn’t be complaining but I would love this set of brushes for my own personal uses and college assessments.

I have seen first hand the effect that a good set of brushes can have on a makeup look and I tend to find that my more expensive brushes work a lot better than my cheaper brushes and that’s why I would love the Morphe Gilded collection.

It’s got a few brushes I haven’t got and aside from that, they just look so pretty!



Morphe 35O2 Second Nature Palette

Again, after seeing the quality of the Jaclyn Hill Palette, I am really interested in buying more Morphe palettes or getting more Morphe Palettes.

The Second Nature palette is really pretty and I’d love a warm, fiery palette for autumn looks and some more every day looks. I’d rather this over the 35O palette because there are some deeper, darker tones to help create more looks in the 35O2 palette so when travelling, this palette would be better.



NYX Ultimate Brights Palette


I love this palette and while yes, it’s almost identical to the Morphe Picasso Palette, it’s different because it’s not just a matte palette and it has more colours and shades in!

It’s like the scenario when people say that every nude lipstick is different. Every eyeshadow palette is different so therefore I don’t care if I have 2 similar. They are not the same!

This palette ALMOST made it into my basket when I went to Birmingham recently but I decided to buy MAC Fix+ instead and I think a month later, I’m starting to regret that decision…



NYX In Your Element Palette Collection

I really want the entire collection because I just can’t choose!

There’s the nice blue palettes and then the warm toned earthy colours and then the metallic palette! How am I meant to choose just one palette???

I love NYX eyeshadows and I actually used them on my prom makeup look which was my first ever full face of makeup done by moi! Since then, I’ve fallen in love with NYX products and just wanted more and more to build up my makeup kit for college and personal use.



Camera Light Ring

Because I really am serious about creating my YouTube channel for SFX and Makeup Tutorials, I am in dire need of a light ring for my camera because the lighting in my room is atrocious!

If I want to film with my iMac in front of me, my desk for laying my products on and a decent backdrop behind me, I get an awful shadow on the one side of my face and bright natural light from the other! I need a light that will shine on me face on so I don’t get those nasty shadows!



Ben Nye Scab Blood

Being the aspiring SFX artist that I am, I am quite appalled that I do not have this already.

Scab blood is a lot better for filling wounds than gel blood is and makes the wound look older and more congealed (expect a post on the different types of bloods soon!). It adds depth and texture to a would and doesn’t dry so quick like gel blood does.

Bottom line is I just need it and therefore I either need a tub for Christmas or a nice paycheck to go and buy it!



Ben Nye Tooth Enamel

Again, another SFX product but tooth enamel is great for covering the teeth with black or nicotine stains and completing a look because come on, how many zombies do you see with pearly whites?

Tooth enamel may not taste great but it can change the shape and colour of your teeth without commitment and too much time. I personally want the black, white and decay stains.

New Look Striped Jumper

As mentioned in my Birmingham Haul post, I am loving my mustard jumper and want more now!

I love stripey jumpers and want to add some more colour to my wardrobe so what better way to do so than by having this jumper?

I really like New Look’s clothes but I do find that they can be a bit more pricey than other brands but since my effort to boycott a certain high street retailer (potentially more on that later), I want to buy some more New Look clothes.



Benefit Cheek Parade

I own nothing from Benefit and I just think that this palette is such good value! Its got blushes and bronzers and a little brush to go with it too! Plus the packaging is super fun.

I have heard so many good things about Benefit products but it’s a bit too pricey for me to buy on my current wage (I work bank so some months I don’t get any money at all).

I want to try this and Porefessional- they are the two that most stand out for me.



Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Vault

I have one of the Makeup Revolution lip kits and love it so much! The entire vault has so many shades that would suit my style PERFECTLY.

I don’t really like gloss products but these lipsticks are a really great formula and while a little sticky, they look really great- I never thought I’d be able to pull of a metallic gold lipstick!

There’s apparently a few extra shades in here that aren’t released separately so I’d be excited to see those too.



Makeup Revolution Life On The Dancefloor ‘Sparklers’ Palette

This palette is the one palette from this little collection of 4 palettes that really makes me go ‘ooooh! I want!’. I love the colour story and the amount of different looks you could create with this palette.

The lime green looks especially lush and I don’t think I own an eyeshadow that colour. The cyan blue looks beautiful also and I love that there’s a mix of matte and metallic eyeshadows in this palette AND it has a mirror.




So what’s on your Christmas wish list? Let me know!



Lots of Love,

Melanie-Jessica x

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