Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey guys!


Christmas is right around the corner and we are ALMOST at the 2 weeks to go mark! It’s exciting and many of us have bought our presents but for some, we’re struggling to find those last little gifts.


This post is just a couple of lists if gift ideas for her and for him.

Each list is a list of 10 and every suggestion has a small description next to it for further explanation or ideas.


But let’s just jump right into this!



Gifts For Him:

  1. Smartphone Projector- This is great for someone who watches a lot of videos on their phone. It stops your eyes from being strained while watching the small screen and means everyone else can enjoy the show!
  2. Magnetic DIY Wristband- This one is good for dads and anyone who likes a bit of DIY. The main principle is that it holds nails and other nuts and bolts on your wrist so they’re easily accessible.
  3. Power Bank- Really simple one but a good, long lasting power bank makes long days and long journeys so much more bearable and is a great thing to have on hand for yourself and others.
  4. Smartphone Gloves- I’ve owned a pair of these for years and they are honestly the best invention ever. Being able to keep my hands warm AND use my phone? Yes please.
  5. Inflatable Light Saber- I think guys appreciate these novelty gifts a bit more than girls and besides, the new Star Wars film is here!
  6. Drumstick Pens- For the musician in your life! I’ve bought plenty of these for drummers and musicians and they always go down a storm.
  7. Bear Slippers- You know those huge comedy slippers? Yeah? Enough said then.
  8. Cuff-links- Maybe get some personalised ones for the next special occasion he has to go to? Or just some funny/cute ones.
  9. Personalised Soundwave Print- Choose his favourite song and have the soundwave printed on this A3 canvas! It’s a really cool piece of decor.
  10. Outdoor projection laser- My dad has one and loves it… what is it with men and lights??

*All For Him items can be found on PrezzyBox



For Her:

  1. Great British Bathe Off Bath Melts- Bath melts/bombs always go down a treat and I know I’d love to come out the bath smelling of cake!
  2. Flamingo Slippers- A lot of places have been selling these this year and although mine are pandas, I can tell you that novelty slippers make the cold weather much more fun.
  3. Chocolate TopItOffs- Sick and tired of trying to make artsy coffees and hot chocolates like they do in Costa? Why not just stick a chocolate disc on top instead?
  4. Spider Catcher- Just so us girls don’t have to wait for a big, strong man to dispose of those pesky buggers.
  5. Adult Colouring Book- Me and my mum both have these and find colouring a great way to relax after a long day.
  6. Purrfect Wine Glass- A wine glass that looks like a cat… How many other ladies already want one??
  7. Custard Cream Cross Body Bag- I’m sorry but I’m really into all those cute and weird things and I’m pretty sure there’s others like me out there!
  8. Colour Change Umbrella- I got one of these last Christmas and I waited ages for it to rain so I could use it! It’s a brilliant way to feel a lot happier when it rains.
  9. Nutella CookBook- Many girls love Nutella and… well… cooking with Nutella sounds even better than just putting Nutella on toast.
  10. Mug Crumbles Recipe Book- Much like the Mug Cake recipe book but with crumbles and this could well be healthier!

*All For Her items can be found on PrezzyBox


So those are my top 10 gift ideas for her and for him! Each list isn’t exclusive so a present for him could be a present for her.



Are you stuck on your last minute shopping? Of were you prepared months in advance? Let me know!



Happy Holidays!


Melanie-Jessica x

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