Barry M Fall In Love Palette First Impressions

Hey guys!


I was hooked when I saw people reviewing the Barry M Fall in Love palette and so much so that I actually went out and bought the palette from my local Superdrug!


For me, Barry M was that brand that you always got in magazines and freebies with deodorants etc and this did make me think, for a while, that they weren’t as credible as a brand as others such as Makeup Revolution, MaxFactor etc.


Because of the fact they are so heavily associated with memories of my childhood, I kind of brushed them aside if that makes sense?


But when I saw this palette I had to go and try it and so I swatched it, loved it and bought it! It was £6.99 and for me, that was not a bad price! There’s 10 shades in the palette and the main colour themes are warm autumnal colours with some transition shades.


To my knowledge, the shades do not have names which is slightly disappointing and I do like when my eye shadow palettes have names. It makes it easier to write or film tutorials.


My favourite shades are the yellow and red tones because they are colours I don’t have many of and can be quite patchy in some palettes. Some of the colours in this palette are slightly patchy and don’t have a high colour payoff but when you build up the colours, they do perform slightly better.


The lightest colours and the darkest shade are the worst and like with every swatch I do, it is without primer and I’m sure with primer they may perform slightly better. The warmer tones are rich and really pretty and they were the ones I swatched in store and really sold me the palette.


The shadows are really soft and smooth but when you smell the palette, it smells like a cross between chemicals and perfume. It’s not highly unpleasant but still makes you scrunch your nose up is disgust!


Each shadow has 0.7g in a pan which is pretty standard for palettes and is even the case with Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes. The palette is small and compact and is a dark brown flip box with gold lettering and detail. There is a mirror which is a decent size for the palette and it does not come with a brush or sponge applicator like some other palettes in it’s price range. It is a really light palette and the packaging doesn’t feel really well made or expensive but for £7, I can’t complain.


From trying on my arm, they seem to blend well but do fade a bit so you’d need to blend and then put more shadow on the top of it. I haven’t tried these on my eyes yet due to my eyes being really dry and stained from my Morphe 35B Palette (the pinks do stain!) but I am looking to try it out soon.


As for buying more Barry M products? I’m unsure. From college, I have seen people with some of the metallic palettes and they are gorgeous and my friends do seem to like them but for me, while the palette does have it’s pros, it’s not all the bells and whistles that social media cracked it up to be.


It is a damn beautiful palette and I hope that when I use a primer under the shadows they perform better because I am so excited to make some warmer looks.




Have you got this palette? Are you looking to buy it? Let me know!




Happy Holidays!


Melanie-Jessica x

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