Christmas Anti-Wish List

Hey guys!


I recently wrote my Christmas wish list and thought it might be nice to make an anti-wish list of the things I will not be asking for this year!


I have nothing against any of the companies on this list but there are genuine reasons for each item why it wouldn’t end up on my wish list for this Christmas.


I’ve decided to include 5 things for the sake of length and because, believe it or not, these posts are pretty hard to write! Actually seeking out things I wouldn’t want to buy is super difficult and some of the items on this list are a definite no and others I had to look through trending items and shopping sites.


So, without further ado, my anti-Christmas list!



Apple iPhone X

No amount of excellent marketing could sell me this phone or any other Apple phone for that matter. Try and convince me to buy it but I can assure you that you’re better off not wasting your breath.

I’ve had my iPhone 5s for a couple of years and this year, I am getting rid of it as my contract is up and honestly? I am counting down the days to Christmas day! Before my iPhone, I had 3 Sony Xperia phones and I had more problems with my iPhone than I had with all 3 Sony phones. That’s why this year, I’ve asked my parents for the Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra as a main Christmas present.

And why don’t I like the iPhone X? Well, firstly it’s grossly overpriced and way out of me and my parents price range. Second, Apple has taken away a different feature with each release. I don’t like the new home button and I certainly do not like the lack of headphone jack. Plus this phone is all glass and the amount of times I drop my phone? I’d break it by breathing on it!

I love me some Apple products, don’t get me wrong. My iMac has been absolutely amazing and when I’m in a better place financially, I will be saving for a MacBook because my laptop has seen better days. Apple’s computers are amazing but their phones? Not my cup of tea anymore.



StoryBook Cosmetics Roses Are Black Brush Set

First of all, £45 for 4 brushes? I don’t care how good they are if I’m paying £45 they better be blending my eyeshadow without any effort from me!

I’ve heard a lot of reviews from different people about these brushes but I honestly find them quite ugly looking and I’m maybe the only one with this opinion but my makeup brushes aren’t there to look nice- they’re there to serve a purpose.

I also could not have the thorn like detail digging into my fingers while I was doing my makeup. No way. I’d have snapped them within the first 5 minutes of using them! I also really dislike the presentation. For £45 I expected more than a makeup bag with just a quote on it.



Stila Glitter And Glow Liquid Eyeshadow Mermaid Collection

I have never tried Stila products but seeing these liquid eyeshadows didn’t excite me at all! I own a liquid eyeshadow and I just hated having something wet on my eyelids even when it dried! It transferred up into my crease so short of having my eyes closed for a good few minutes, I don’t see a solution to this.

Maybe I’m being too harsh having never tried Stila’s formula but these colours do not appeal to me in the slightest. I love me a bit of pink and blue but the colour selection are not colours that I would personally wear.

I also think that £23 for less than 5ml of product is super high price and I personally cannot justify spending that much on one singular product of that size no matter how good it is!



Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow Highlighters

Any liquid highlighters make me cringe! I think it’s down to the bad experience that I had with the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter but since then I’ve been too scarred to try liquid highlighters!

I’ve also seen these all over instagram and to be honest? I think they’re overhyped and really expensive for what they are and don’t even think they look that nice? I can’t see a shade that I can 100% say would look nice on my skin.

I think since the balls up of the Subculture, I’ve been really reluctant to buy anything else from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I also find it really expensive but hey, if this is your thing then you do you!



Jouer Cosmetics Funfetti Lip Topper

Despite loving the Jeffree x Jouer lip topper, I do not see the appeal in this lip topper.

The Jouer x Jeffree lip topper was fun but since buying it, I’ve worn it only once and for me, that makes it a waste of money. I don’t use anything that glossy and glittery and while it is pretty, it’s not my cup of tea.

They are beautiful items and if you like lip toppers then I say go for it! But because it’s not my thing, that’s why it’s made it onto my anti-wish list.



What’s on your anti-wish list? Let me know!



Happy Holidays!


Melanie-Jessica x




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