Stocking Filler Ideas For Beauty Addicts

Hey guys!


I’ve decided to make this post purely for beauty stocking filler ideas because there’s a whole host of things that can be used as generic stocking filler ideas and I could b e here for hours! But alas, I am a beauty blogger primarily so that’s why I’ve opted for beauty stocking filler ideas.


This list is based off the things I’ve suggested to my parents for stocking filler ideas and things that I would fill a beauty lover/blogger’s stocking with. As I write this intro, I have no idea how many items I plan to include so that’s why it’s not a list of 10, 20 or whatever.


But without further ado, my stocking filler ideas!



Makeup Remover Wipes/Solution

If the recipient wears a lot of makeup, you can guarantee that they go through makeup removing wipes or solution like there’s no tomorrow! Buying so many packs of wipes etc can be pricey through the year so help them out a bit and give them a head start in 2018!


Cotton Wool Pads/Balls/Loom

I know I definitely go through cotton wool faster than the average human being because I do SFX but when using makeup remover & cleaners etc, cotton wool (pads especially) are slightly less abrasive on the skin and definitely more gentle. A cotton wool loom is great because you get a lot of cotton what you can decide how much you need each time.


MUA £1 Matte Lipsticks

I mentioned these lipsticks in my Top 5 Matte Lipsticks post and I personally think that they make great little stocking fillers for someone who can never have too many lipsticks.


Selfie Ring Light

Yes while it is usually used for selfies, the ring light can also be used on the front facing camera and I consider this a must have for all bloggers. I’ve found it really helps me balance the light and shadows in my photos and has made taking photos in the gloomy winter evenings a little easier.


Cotton Buds

Again, same as the cotton wool. These can be great for touching up makeup or making that eyeliner wing really precise. Cotton buds have a plethora of uses and I know I’m always running out!



Small blush pans can make great stocking stuffers and can allow someone to try new shades of blush that they maybe wouldn’t pick themselves. Coupled with some bronzers and highlighters, you could get a good few buys here!


Single Makeup Brushes

Beauty addicts will tell you that you can never have too many brushes and they are exactly right. I love having loads of brushes so that if one’s dirty, I can reach for another one without having to clean all my brushes. Also helpful for makeup artists.


Lip Balm

With how drying matte lipsticks can be, lip balms are a must have and I am forever running out! That’s why I was so happy that one of my secret santas bought me a lip balm for a gift! More on that later.


Blotting Paper

I find blotting paper really handy for removing oil from my face instead of powdering and constantly adding layers of makeup to my face. NYX do a great blotting paper and tea tree blotting paper for prepping your skin before makeup application.


Face Masks

When removing and applying makeup so often, the skin can be damaged or become dry so hydrating face masks are a good way to keep skin in great condition even when it’s getting a good beating each day!



And those are some of the things that I would put in a stocking for a beauty addict!




Happy Holidays!


Melanie-Jessica x

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