Cadden & Lee Face Mask Review

Hey guys!


So a little while ago, I was sent 2 face masks by a new face mask brand, Cadden & Lee. They sent me their 2 masks which were Rejuvenating & Moisturising with Lavender and Refreshing & Moisturising with Tea Tree. 


My skin has been really dry at the moment due to the cold weather- it’s not eczema (hurray!) but just dry patches from the snowy weather we’ve had. I’ve had to walk to work in -2 and below and walk back in the evening when it’s getting colder. In the past week, my skin has been abused so after a shower over the weekend, I decided it was time for a face mask to hopefully bring some moisture back into my skin.

I’m not really a huge sheet mask user. I’ve used a couple but I do prefer a mask you mix up and apply with a brush or spatula. I find it easier to multitask when I have these on my face.


As I have super sensitive skin, I decided to only test the one mask and give the other one away at a later date for someone else to enjoy. I know that the mask for oily skin contains an ingredient that I know my skin hates- tea tree oil.


The masks are packaged in card-like sleeves and are decorated with flowers and plants, going with the 100% natural theme. The masks are made from cotton and when taken out of the bag, they’re saturated in the serum but not dripping. They just feel slimy.


They are cool and refreshing on the face and I used the mask for dry skin (the Lavender mask) to hopefully gear my skin up for the 5 full faces of makeup it’s going to receive this week.

The mask smelt fresh and almost like lemongrass rather than lavender but nevertheless, it was not an unpleasant smell. Having such a small face, I did find the mask too big but that didn’t really affect how the mask sat on my face.


I did start to notice that the mask was causing areas of my face to sting but I did put that down to those patches being the most sensitive parts of my face…


But when I took the mask off, it was clear I’d had an allergic reaction.


My face was red and stinging so I washed my face with cold water and took a Piriton to try and ease the reaction.

Despite the allergic reaction, my skin did feel soft and hydrated to the touch and the reaction has subsided since and my skin does have a nice, healthy glow now it’s not bright red!


So what is my overall opinion? Well, I’m not sure.


I had an allergic reaction so therefore, I would probably not use this product again personally. HOWEVER when that reaction had subsided, my skin did look a lot fresher and healthier which is what I expected from the mask.


Everyone’s skin is different so you may react to something in these masks or you may not but if you don’t have such sensitive skin, then I do recommend these products.


On their website, the masks are £5 each with free delivery or 4 masks for £16 with free delivery. They are at the pricier end of the face mask spectrum however, if you like 100% natural products and supporting small businesses, then they are worth the investment.


The mask is easy to wear while multitasking and in the 15 minutes that I left mine on for, I managed to get some things done instead of having to sit in a position that meant the mask wouldn’t fall off.




What’s your favourite face mask? Let me know!




Happy Holidays!


Melanie-Jessica x

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