My Top 5 Christmas Songs + Quiz

Hey guys!
I’ve seen a few people write about their favourite Christmasmovies but not many people cover their favourite Christmas songs so I’ve decided to write a list of my favourite 5 Christmas songs AND have even added a Christmas song trivia quiz at the end! The answers to this quiz will be available in tomorrow’s post so keep your eyes peeled!
5. Wham! – Last Christmas
Who doesn’t love a bit of Wham and Last Christmas?! We’ve all sung along and made up our own words to this song and it’s one of those songe where you just can’t help singing along to the chorus. Most of us don’t know the verses but hey, who sings along to the verses anyay??
4. Wizzard – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
Again, this is an iconic Christmas song that EVERYONE knows and sings along to. The saxophones make this song groovy and easy to dad-dance to and it’s such a damn catchy song that I find myself singing it until February at least. Fun fact, but I think the kids who sang on this track are from a school local to me. DON’T QUOTE ME ON THIS but my dad seems to tell us this every year it comes on so eh, I’m guessing there must be some truth behind it.
3. The Pogues – Fairytale of New York
I don’t think I’d be able to forgive myself if I didn’t put this in my top 5 because it’s just a great Christmas song! We all love the lyrics and have probably sung it many times while drunk and sober.
And with a terrible Irish accent.
I want to call this a feel good song but it doesn’t really feel right to call it that so I’ll just describe it as a song that gets everyone singing and/or talking. For example, it was playing on the radio at work and we all started talking about the song. I think it’s purely down to the lyrics- they’re crackers.
2. Coldplay – Christmas Lights
This song gets so much hate and dislike but I LIKE IT A LOT.
It seems less of a Christmas song than many others and I do listen to it throughout the year (shame on me…) but who cares! It’s called Christmas Lights so it must be a Christmas song!
The song is slightly lyrically challenged in the sense that I think Chris Martin was struggling for words a bit but it’s an honest attempt at writing a modern day Christmas song and it’s not half bad.
I am slightly biased as I love Coldplay as a band but this song gets me and my family singing so that’s why it’s made it so high up my list!
1. Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas?
The original Band Aid, may I point out.
This song is my all time favourite Christmas song, hands down no arguing. I think we all love the original and they’ve tried to remake it a couple of times but it’s never the same. The original lineup cannot be beaten and I will fight anyone who disagrees.
There is a slight flaw in this song that my music teacher pointed out to me (it was the reason why he never allowed us to reacreate the song in Music Tech) and that is that a lot of Africa is Christian and therefore, of course they know it’s Christmas. He was rather passionate and did shout about it for a good half an hour when we bought up the idea of the teachers singing it for charity.
But nevertheless, it’s a firm favourite in my family and this year has been the first year in a little while where we’ve not been able to sing “And there won’t be snow in Worcestershire this Christmas time”.
This is slightly disappointing. I miss my alternate lyrics.
Here are 5 questions for you and you can answer them in the comments and then check my post tomorrow for the answers!
No cheating or you ruin the fun!

1. What are the first 5 things in ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’?
2. In what song is the child a king and carrollers sing?
3. East 17 are most well know for which Christmas song?
4. Finish this lyric: “Christmas time, don’t let the …..”
5. What does Chris Rea want to get his feet on in the song “Driving Home For Christmas?”




What’s your favourite song? Let me know!



Happy Holidays!


Melanie-Jessica x



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