New Favourite Foundation? Sleek LifeProof Foundation Review

Hey guys!


You may remember that recently I fell in love with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, despite it being too yellow toned for my skin. I loved the coverage and formula on my skin and how it gave my skin a gorgeous glow.


Well, after seeing rave reviews, I decided to give the Sleek LifeProof Foundation a go. Superdrug had a 2 for £12 offer on and along with the Solstice Highlighting Palette, I picked up the lightest shade in the foundation which, mercifully, is a pink tone!


I am always skeptical to try new foundations because of how bad my skin can get but I have seen so many positive reviews and beautiful photos that I needed to try it.


It turned up and the shade was a very good shade match for my skin and straight off the bat, the coverage seemed really good to me. Not too heavy but not light.


I did try this a couple of times for photos and loved how it applied but the ultimate test would be how it lasted during a day at work.


My working pattern on this particular day was 8:30am to 5:30pm however, I was up at 5:30am to get ready and took my makeup off around 9pm so that’s a total of nearly 16 hours wear.


But how would it last? Well, I took photos throughout the day of how it looked (and yes, I am in the laboratory bathrooms) on each of my breaks (no way I was taking time off my job to take selfies!).


Initial thoughts while applying are that it is very easy to blend and sits beautifully on top of my MAC Fix+ Prep & Prime Spray. It isn’t totally full coverage but it’s light enough to look natural and full coverage enough to cover any blemishes.

I set my face with an Ivory pressed powder and my Maybelline MasterFix Translucent Powder and did my makeup very light as I was going to work and therefore couldn’t doll up too much.


As you can see, at around 6am my face looked flawless and perfectly set. Despite having brushed my teeth, the foundation hadn’t yet sunk into my smile lines which is a near damn miracle! My face didn’t feel sticky, it felt as smooth as a baby’s backside (not that I have a habit of going and touching baby’s backsides, mind you) and this is fairly unusual to not feel like I’m moving my foundation when I run my fingers across my skin.


Until I got to work, all I did was walk to my local bus stop, wait in the cold, get on a bus, wait for another bus and then walk from the bus to my work. I do get very warm very easily because of my health and so I do sweat a bit even when it’s below freezing outside.

When I got to work, my face didn’t look much different. It was still silky smooth and the foundation hadn’t slipped even with the forehead sweat. There was barely any creasing around my smile lines.


My job isn’t physically hard work (mentally, its pretty exhausting!) but the labs do get warm with all the machines and people in there. I usually take my break around 10:30am but as I was working later than normal, I took my break around 11:15am.

Again, my face hadn’t really changed. There was a little bit more creasing around my smile lines because I do talk a bit with my colleagues and smile at the occasional patient that gets lost looking for the blood clinic or that comes in to produce a sample (do not ask me about this). Even with the sweating, my makeup hadn’t yet slipped.

At 2pm I took my lunch break and my smile lines were definitely there but nowhere near as prominent as with other foundations. My hair was looking worse than my makeup and it was only tied up in a ponytail!


Come the end of my shift, I was feeling absolutely dreadful (very tired, I was running on 2 hours of sleep and an energy drink) but yet my face didn’t show this at all! I looked fresh and awake and actually quite young!


Between the end of my shift and taking my makeup off, I only really sat in the car and at home but around 5:45pm, I was stood waiting for my lift but I ended helping a patient into the hospital as they couldn’t really walk and I ran around the hospital to the porter’s office to source a wheelchair for her. Let me tell you, if walking breaks me out in a sweat, imagine what running does!

At home, the makeup around my hairline and nose had started to crease and move slightly with sweat. But at 9pm and for my makeup to have stayed that long, I was really impressed! Usually my makeup gets a bit cakey but not on that day.


My final verdict is that this is very fast becoming my go-to foundation because it’s a near perfect shade match and sits so well on my skin and looks so flawless.


I’ve never tried Sleek products before now and with what I have tried, I am very impressed with both my products.


Will I be repurchasing this foundation? Yes! 1000% over and over because it is an amazing foundation. The shade range is really wide and for a drugstore foundation, this is quite the feat.


I do highly recommend this foundation because for £8.99, it’s a cracking product. If you’re looking for a semi matte finish and full coverage, then this should be high up your list of products to try.




So what do you think? Have you tried this foundation? Will you be trying it? Let me know!




Happy Holidays!


Melanie-Jessica x

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