H&M Boxing Day Haul

Hey guys!


For Christmas from my gran and grandad, I got £50 H&M vouchers to deck out my wardrobe in new clothes, ever since boycotting another popular high street clothing brand.


More on that another time.


I’m not a huge H&M lover. I do like some of their stuff but tend to find it a bit less of my style but as I’ve moved away from all black clothes and more towards colour, I have found quite a few items that I like.


My agenda for this shop was to buy sale items for as cheap as possible to really get use out of my gift card and to buy some more quirky pieces (if I liked them) so I can stop giving an eff about what people think of how I look.


If I want to wear a baby pink mesh maxi skirt to work, then goddamn I will!



I ordered 6 items:


-Twill Trainers

-Pleated Mesh Skirt

-Mustard Ribbed Polo Neck Jumper

-Baseball Shirt

-Red Blouse With Flounced Hem

-White Off The Shoulder Top


As you can see, more mustard.


Some of these items are my style and others are fairly new for me but without further ado, lets get on with the reviews!


(SIDE NOTE: There was meant to be photos but I’m so unwell at the moment I can’t muster up the energy to keep changing clothes for a photo shoot… sorry)


Black & White Twill Trainers – £8.99

As far as my job goes, comfortable shoes are a must.


But as I like to wear skirts to work, Nike trainers don’t really fit the slightly glam style I end up going for (what can I say? I like to look nice!).


So I bought these mock Vans because my other pair of lace up pumps are in my locker at work but the insole is slightly ruined from my hot feet literally melting the glue in the summer.


That’s not a joke.


So far, these haven’t been the most comfortable shoes on the planet but they do need breaking in and stupid me decided that a full day of work was a great time to wear them.


My blisters would say otherwise.


But all in all they are comfortable aside from that and are very versatile with how they can be worn with just about anything.



Pink Mesh Coachella Skirt – £8.99

This is something that’s COMPLETELY out there for me and I love it.


It will need to have leggings or thick tights underneath to preserve my dignity but teamed up with my white off shoulder top, I have a really summery and fairy-like look that I really like.


It’s a skirt that is not to everyone’s taste. My mum hates it and my dad laughed at it. But I love feeling all floaty and lightweight and with my Christmas Food Baby, it’s very comfortable to wear.


I would not have bought this full price but on sale it was a fun item that I couldn’t pass up on.


I can see it being useful in summer when I want to wear shorts but feel too self conscious of my legs to show them fully. This skirts acts as a semi curtain without making me too warm.


It’s a good buy in my eyes.



Mustard Ribbed Polo Neck Jumper – £9.99

After falling in love with my mustard jumper from my Birmingham Shopping Haul, I decided to buy another, slightly brighter mustard jumper.


This isn’t a knitted jumper (much to my disappointment) but it is still lightweight and acts as a good extra layer for work. Where I work, it’s cold on the way there and back but during the day, the building gets really warm so I tend to prefer 2 cotton layers under my lab coat because a t-shirt alone is too cold and a jumper is too warm…


With me?


This is really short on my body but tucks into my high waisted skirt which I do wear fairly often to work.


I’ve always loved turtle necks and don’t own nearly half as many as I should. I need more turtle necks and that’s a fact.



Blouse With A Flounced Hem – £7.99

I’ve not worn this yet but I’ve recently started wanting to wear a bit more red and I figured this may work well for interviews as it does look semi formal.


Again, it seems to be really short in the body but fits my arm length perfectly so I do feel my mid-riff may get a little bit cold… perhaps I’ll start wearing a vest?


I do love the colour and design and it goes perfectly with my brunette hair and I’m pretty sure when I get my Morphe 3502 palette, some killer looks are going to be created!


I am very happy that I have decided to wear more colour recently and cannot wait to expand my wardrobe further in 2018!



Baseball Shirt – £8.99

There’s not a lot to say about this black and white shirt except that I’ve been wanting one for THE LONGEST TIME EVER.


I love the two tone design and the top itself is super comfortable and doesn’t make me too warm at work.


It’s a bit weird wearing 3/4 length sleeves for the first time in a while but it’s only mildly frustrating under my lab coat…


I originally wanted the white and mustard version but when I came to buy it, there was no option for that so I settled for black instead as that was my original second choice.



White Off Shoulder Top – £2.49

This item was bought mainly with the purpose of being worn with the pink mesh shirt for that floaty Coachella look.


I originally thought that having something halfway down my shoulders would really irritate me but surprisingly, it’s not too uncomfortable.


At the moment, it’s a bit too cold to be wearing short sleeves but as the summer approaches, I can see myself wearing it a bit more often.



Once again, apologies for the lack of photos but I’ve been ill and had low motivation because of my mental health. That’s the reason I’ve not been on my Twitter- it’s a really negative place at the moment and I’m taking some time out while I resolve some issues that need to be sorted. When will I be back? I don’t know. But right now I’m not in the best place with my health and I feel very alone and unwanted.


I’ve been battling depression for a few years with 2017 being the worst year for me and some recent events have cause my mental health to take a nosedive and I recently broke my year of being self harm free so that’s contributed to my low self esteem and not wanting to show off these clothes. I do thank the few people that have been there to support me and make sure I’m OK.


But that aside, I do love all the items I bought and I think I may start shopping at H&M some more!



Do you like H&M? Let me know!



Lots of Love,

melanie-jessica x (1)




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