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Hey guys!


A year ago, I’d have laughed at the prospect of actually being organised. For a long time I’ve been the most disorganised person to walk the earth but since starting my blog, I’ve slowly become more organised and learnt ways to take steps to possess such a trait.


Organisation to most seems really easy and simple but for me, it’s been hard to become organised and feel like I have plans that are solid and well thought out.


In this post I hope to share 3 of the ways that I keep myself organised (there is more but these are the main things) and hopefully help people that may struggle to keep themselves organised especially where their blog is concerned.


And that’s been the main thing for me. Organising my blog and posting habits has made me more and more organised in my home life and being more organised and knowing what I’m doing is something that helps my mental health a lot.


My three ways of organising include using a physical diary, my phone calendar and notes on my whiteboard.


Like I said, these things seem simple but as someone who was struggling to organise herself, these small steps were helpful.



Physical Diary

This is a £1 diary I picked up from the Pound Shop here in the UK and the front says:

“Amazing things are going to happen”


Which I thought was quite cute and hopefully more motivational than an ordinary diary.


In this, I document everything. It’s half blog planner and half life planner.


I list my appointments, my work hours, my blog posts… everything you’d put into a conventional planner. All the details are recorded like the time, the place, the event and if anyone else is involved.


And when it comes to blog posts, as soon as they are written, they get ticked off or highlighted to help me better keep track of where I’m at with my content.


I carry this around with me everywhere and whenever I get hours at work, I’m able to grab my diary and write down the dates immediately instead of making a rough note on paper or my phone. Listing what hours I do has been incredibly useful because I work bank so my hours aren’t regular and can change so this helps me fill in my time sheets a lot better.


I’ve gotten into the habit of using my planner and I love it because just having it in my bag makes me feel more organised and it can also mean that if someone asks me if I’m free on a day, I can tell them quicker than having to rack my brains for any prior engagements.



Google Calendar

My Google Calendar is used much in the same way as my physical diary is but less goes onto this calendar.


This calendar is used solely for my personal commitments such as work, doctors appointments etc. None of my blog stuff goes on this calendar and even though I do most of my blog things from my phone, I don’t find it helpful to have blog post reminders on my Google Calendar.


I find Google Calendar helpful for events that need a reminder before. So for doctors appointments, I’ll set a reminder for the day before and the same for work so I know what hours I’m working.


I like how you can organise things by colour, for example my work days are purple and doctors appointments are blue (NHS Blue)- so if a colour can be co-ordinated with the event, I’ll use that colour.



Notes On My Whiteboard

I got my whiteboard a couple of years ago for Christmas and it’s been a huge help.


As it’s magnetic, I can pin important things to it such as documents for work, appointments etc.


The information I write down on my whiteboard is mainly to-do lists and important information I may need while on the phone- that’s why there’s no picture of my whiteboard! Some of the information includes my hospital/MRN number for making appointments, new phone number, phone numbers for work, phone numbers for consultants… all sorts of personal info I DO NOT want floating around the web!


This helps me get to information quickly instead of having to ask someone on the phone to hold while I flick through medical notes or find my contact on my phone.


Having my to-dos on my white board is a constant reminder for when I wake up- my whiteboard is the first thing I see.




Since October, I’ve definitely been more organised. Despite having these tools available to me previously, I never used them because I didn’t feel like I needed to. I never used my school homework planner and yet now, every little thing ends up in my planner!


For me, being more organised has helped me arrange my mind a bit better and not feel overwhelmed- I can plan to take each day at a time.




I’d love to know how you keep yourself organised! Let me know with a comment!




Lots of Love,

melanie-jessica x (1)

4 thoughts on “How I Organise Myself

  1. I love a physical diary I have a plain red A5 one from work but I put everything in it. I also love cute notebooks to jot down my blog post ideas in more details. I do reminders on my phone and keep a digital calendar up to date too!

  2. I have all the tools, but like you mentioned I just don’t use them efficiently enough. This is a great post, with great tips!

    Nat 💛 –

  3. Love this! Awesome post and very useful and inspiring! I really need to start and work on my organisation, so I your post is definitely a great source of inspiration! 💕

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