NYX Liquid Suede Lip Vault Review

Hey guys!


You may remember that I mentioned that I got this after Christmas and that’s the reason it didn’t feature in my What I Got For Christmas post.


Well, it’s here now and I want to write a review on these lipsticks to tell you what I think of them. There is also a video of my swatching these lipsticks on my YouTube channel to compensate for the lack of photos!



The vault I got for Christmas was the Lip Lingerie vault which wasn’t the one I wanted (Not to be picky, I just didn’t want loads of nude tones) so mum let me open it but told me we’d get the Liquid Suede set.


That set was reduced when we ordered it so I was allowed to make up £20 in NYX makeup alongside the vault. I was well chuffed, as you can imagine!


I wanted the Liquid Suede vault because I wanted the bright colours without commiting to a full tube of bright blue which may end up going to waste. I also have 3 full sized Liquid Suedes and love how the formula feels on my lips.


My mum saw the shade selection and asked why on earth I’d want these kinds of colours but I’ve already worn a bubblegum pink lipstick and loved every second of it!


I also find that these lipsticks can be a good eyeshadow base if you work quickly with them. I’ve also used them as eyeliners on an angled brow brush for a pop of colour every now and then.


Unfortunately, I’ve not had time to swatch these lipsticks (this post has been written on my lunch breaks at work- see my Twitter for details on how hectic work is atm #nhswintercrisis) but I’ve included some photos of some of the brighter shades for you to see.



The Blues

  • Jet-Set
  • Little Denim Dress

With how pale I am, blue lipsticks will likely make me look like a corpse but I am excited to try them all the same! Little Denim Dress is a bright sky blue so that’s the fun one but Jet-Set may be a tad better for me because I love dark lipsticks.



The Greys/Blacks

  • Industrial Paradise (New Shade)
  • Stone Fox
  • Alien

Stone Fox was the first Liquid Suede I ever really wanted but never bought a full sized tube in the fear I’d waste it. I still haven’t tried it and I’m kicking myself! Alien is black and right up my street for my gold and black smokey eye looks I seem to like doing- I think since buying my Morphe 35O2 palette, I’ve dreamt up some crazy ideas! Industrial Paradise is a new shade and I am really on the fence about what I think of this blue-grey shade.



The Reds/Oranges

  • Kitten Heels (Previously Owned)
  • Foiled Again
  • Orange County
  • Cherry Skies

Kitten Heels is my current favourite red lipstick and I have a full sized version I used for a family event. Cherry Skies is a sexy, deep red that will look killer when paired with a little black dress and a smokey eye. Orange County and Foiled Again are two very much the same except Orange County seems a bit more neon.



The Purples

  • Run The World
  • Amethyst
  • Foul Mouth
  • Subversive Socialite
  • Oh, Put It On (Previously Owned)
  • Sway

I already own Oh, Put It On which is a deep, dark purple and was quite the impulse buy. As I said, I love dark lipsticks so this was right up my street. Sway and Run The World are the two bright lilac purples that will probably never be worn as lipsticks purely because I don’t think they’ll work with my skin tone. Amethyst is a more blue-tone purple that I am definitely looking forward to trying out and Foul Mouth and Subversive Socialite are two more deep, dark purples.



The Pinks

  • Respect The Pink
  • Pink Lust
  • Tea & Cookies
  • No Envy (New Shade)
  • Disorder (New Shade)
  • Life’s A Beach

Respect The Pink is more of a bubblegum pink and I already love how it looks on me. Pink Lust is a hot pink and will probably be reserved for fun, bright looks. Tea & Cookies is the shade that my friend had and the lipstick that made me want all of the shades in the Liquid Suede range. No Envy and Disorder are 2 new shades and No Envy is a nude tone pink and Disorder is more of a dark, purple toned pink. Life’s A Beach seems to be the neon pink shade.



The Nudes/Browns

  • Brooklyn Thorn
  • Soft Spoken (Already Owned)
  • Initiator (New Shade)
  • Club Hopper
  • Sandstorm
  • Honeymoon (New Shade)
  • Crushed (New Shade)
  • Downtown Beauty
  • Vintage

I own a large version of Soft Spoken and it was the first Liquid Suede Lipstick that I owned. It’s my go-to nude shade and gets worn all the time at work. Brooklyn Thorn may be a bit too brown for my liking and the same for Downtown Beauty but I’m willing to give each one a go first before the become outcast. Initiator is a pretty pink nude and like Soft Spoken, will be great for work/college. Club Hopper is another shade I worry will be too brown for me, but it is very visually similar to Vintage which seems to be more red toned. Sandstorm and Honeymoon are two true nudes and Crushed is more of a brick red/brown.



I love the Liquid Suede lipsticks because of how they aren’t drying on my lips and how pretty they look. The colour choice is fantastic and there’s something for everyone!




Do you like NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks? Let me know!




Lots of Love,

melanie-jessica x (1)

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  1. I also love Soft Spoken to bits and my tube is already half empty, although my Stone Fox almost never gets worn besides in October. I’m not sure I’d wear the other shades although the set did look enticing when I spotted it in store!! X

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