Skeletons In My Closet

Hey guys!


I buy a lot of weird things from the internet. Things that most people my age wouldn’t.


I am a total science nerd and for those who don’t know, I’m on the path to my dream career in Pathology. I’ve always wanted to be a scientist and I do enjoy learning every little nugget of scientific fact I can possibly absorb.


I joked at my job interview that I took a tour round our sister hospital’s labs because “I wanted a day out” and there is some ounce of truth to that- it was genuinely the most exciting thing I’ve done in a while.


But when it comes to my internet purchase history, I do buy things as and when my inner science nerd springs to action and this post is going to illustrate some of the weirdest science things I own.


The title will make sense in a moment!



Giant Microbes Common Cold With Santa Hat

I stumbled upon Giant Microbes in a science lesson a couple of years ago and me and my friend thought it was a brilliant idea.

5 years later, I made my first order from the site with my first MLA wage packet.

Oh the irony.

This common cold with a Santa hat was too cute to pass up on and when I got it, I giggled for a long time. It’s the faces! And the hat! I tried to convince mum and dad to hang it on the Christmas tree but they didn’t want to so he now sits on my storage unit and even made a trip outside in the snow.

He’s around the size of a large pomegranate and I took him as a prop for my halloween costume of a mad scientist.



Giant Microbes Mini NoroVirus Petri Dish

NoroVirus is one of those things that  NOBODY wants but I wanted 3 mini NoroVirus in a petri dish so I got them.

These plush figures are a to scale plush of a NoroVirus microbe and are about the size of a golf ball. There are 3 NoroVirus plushes in the petri dish and they all vary slightly.

Despite the fact that NoroVirus is a horrible virus, these microbes are so cute and great for throwing at people or having as little decorations.



Giant Microbes Mini Flu Petri Dish

With the Aussie Flu outbreak, joking about Flu seems a little insensitive because it is a serious matter but we all have to have a joke every now and then!

This 3 plushes look like little glow worms and I really wanted to bring one to work when I got my flu jab (I am a slight wimp where needles are concerned.)

Like the NoroVirus, these plushes are far too cute for what can be a deadly disease. All these mini plushes have little beady eyes only and they’re just downright adorable.



Giant Microbes Mini MRSA Petri Dish

MRSA is NOT something you ever want but I want more of these little guys!

They have little capes with “MRSA Superbug” written on the back and with the way the microbe is formed, it almost looks like it’s puffing out its chest like a superhero would… only MRSA is far from a superhero!

Out of all my Petri Dishes, the MRSA one is my favourite because of the tiny little capes.

And laugh all you like- It’s the little things!



Mini Skeleton

This is Socrates.

Sock, for short.

I bought Sock because I wanted to create an Instagram account for him that showed his adventures but I never did get round to it!

I bought Sock from eBay and he sits on my makeup shelf. He freaks everybody out when they come over but I like having him sat on my shelf- he can be a good friend.



I own more weird things but these are just the science related ones. When it comes to impulse buying, I’m absolutely terrible for buying crap I don’t need.


But do I regret buying any of these items?

Of course I don’t!




What’s the weirdest thing you own? Let me know!




Lots of Love,

melanie-jessica x (1)

4 thoughts on “Skeletons In My Closet

  1. Haha wow! I didn’t know people could buy plushies like that. They look cute but then when you think about what they represent I don’t think I’d want to have them 😂 but of course I don’t have an inner science nerd. This has given me ideas for presents for other people though. I quite like the idea of the santa common cold!

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