Marc Jacobs x John Lewis Highliners Review

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Recently I was lucky enough to be sent a VoxBox by Influenster in exchange for a fair and honest review. The VoxBox I received contained 2 of Marc Jacobs’ Highliner Gel Eyeliners.


Now, I’ve not bought a single ‘Luxury Brand’ item in my life. Yes, N07 and MAC are considered high end but I’m getting at the designer brands like Dior, Chanel and Marc Jacobs. I am a complete newbie to high end makeup and I wasn’t even considering branching out into more expensive makeup in the near future.


I was sent 2 eyeliners in the shades ‘Pink Of Me’ and ‘Earthquake’ and when I first saw the shade choice, my heart fell right out my arse.


Baby pink and brown? When the hell was I going to wear those?!

A date.

That’s when.


Not wanting to scare my date off with jet black eyeliner and heavy makeup (did that on the second date though), I decided to wear the brown eyeliner as a winged liner and line my waterline with the baby pink.

I mean, he knows I’m a total make up addict and teases me constantly about it but first date wasn’t the time to go all out.


So when I first swatched these, my first impressions were mainly about how pigmented and creamy the formula was. Unlike most pencil eyeliners where you have to press hard or redraw the line numerous times, these are a case of drawing the line once and boom you’re done.


Since using the brown, I’ve decided that I prefer it over black for day time looks. It’s softer and looks a lot less flashy than a jet black cat eye. The pink was perfect for making my eyes look bigger and with the formula of the pencil, getting that colour to transfer to my waterline was really easy.

These eyeliners lasted all day and they are indeed waterproof. I was surprised that something so creamy didn’t budge at all and even when I swatched the eyeliners and tried to get them off my hand, they didn’t come off! They are seriously waterproof.



The major downside is the cost. £20 for an eyeliner… Personally I cannot justify spending that much on something I will use a lot and therefore replace a lot. Yes, it’s a great product but it’s very pricey for what the product is. £10-£15 for this eyeliner, given the brand, would be slightly more passable but not £20.


It’s a great eyeliner. And if you have that £20 to spare, I do highly recommend picking one up. There’s a few different colours and despite the price point, I may consider getting a black one for special occasions when I want my makeup to look flawless the whole time.




Did you get the Marc Jacobs Influenster VoxBox? Or do you own one of these highliners? If so, let me know!




Lots of Love,

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