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Hey guys!


A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a brand called PhotoWall who sell canvases and wall murals and they very kindly offered me a free canvas or wall mural, of my choice/size.


I was overjoyed. My bedroom walls are rather dull and prematurely planning for the future, I decided that when I move out into my own place, it will be nice to have some artwork straight off the bat.


The fact that this was a free gift does not change my opinion at all and this will be a fair and honest review of my product.


A couple of years ago, I went to the Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland and took this picture of a red panda.


Since then, I’ve absolutely adored it and when I got this opportunity to have anything I wanted on a canvas, I decided that the red panda was going to be my guy.


After a little bit of enhancing and brightening, I uploaded my photo to the PhotoWall website and completed my order. I was told my delivery was due on the following Thursday but it arrived on the Monday via DHL which I was extremely happy about.


Buying the canvas, I hadn’t expected it to arrive in pieces and not just as one whole canvas. And anyone else who has struggled to build IKEA furniture will know that the words ‘DO IT YOURSELF’ where a Swedish company is involved… it gives you awful flashbacks to that chair or chest of drawers that didn’t quite turn out right.


In my case, I was reminded of fold your own storage boxes.


But valiantly, I politely told my dad to sod off when he offered to help me assemble the canvas, insisting that yes, I was going to build it myself.


I first lay the canvas out on my kitchen table, face down and placed the pieces of wood on their corresponding sides- this was easy as the canvas is rectangular.


I then proceeded to use the adhesive tape on the wood to stick the wood to the canvas and then fold the wood towards the center of the canvas.


The canvas came with all the hinges and screws and hanging fittings that you needed and using the 4 hinges and 16 screws, I started to screw the pieces of wood together. I did need my dads help for the last piece of wood because I was struggling to hold the wood in place with my left arm (I need surgery) but other than that, I found the canvas really quick and easy to assemble.


The quality of the print is amazing.

Yes, my original photo was taken on a DSLR but even on a print of 1.2 x 0.8 m, you can see every bit of fur and little blemishes on the fur. The colours are 100% true to life and I can tell you that my jaw dropped when I saw how this came out.


Sometimes, when you print things much bigger, you lose a lot or some resolution but this photo came out just as perfect as when I viewed it on my iMac screen.


The canvas is high quality and the wood is solid pine too. It’s not cheap MDF- it’s proper wood. The whole assembled canvas feels of very high quality and looks absolutely amazing hung above my desk.


Me and dad found it very easy to hang and it’s stayed up on my wall. This may seem trivial but we have hung things in our house that just fall off the walls.


All in all, I am so impressed with this canvas and I do highly recommend PhotoWall if you’re looking for canvases or wall murals.


Until the first week of March 2018, the code MWIECampaign2018 will get you 20% off any canvas or mural so if you’re looking to do a bit of interior designing, take advantage of this while you can!




Thank you so much to PhotoWall for this stunning canvas and I look forward to ordering from you again!




Lots of Love,

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