Day Trip To London

So on February 2nd, me and my ex boyfriend headed down to London for a day trip out of the area. Where we both live, there’s nothing to do, we both hate Worcester and Gloucester isn’t much better.

So London it was.

Sunlight = Great Selfies

Because he drives, we drove up to Birmingham, joined the M42 and then carried on down the M4 to Uxbridge where we caught the tube into London.

Along the way, we got a snack from the service station and we had to buy him a pair of sunglasses for driving but when we got back to the car, the lens fell out! A few minutes of fumbling with tiny screws ensued but after eating, we headed back onto the motorway and arrived in Uxbridge.

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We bought our day travelcards and then spent a good 5 minutes trying to work out which platform the Picadilly line went from and when the next train was.

I wanted to not look like tourists but alas, my big bag and total clueless-ness gave me away!

The entire journey into central London took nearly and hour so a lot of our day was wasted on travelling.

Now, I hate the tube. I have a fear of lots of people in a small space so when the tube is busy, I really freak out. Going into London was OK but coming out again? No thanks. After every time we got off a train, I power walked up to the surface (much to my ex boyfriend’s amusement that I could actually walk faster than my normal pace).

Picadilly Circus

Our first stop was the Science Museum.

Both of us love science and technology and I’ve not been since I was about 7. I went with the Brownies after a ceremony in Westminster Abbey but obviously, when you’re that age, you have to stick close to adults and follow the itinerary. Last time we even tried to go with family, my sister got bored so we had to leave.

Thank god for a geeky ex boyfriend, huh?

He even made a comment that he was glad I hadn’t dragged him into an art gallery or something because “hates art”.

I told him I’d rather look at rockets than paintings.

One of the things I loved most was seeing all the kids. Yes, they get under your feet but they’re all so genuinely interested and wowed by the exhibitions and it’s so great to see. It really made me happy and maybe I’m just too much of a nerd and too sentimental but seeing kids get excited over space made me and my heart happy.

Superbugs exhibition

Saying that, I was mildly disappointed and maybe that’s because I’m older and the exhibitions have changed but I remember there being so much more interactive things but now there’s a lot you have to pay for and some displays are too small. I expected the Superbugs exhibition to be a bit bigger than it was- the Antibiotic Resistance crisis is a larger issue and needed more space to show the scale of the problem. Case studies and maybe more information to drill home when antibiotics are actually needed.

I was also slightly disappointed that with the NHS turning 70 this year, there wasn’t more on medicine and how medicine has advanced. Yes, they are building a medicine exhibition but not for this year. We’ve made some awesome medicinal advances and I would have liked to have seen those documented a bit better.

But all that said, it was nice walking around with someone as interested and invested in the displays as I was. There was still a lot to see and learn and I am so glad I got the chance to go again.

We then headed to Soho for ice cream. With my ex boyfriend being Vegan, we had to find somewhere that served free-from ice cream that DOESN’T USE COCONUT MILK. It narrows our options down considerably.

We found somewhere called Yorica! and luckily, they serve ice cream made with rice milk. It didn’t mess with my stomach and didn’t make me feel sick so we both gained from the experience.

We ordered waffles and ice-cream and it was delicious. Oh my god. You couldn’t taste that it wasn’t ice cream made with dairy. Yes, the texture wasn’t the same but the taste was the same.

I would definitely go again, and if you’re around the Soho area, definitely go and check them out. They are slightly on the more expensive side but it’s London. Everything in London costs more than it should.

Ice Cream and waffles at Yorica!

We headed out of London after ice cream. We did stop at Picadilly Circus to take some photos of me (he asked if I wanted any!) and then caught the tube back to Uxbridge.

Bag – Cath Kidston x Disney

Coat – 915 @ New Look

Mustard Jumper – H&M

We didn’t spend a long time in London because we both were drained. It’s a long day and at the moment, it doesn’t take much to knock all the life out of me.

All in all, we had a wonderful day. I think we both enjoyed it and it’s so nice to spend time together somewhere different.

I love London. Yes it’s busy and drains me but I love the city feel and discovering cute side street shops and exploring the tourist destinations. I go proper tourist when I go to London- I can’t help it!

Picadilly Underground Station

A slightly off topic question but how would you feel if I started posting more Scientific content to my blog? Let me know!

Lots of Love,

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