Am I A Love Scrooge? – My Thoughts On Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!


If you are feeling bad because you’re alone and have nobody to love, just remember that tomorrow there’ll be lots of reduced chocolate and you’ll always have yourself to love.


Me personally?


Well if you’re reading this when it’s first published at 11am on the 14th February 2018, I’m probably sat at work either working or on my tea break. Yup, that’s right. The first year Melanie has a boyfriend for Valentines Day and she’s working.


Sods law, isn’t it?


Work, blog post, dinner, sleep


But on a happier note, tonight I have a reservation at Zizzi’s down at the Gloucester Quays and then a reservation at a Hilton Hotel for the night. Not too shabby huh?


I’ve always been cynical and Scrooge-esque on Valentines Day. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had someone to celebrate it with but I think it’s probably because I carry the same mentality as I do on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day- if you love them for one day of the year, you should be loving them the other 364/5 days of the year.


It’s become a commercialized day where companies put a premium on flowers, chocolate and places to go out/stay and that ruins it. It’s become a business opportunity and we have all succumbed to it.


“Woah, simmer down!” I hear you cry. But it’s true.


I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’ve made a damn effort this year. I’ve had my nails done, bought a nice skirt and booked a Hilton Hotel. I will enjoy my first year actually having a date for Valentines Day SO LET ME BASK IN IT.


Perfume: What Would Love Do? – Lush

Lipstick: Pillarbox by N07


I guess for me it’s an excuse to doll myself up for a date because hey, if anyone asks why I look nice for a change, I can turn around, smile sweetly and say “It’s Valentines Day!”.


I think I’ve just grown more cynical as I’ve grown up.


An example of this was the other day when I asked my father, a postman, if he ever wonders how many of the Valentines Day cards he delivers are from secret lovers, mistresses or the second wife/husband the original one doesn’t know about. And whether he wonders if any of those cards are going to tear apart a happy family.


He just told me that he never puts that much thought into it.


Yes, I’d love to receive a bunch of roses on Valentines Day but I’d also appreciate a bunch any other day of the year. But then again with raging hay fever I probably wouldn’t appreciate this gesture.


But do you see where I’m coming from?


Card by dorkfaceshop on Etsy


It’s become an over hyped day that probably did once have meaning but now doesn’t. Back when we were courting people and still asking the girl’s dad for permission, it was probably a really romantic and meaningful day but now, when lads are picking girls up in their Corsas’ (this was the first joke I made to my ex boyfriend when I saw his car… A Corsa) and proper romance doesn’t really exist compared to previous decades… not so much.


If you love Valentines Day then this post isn’t a stab at you. It’s the same as either loving Christmas or disliking Christmas… we have our separate opinions and that is totally OK.


But some of us (AKA me) like infuriating the internet with our more controversial views of the world.


But for once, I’ll try not to be a cynic. While yes my bank account is grinning and bearing the drain of the past month and will continue to do so into this evening, I will be genuinely smiling and enjoying myself.


It won’t feel any different to any other date except that I’ll have nice nails, nice hair and a really poofy tulle skirt on and he’ll be dressed up a little smart (or at least HE BETTER BE).


Nails by Nails & Beauty By Anna, Worcester, UK

Ring: Dazzling Daisy Band Ring – Pandora


Tomorrow marks one month of being together and yes, gasp at the prospect of spending so much money on someone you’ve only been with a month but maybe I just felt it was right. Whatever happens in the future, I doubt I’m going to regret my decision so why not live for the here and now? Valentines Day seemed like the best night to spend our first night together (awww) so we just made that decision to stay somewhere.


I got free reign and decided that a Travelodge didn’t cut it for a romantic night in.

Plus the room rates were comparable.


Tonight will be a struggle. Not only will I have to devise a way to do my makeup in the pathology department toilets after my shift, tame my hair AND get dressed, I’ll have to contend with the negative connotations that come along with Valentines Day. An ex ‘boyfriend’ taking advantage on Valentines night and then last year making myself ill from taking too many Sertraline to block that out.


Yeah, it will be a struggle and being insanely tired will not help.


But for the first time in a while, I’m not dreading Valentines Day. I’m looking forward to it. Me and my ex boyfriend were both excited to spend time alone and have the Valentines experience. This is definitely progress for me and sorry for putting that negative spin on this post but somethings you have to explain, yknow?


There will be SOMEONE who attacks me for my views on Valentines Day.

It’s a combination of things, have some respect.


So I want to know YOUR plans for Valentines Day! Are you staying at home on your own or with someone else? Are you going out with friends or a partner? Let me know with a comment!




Lots of Love,

melanie-jessica x (1)


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2 thoughts on “Am I A Love Scrooge? – My Thoughts On Valentines Day

  1. I have such mixed thoughts on valentines day, i have a boyfriend so its not like im moaning that im single i think its just commerical hype, we shouldnt need one day dedicated to buying our partners presents and cards of appreciation!

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