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Valentines Day has now been and gone, chocolate is returning to it’s normal price and the roses are starting to wilt a little. Except for me! I didn’t get roses- I got a succulent in a pig shaped plant pot.

As mentioned in my Thoughts On Valentines Day post, me and my boyfriend headed to Zizzi in the Gloucester Quays for our Valentines Day meal. We went after I’d finished work and this was pretty good for me because 8 hours working really builds up an appetite!

Now, I’ve never eaten at a Zizzi restaurant before but we chose somewhere based on two criteria. One, that it was close to my work and two that they catered for vegans and my boyfriend could find something he wanted to eat.

I booked the table back in January and agreed that I would foot the bill but when I booked the table, I forgot to mention that I would much prefer to sit at a table at the side of the restaurant with my anxiety and knowing that Valentines Day would be busy, this was going to be a disaster if I had to sit surrounded by people.

Luckily, this was easily resolved and I rang the restaurant the day before and they made a note next to my reservation that I would prefer a table at the edge of the room. No awkward questions, no hesitation… they just made a note and assured me it would be sorted. And so I thank Zizzi for that because it was a huge weight off my shoulders and the fact that they were so accommodating was brilliant.

So me and my boyfriend ordered a 3 course meal and it came to just shy of £50 for the two of us. While yes me and my family usually feed 4 for that price, I thought this rather reasonable for a three course meal and drink, bearing in mind I had a glass of Prosecco (it was one of THOSE days at work!).

For starters, I ordered dough bites (they weren’t quite balls) that came with oil and balsamic vinegar to dip. My boyfriend ordered vegan bruschetta and both of us found the starter delicious but I found 4 of the dough rolls too much, given their size. But that’s just me and my tiny stomach.

Being in an Italian restaurant, it’s a given that me and him ordered pizza! I got a margarita and he got a vegan option and both of us were surprised at how big the pizzas actually were! They were easily the width of the table and neither of us could finish the whole thing but it is rather important to note that I managed to eat more than he did.

We both ended up with much the same dessert. I had a lemon meringue sundae and he had lemon sorbet. The lemon sorbet was light and refreshing but had enough bite and tartness to it. Both desserts were served in martini glasses which was a really cute way of presenting the desserts and that’s something that was echoed across all our courses- they were presented really well instead of just being thrown on a plate and served.

The staff were all really friendly and if we needed anything, they were on hand to help and despite it being super busy, none of them looked frustrated or acted as though customer requests were a burden. This is super important and some people don’t realise that the staff and how they act plays a big part in how the restaurant is seen by customers. It’s not just about the food!

So what’s my final verdict? Well, I enjoyed my meal and so did my boyfriend so for us it was a successful venture. I would definitely recommend Zizzi as a place to eat and if you are in the Gloucester area, then pop in because it’s a lovely little restaurant in a beautiful location- Gloucester Quays is one of my favourite places that’s local to where I live.

Have you ever been to a Zizzi restaurant? How would you rate it? Let me know!

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